• From Srinagar to McLeod-Gansj

    Life after Kashmir changed rapidly as we crossed the border into the next state. The Muslim culture changed into a Hindi culture, the military left the scene and best of all I was again connected to the outside world. Since it is impossible in Kashmir to connect to the local network with a prepaid Indian SIM and Wi-Fi is fairly impossible to find, I was cut off from the world for 6 consecutive days.

  • Top 5 things to do in Kashmir

    Is it safe to travel to Kasmir? Where exactly am I going and is it safe enough to go there? Questions I asked myself only at the airport while waiting to board my flight to Srinagar, a town in northwest Kashmir. Not that I was really looking for an answer for those questions to be honest, but it did cross my mind while instagramming. The fact that there are daily planes to this region from Delhi was enough info for me, to not be bother about safety issues. But it is quite obvious that I’m not really prepared and I like it like that. I want to be free to go wherever I want to, without getting stuck to a certain booking.  It makes the adventure even bigger!

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