The Thai capital can be intimidating at first, but give it a chance and you will seriously love it. There are so many cool things to do in Bangkok that it is not hard to tell you where to go and what to do. But to name you the best things to do in Bangkok is a little harder. Some are so standard and touristy that you just have to tick them off regardless. If you are going to Paris you will also tak a look at the Eiffel Tower, right? To me the city is more than just the Bangkok tourist attractions, I also like to walk around and enjoy the amazing street life. To me this city is more like an experience!

A list of the best 10 things to do in Bangkok

1. See the temples

Of course make sure you are going to see the best sights of Bangkok: its temples. My favorite one? Wat Saket, also known as Golden Mount, which is not too far from Khao San Area and offers great views over the city. Other top sights in Bangkok are Wat Pho, Wat Arun and of course Grand Palace.


2. Party on Khao San Road

Can you rank a famous street with travellers as one of the sights of Bangkok? Khao San Road became such an icon that you have to see it with your own eyes. Enjoy a night out here; it is the most famous backpacker area in the world. A street with 2 Mc Donald’s, 2 Burger Kings, 2 Starbucks, 40 shops, 30 street food carts, 20 bars, 15 massage salons and many more all within 300 meters. Even if you are not up for a party you have to come and see it.

Khao San Road 001

3. Boat tour Thonburi

Forget a trip over the crowded Chao Praya River. That is just a normal ferry and you will not see anything. Make it over to Thonburi, an area that has not lost much of its charm from the old days. The network of khlongs (canals) is why Bangkok sometimes is referred to as Venice of the East. Get yourself a seat in a boat tour through the khlongs of Thonburi and see how people still live in stilted houses on the water. Keep your eyes open for incredibly huge lizards that grow over 2 meters long.



4. Walking tour Chinatown

A Bangkok must visit is Chinatown, one of the most bustling and lively areas of the city where it is all about shopping and eating. Foodies can eat their heart out. Street food can literally be found everywhere and later in the night alcohol too. Drink beers with the locals, although they don’t speak English, if you drink enough of their shots you will speak Chinese.

Chintown bangko

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5. Bike tour

Want to see a different side of Bangkok then try a bike tour. Read here the article about the bike/boat combo tour I did with Co van Kessel bike tours and watch the GoPro video of the adventure. Bike tours take you to places you would not get on your own. Go off the beaten path in Bangkok and see banana plantations and farms. A bike tour is definitely something that has to end up in everyone's top 10 things to do in Bangkok.



6. Affordable rooftop bar

A must do in Bangkok is a drink on a rooftop bar. With so many sky bar around you would expect competitive prices, but be prepared to pay minimum $10 for any drink. There is one exception: Cloud 47, where a beer cost $6. Although the setting is a bit sober, views are equally stunning. Octave Skybar on Sukhumvit has happy hour an hour before sunset until an hour after sunset, get your drinks here at this time of the day and you pay only $7 for a cocktail. The Red Sky Bar on top of the Centara Grand has stunning 360 degrees views plus they have comfy lounge seats. Sirocco the rooftop bar of Le Bua often mentioned as one of the things not to miss in Bangkok is my least favorite one. It is overcrowded, extremely overpriced ($20 Mojito) and there is hardly any place to chill out.

drink skybar bangkok


Where to stay in Bangkok? This city is known to have some surprsingly affordable luxury hotels. Want to sleep in a 5* resort for less than $100 a night? Check out some of the hotels I stayed in: 4 affordable luxury hotels in Bangkok.

7. Rent a bike in the Green Lung of Bangkok

My secret travel tip for Bangkok: drive a bike around the massive green island  in the city center. Surrounded by the Chao Praya River the green Bang Kachao is as flat as a pancake and because of its shape named the green lung of Bangkok. It is perfect to cycle around on a bicycle. As soon as you cross the river you will stumble upon bike rentals. Take a bike and cycle around the green area and forget that you are in Bangkok.

cycling green lung bangkok

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3 other things to do around Bangkok

It is a huge city and there are amazing things to do in Bangkok itself, but if you have enough of the top sights of Bangkok, a bit outside the city are a couple cool activities to do as well. One of my favorites is the Thai Wake Park where you can try out wakeboarding or if you already a pro ride the obstacles! Bring only your swim wear, the rest will be provided. It’s a cheap and fun place to learn wakeboarding.

The best Thai market is also just outside the city. The Mae Klong railway market is a must go if you are into markets. Unique in its kind and still super authentic, no souvenir shops, just fruits, vegetables, fish and meat. The market is unique for the fact that is it is set up on the sides of a railway track and about 6 times a day a train will pass through. I just had to create an item to name it in a list of places to visit in Bangkok, I loved it so much!

railway market bangko

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railway market bangkok

Far from authentic is the Floating Market of Damnoen, mentioned often as one of the best floating markets around Bangkok. Prices for boat trips are ridiculously high and there are only a few local traders. The majority of the boats and shops are catered for tourists, not my favorite market at all. To me this is one of those things not to do in Bangkok.

floating market aroun bangkok

From Bangkok airport to the city

How to get from Bangkok airport to the city is something I have been asked unlimited times. It is so easy: go down to lowest floor of the airport and buy for a 45THB ($1,30) a sky train ticket into the city. Get out there, take a meter-taxi and you will get to your destination for max $4 in total!

Buy a Thai SIM card and enjoy cheap and fast 4G internet, which one? Check out this blog: best Thai SIM-card for travellers.

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Island hopping Thailand

Are you heading South after Bangkok? Then you should check out my Ultimate Guide For Island Hopping Thailand in where I tell you my secret islands to excape the tourists trail plus give you an inside on what to expect on the most famous Thai Islands.

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