• Review Shangri-La Singapore

    Best service in Singapore

    The Shangri-La Hotel it is all about indulging yourself with pure luxury and excellent service. One of those 5* hotels that never disappoint and always live up to their image. So does the Shangri-La Singapore, voted many times amongst the best hotels in the world and it remains the destination of choice for presidents and diplomats.

  • Shangri La Maldives | Villingili Resort and Spa

    It was my first time in Maldives and I was about to head to one of the most remote islands of the country. The moment I wanted to check in for my domestic flight to GAN Airport there came someone up to me asking if I was Mr. Grond. Please sir follow me to the loungeā€¦ I guess my dream trip just started! More luxury travel experiences on my Hotel & Resorts pages.

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