Of course scuba diving will always be the main tourist drag simply because it is one of the cheapest places in the world to make your first steps in breathing underwater. But there are more things to do in Koh Tao besides scuba diving! Since I have spent so much time in this little paradise I should reveal the list of the coolest Koh Tao things to do according to ‘locals’.

I have been diving a ton because I did my Divemaster training here, but since I was constantly suffering ear problems I had plenty of time to explore the island above the surface as well and these are my favourite things to do on Koh Tao

Things to do in Koh Tao

1. Visit Koh Nang Yuan

It sounds funny but one of the coolest things to do in Koh Tao is not on the island itself. Just a couple 100 meters from the shore there are 3 little islands connected by a strip of sand. This unique scenery is considered to be one of the most stunning archipelagos around the world and is often published in books and postcards. Of course the perfect white sand beach is adorable and snorkelling is beautiful, but it is the viewpoint that makes this place among the best things to do on Koh Tao. It is an easy hike up, mainly stairs, to the hilltop to get that one picture everyone comes to the island for.

It is easy to get to the island. Take a taxi boat from Sairee Beach every time of the day. Don’t pay more than 250THB per person for a return trip. Note that the island closes at 5pm and that there is an entrance fee of 100THB., but believe me it is all worth it!

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2. Hike the coast from Mae Haad to Chalok

You want to get off the beaten path? Then this is a must-do! Visiting Koh Nang Yuan is great because it is a unique place, but this hike definitely one of my favourite Koh Tao things to do for sure! It seems hard to get away from the crowds on this tiny touristy island, but this activity will show you that it is possible. The hike along the coast is a footpath only so you wont see any traffic. It is accessible for every level of fitness. You will get to swim in remote bays, pass through stunning resorts, enjoy amazing views, see a wicked sky bar, and walk through a palm tree forest and skinny dip on a deserted beach!

From the pier in Mae Haad head South and leave the sea on your right side. Walk through the Sensi Paradise Resort and up to Charm Churee Resort. Then head down to the beach and reach Jansom Bay. Officially they will charge 200THB per person for using the bay, but if you just take a dip in to the sea and float on one of the rafts for a while, no one will ask you anything. Jansom Bay is only a 15-minute walk from the Mae Haad pier and this picturesque place cannot be missed. After hanging around here for a bit continue your way towards Sai Nuan Beach. Most people arrive her by taxi boat and at midday it can get a bit more crowded but when the tourists are gone around sunset this deserted bay is all yours and a great spot to take amazing pictures.

Just around the corner there is Sai Nuan 2, a less stunning version of its bigger brother, but famous for its Banana Rock restaurant. Looking for a place to smoke the day away? Here you can buy what you are looking for at around 200THB per cigarette! Isn’t this one of the best things to do in Koh Tao anyway? ;)

sunset sai nuan beach

Continue your way uphill and walk inland for a little. Once you reach the top of the hill you have two options: on your right you head down to Tao Thong Bay and on your left you can see signs saying Skybar. Follow the signs uphill for 5 minutes and you will find a shack with a fantastic view. It is a wicked experience and according to the drawings I found up here I guess it can be a lot of fun to hang out in this place for a bit. When I paid a visit the place was deserted and if I wanted to I could have poured my own drinks. What to do on Koh Tao if you are not a scuba diver? Now you know! This is such a great island adventure, believe me!

jansom bay koh tao

Take the stairs down to Tao Thong and you will get to a super small peninsula with beaches on both sides. This completely remote spot on the island can only be reached on foot and therefore is super peaceful. Walk a little further on a concrete walkway along the shoreline with the sea on your right and you will find a tiny beach simply called Tao Thong 2. There are a couple ocean front bungalows here and for sure you will stumble upon some older hippies that hang around here for a couple months a year. There is also a great restaurant, not charging too much at all considering the remote location. The food is lovely and the fruit shakes are my favourites in Koh Tao. Order a shake and lay down in a hammock, the ‘islandlife’ feeling wont get any better than here!

sai nuan beach koh tao

If you are keen on continuing all the way down South to Chalok Bay then follow the path through the forest. There is a line that will lead you back to civilization and you will get to the Pinnacle Resort. From here it is a 15-minute walk to Chalok Bay. If you would ask me what to do on Koh Tao I would tell you this coastal walk with so much passion that the next day for sure you will do this! It is such an amazing activity and even residents don’t even know about this path! Go do it and tell me how you liked it!

3. John Suwan Viewpoint and Freedom Beach Koh Tao

All the way down south there is a little peninsula that offers one of the most stunning sceneries on the island. The area is only about 200m wide and 500m long but houses 3 amazingly picturesque beaches and the best viewpoint on the island: John-Suwan viewpoint cannot be missed! It is not as popular as the Mango Bay Viewpoint, but this one is really worth the 50THB entrance fee.

Freedom Beach Koh Tao is a popular spot to sunbath and can be really crowded at times. The soft white sand beach and the crystal clear water draws a lot of tourists. It is a very small bay with only a wooden overwater restaurant at the end of the beach. This overpriced place is not worth spending your money, believe me don’t go here. They also throw their waste in the water, I have seen it with my own eyes! Freedom beach is the place where you start your way hiking up to the John-Suwan Viewpoint.

freedom beach koh tao

Around the corner there is the less touristy Taa Toh Beach. To get here follow the concrete footpath on the shoreline. The crystal clear water below makes it an amazing walkway. In my opinion way better than Freedom Beach!

walkway freedom beach

The third tiny strip of sand is called Taa Cha Bay. It is located on the other side of the peninsula and to get there you have to take the steps down through OK II Bungalows. Because it is located in Shark Bay you have to follow these signs down towards the sea. It is the perfect place to strap on your fins and mask and search for baby sharks; snorkelling here is considered one of the best on the island. What to do on Koh Tao for non-divers is an easy question to answer!

If you are staying in Sairee Beach or Mae Haad you probably want to rent a motorbike to get to these places. Read more about it in my blog motorbike rental Koh Tao. Not sure yet where to stay in Koh Tao? Let me help you find the perfect Koh Tao accommodation for you, click on the link!

4. Watch the sunrise at Love @ Koh Tao 

love @ koh tao sunrise

I am not a morning person at all but watching the sunrise at this spot makes up for getting up around 5.45am. Hop on your motorbike just before 6am and head towards Tanote Bay. Just before you go downhill towards this beautiful bay there is a concrete road on your left heading uphill to a viewpoint. The views to the East from up here are breath taking. On a clear day you will spot the silhouette of Koh Phangan in the distance.

Having a one-night stand? Surprise her in the early morning with one of the best things to do in Koh Tao and take her up to this romantic spot, for sure he or she will love it!

sunrise love @ koh tao

5. Sunset at Mango Bay Viewpoint

Everyone loves sunsets and Koh Tao is the perfect place to enjoy this daily returning phenomenon. Because Sairee Beach is facing West it is the ideal spot to watch the sunset. It is hard to deny the happy hours and the summer vibe tunes from all the beach bars. The beanbags at Fizz or Wind Beach are my favorite spots on Siaree Beach.

A little more adventurous is to watch the sunset up in the mountain. Hike your way to Mango Bay Viewpoint and be dazzled by the fantastic views over Siaree Beach. It is an excellent spot to watch the sunset as well. Hiking up will take about 40-60 minutes from Sairee Beach; the way back can be down in half that time! Mango Bay is one of the hikes up to a viewpoint? Wanna know all of them? Let me inspire you to hike around the island in my blog: Where to go in Koh Tao? 5 times a Koh Tao viewpoint.

sunset mango viewpoint koh tao

As you can see there are some fantastic Koh Tao things to do that have nothing to do with scuba diving. The coastal walk for sure is my favourite among the many things to do in Koh Tao. Did the media scare you away from Koh Tao? I was on the island celebrating my birthday, read my experiences about the Koh Tao murders.

There is only one provider who has a 4G connection on Koh Tao, curious which one? Read it in: The best Thailand tourist SIM card.

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