• 4 great luxury hotels in Bangkok

    There are so many luxury hotels in Bangkok that prices are very competitive and staying in one of those fantastic places won’t be as expensive as you might think. I could have easily made a list op top ten hotels in Bangkok, but I chose to write about the 4 places I recently stayed in the two best areas to stay in Bangkok.

  • A taste of luxury in the W Hotel Bangkok

    Looking for a luxury hotel in Bangkok? Ever stayed in the W Hotel in Bangkok? Ever even stayed in a W Hotel somewhere around the world? It was my first time and like all first times they are hard to forget.

  • W Sentosa Cove | A getaway from Singapore

    With Singapore being one the worlds densest countries it might seem hard to get away from the bustling city. Recently I planned a trip to this city and was looking for the best places to stay in Singapore, but a little bit away from the city. I ended up in W Sentosa Cove on Sentosa Island.

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