Thailand vs Philippines | Comparing Two Of My Favorites

When people ask me about the best country I have traveled to I don’t name either Thailand or Philippines. It is really hard to compare countries in the first place as all of them have its own charm, but I always come forward with a list of 5 amazing countries in where I had fantastic adventures. As I traveled extensively through The Philippines and Thailand and created absolutely fantastic memories in both countries I always add them as number 6 and 7. What I actually mean is like it goes without saying that these are my favourites! ;)

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Best Islands To Visit In Thailand

Island hopping Thailand is probably one of the most popular holiday packages in Asia for young people. Everyone once heard stories about the Full Moon party, crazy nights in Koh Phi Phi or the early mornings in Phuket, but it is not only about partying, there are way more things to do in Thailand than that.

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Planning a trip to Thailand

Are you imagining about your first big trip? The first time overseas with your friends or even more adventurous, you are thinking about going alone? Many people dream about it, still not everyone has enough courage. A trip like this can be life changing and therefore I would recommend everyone to try it at least once. Let me help you planning a trip to Thailand.

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Is It Safe To Travel To Thailand

Probably one of the most popular countries in the world for travel yet still everyone is having doubts about the safety situation in this lovely country. With so many travellers coming back home every year telling their friends about their island hopping adventures in the South or their motorbike tours in the North I would suggest word of mouth would do its job, right? The majority of these people come home with great memories, but there are also those stories in the media about the Koh Tao murders and disappearing people in Bangkok. So how safe is Thailand?

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How Much Does A Trip To Thailand Cost?

The main reason I love to travel in Asia is because it is affordable and the value for money is the best in the world. I have managed to stay on the road for 4 years without working a single day, so I can understand people keep on asking me the same question over and over again. How do you afford to travel? Then I explain them, traveling does not have to be expensive. So their next question always is: how much does a trip to Thailand cost for example…

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What to do in Koh Tao? 5 times a Koh Tao Viewpoint

The time that this little island was solely a diving paradise is long gone! Just like any other popular island in Thailand many tourists and travelers are finding its way to this tiny little nirvana in the Gulf of Thailand. Nowadays not only for the amazing underwater world anymore: hiking to an amazing Koh Tao viewpoint is getting more and more popular.

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