• A local guide to party in Esfahan

    In a country without any bars and where alcohol is forbidden it is still pretty easy to find a little party and get drunk! ‘In Iran everything is possible’ is what the locals say. You just gotta have some good leads!

  • Experiencing Esfahan like a rollercoaster ride

    Is it Esfahan or Isfahan? I asked around in town and got different answers. But however it’s spelled it’s a famous city with a history that goes back a long time. Esfahan is Iran’s number 1 tourist destination and I was about to find out why.

    The moment you enter Esfahan you immediately see why this city has way more appeal than any other Iranian city. It simply feels a bit more organized with its long tree-lined boulevard and it doesn’t seem to be as chaotic as other cities.

  • My itinerary and my costs for 15 days travelling in Iran

    Are you travelling to Iran? Are you crazy? Why are you willing to go there? Inevitable questions when you tell someone Iran is your next destination. Obviously I had no clue either about what to expect as you only read the negative stories about this country in the news. Before my trip I always answered with: ‘I haven’t been there yet and I read some cool travels blogs full of historical sights, cool architecture and generous people, so why not!’.

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