• 3 unique things to do in Istanbul

    With so many cool things to do in Istanbul it is hard to choose how to spend your days in this amazing city. Of course I want you to check out the Old City and see the magnificent Blue Mosque, get lost in the bustling streets, and go shopping in the Grand Bazaar. Or what about Taksim or the Galata Tower and then you have not even been to the Asian side. There are so many Istanbul tourist attractions, but those you will all find in your guidebook. Let me tell you 3 unique things to do in Istanbul.

  • Best Luxury Hotels In Besiktas Istanbul

    The last two times I visited Istanbul I chose to stay in Besiktas, a very lively neighborhood on the Bosporus. Running around in the narrow streets of this area you don’t feel like you are in a big city. There are supermarkets, little shops, bakeries, restaurants and a dozen teahouses and coffee shops. I was there both times in winter and still people were sitting outside under the heaters sipping their tea as if it was normal, but the temperature was below zero and I was freezing my ass off! How cool must this place be in summer, I thought! Wintertime is already giving me this lovely and bustling feel of gathering with friends outside on the terraces. So cool! I love to stay in hotels in Besiktas so all of this is just within a couple minutes walk. This is why you should visit Istanbul not the boring Taksim Square!

    My favorite hotels in Besiktas

    Luxury hotels in Istanbul have high standards and since prices are very moderate staying in a 5 star accommodation is great value for money. During my last visits I tried out 4 stylish and well-known hotels in Besiktas Istanbul and found out that all of them had similarities according to great service and luxury, but all of them had a feature that distinguished them from each other. Which one do you go for?

    W Hotel Istanbul

    You might know that W Hotels is one of my favorite brands for the simple reason it is catered to a younger crowd. Their hotels always have a vibrant interior and an artistic design, so does their Besiktas hotel. The atmosphere is very relaxed, and there are always cool guests around to mingle with. This Besiktas Hotel is a great bang for the buck as I found rates going below $100 a night. I admit it is not the coolest W Hotel I have stayed in and the breakfast was not W standard, but their parties in the 24/7 restaurant/bar/lobby were fantastic and that for less than $100 a night if you are lucky! Best luxury Besiktas hotel for stylish parties and great value for money. Take a look at their TripAdvisor page.

    Park Hyatt Istanbul

    The Park Hyatt is the most upscale brand of Hyatt and it was a pleasure to finally work with them. My suite was definitely something to rave about. First of all it was huge so I invited some blogger friends over to have a drink before we were going out. Just like me they fell in love with the bathroom, which had a huge bathtub with mood changing lights and music plus it had a separate steam cabin. The bathroom was not even the best feature of this amazing Besiktas hotel as this was the fabulous breakfast. Of course there was plenty choice from the buffet, but the a la carte choices where super delicious. Next time I stay here I get up at 6am and make it a brunch till 10am. Wow it was seriously impressive. Check out the best rates for the Park Hyatt Istanbul or check out their TripAdvisor page.

    hotels in besiktas istanbul 4

    besiktas hotel 2


    Shangri-La Istanbul

    I have stayed in many Shangri La Hotels now and therefore knew what to expect. This Besiktas hotel is one of the newest 5 star properties in Istanbul and has a prime location on the Bosporus. I requested a room with views over the Bosporus and it was the first time I could see a different continent from my bed. Their service is impeccable as I was offered a late check out so I could stay in my room until I had to go to the airport late in the evening, quality Chinese diining is on point and obviously a Shangri-La breakfast is always a feast! But this hotel had another feature that deeply impressed me. In the basement there is a fabulous wellness center with steam cabin, sauna and a Turkish Hammam. For guests it’s complimentary and a great place to chill out and fall asleep in their relaxing room. I also experienced a spa treatment, a great Chinese massage from a lovely lady. Looking for a Besiktas hotel with the best wellness option? You just found it… Check out the best rates for the Shangri La Bosphorus or take a look at their Tripadvisor page.

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    St. Regis Istanbul

    Last but not least the very stylish St. Regis hotel that sits on a prime location as well. Just around the corner from the Park Hyatt this amazing hotel lives up to the expectations of this luxurious brand from the Starwood/Marriott group. Nothing to complain about here, with delicious breakfast options and slick rooms, but the rooftop bar with excellent views over Istanbul makes this a unique Besiktas hotel. Take a look at their Tripadvisor page.

    As you can see all the hotels in Besiktas Istanbul live up to their expectations, but all of them have different key features. Wellness, breakfast, stylish parties or a rooftop with views over Istanbul, choose what suits you best! Enjoy Besiktas, for sure you will love it!


    Looking for unique things to do in Istanbul? Click on the link and I lead you to the rooftop of the old caravanserai Buyuk Valide Han that will give you amazing views over Istanbul. Or what about a walking tour in the bohemian quarter Fener - Balat to see their colorful painted houses!

    Wanna stay online during your Istanbul trip? I did the research for you and found out what the best Turkey SIM card for tourists is.

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  • Day Trips From Istanbul | The Edirne Mosque

    If you have done all the Istanbul sightseeing and still have some spare days in your agenda then you should consider taking one of the day trips from Istanbul to Edirne and pay a visit to the impressive Edirne Mosque called Selimiye. Nowadays a sleepy little town full of history, but once the capital of the Ottoman Empire, Edirne, Turkey lies only a few kilometers from the Bulgarian and the Greek border. I admit it was pretty tempting to make a little detour and cross into these two countries, as I had never been to any of them. But as we were toured around by the Turkish Tourism Board it would have been a little inappropriate to leave the country. ;) Surely some day I will end up there again!

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    Just like a lot of travel bloggers I get the most crazy emails and request from random people and businesses from around the world suggesting that I am going to spend time and money in growing their new business or helping them becoming a successful travel blogger. Sorry but that is not the way it works, so I cant help you grow your Instagram account nor am I going to find you costumers for your travel agencies or will I promote your new app for free.

  • The best Turkey SIM Card For Tourists

    As a big fan of the internet there is no way I can go without being connected so as soon as I arrive in another country I check out the cell phone providers to see what they can offer me. Most of the times I buy a local sim card as roaming costs are outrageous, so as I arrived at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul I straight away checked out what they could offer me when I asked for a Turkey tourist sim card. If you are not a fan of getting a new number every time then try Teppy!

  • The coloured houses of Fener - Balat Istanbul

    What to do in a capital so big with even more inhabitants than my own country? Where to start and what for sure not to miss? I have been in Istanbul for a couple days now and obviously did the most common sight seeing things. If you would be here only a couple days then I would suggest to take a hop-on-hop-off bus to see it all in one day or at least as much as possible and call yourself a touristanbul! LOL But again: I’m travelling, I’m not on a holiday and therefore I like to get to off the Istanbul off the beaten path destinations.

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  • Welcome to Istanbul

    After a long an unexpected epic weekend in Cologne I finally made my way to Istanbul. Finally, cause it was not really my plan to stay in Germany that long. I left home Friday morning and said goodbye to mom and dad and ended up in Cologne. It was the weekend of El Clasico and since I am a huge Barca aficionado it was a weekend to remember.

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