You know where to find the Western Wall and the beach in Tel Aviv, but you are looking for more unique things to do in Israel right? Everywhere you will find the same lists but I found you a couple fun things to do in Israel that are completely different and you wont find in your guidebook. Take a look at this list and I am sure this you will spice up your travels in this amazing country.

What to do in Israel off the beaten track

1. Bedouin camp

Would you associate traveling in the Holy Land with staying in a Bedouin Camp in the desert? It is a Middle East thing to do, so yes here in Israel you have the opportunity as well. Meet a Bedouin family, drink tea and listen to their story. Ask them all you ever wanted to know about life in the desert, as these people were the ancestors of the modern digital nomads. The Negev Desert is their playground and an off the beaten path Israel destination for tourists. For more info check out Kfarhanokdim.

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unique things to do in israel bedouin camp

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2. Hot air balloon ride

When you think about fun things to do in Israel a hot air balloon ride does not pop up in your mind straight away, but damn this was the best start of my morning in a long time. It was kept a secret and only the night before it was announced: Guys tomorrow morning we have to get up and leave the Bedouin Camp at 3.00am! ‘No, you are kidding right?’ Nope but we are going to watch sunrise from out of a hot air balloon! :)

We were somewhere in the middle of the desert and we definitely needed a jacket to keep us warm, but you could feel the excitement among everyone as we were about to do one of the most unique things to do in Israel. Up in the air we watched the sunrise in the distance and enjoyed the amazing views over the vast landscape. If you are looking for romantic things to do in Israel then surprise your lover with a balloon ride and a breakfast for two on a unique location afterwards.

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unique things to do in israel hot air balloon

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3. Gay parade

Ok I admit you will most probably find this in your guidebook as almost 30% of the people in Tel Aviv is gay and this yearly returning festival is the second biggest gay parade in the world. But did you know that even if you are straight this is one of the most fun things to do in Israel. With 200.000 happy people in the streets of Tel Aviv expressing their happiness there is no escaping, you will have to party along! I went out around midday and partied until sunset on the beach. Yes obviously there were ‘too many’ gay people, so this is the reaction of a straight guy finally seeing a girl!

romantic things to do in israel

But as you can see I had a blast!

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4. Boat tour on the Dead Sea

This is definitely not an off the beaten path Israel destination, this is one of their most popular tourist spots so why did I add this to my list of unique things to do in Israel you must be thinking. Well let me tell you that there are only two boats on the Dead Sea and one boat that takes tourists out. This boat tour is by far the best way to see the coastline of the Dead Sea. This unique place on earth should be one of the reasons to visit Israel.

unique things to do in israel boat ride dead sea

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best places to visit in israel

5. Buggy riding and zip lining in Maktesh Ramon

Stop here if you are looking for fun things to do in Israel! This was one of my favorite activities I did on my trip around the country. Makhtesh Ramon looks like a massive crater hit by an unimaginable huge meteorite, but that is a myth. It has something to do with tectonic plates and stuff, but I will save you the details. Admiring the view from the crater rim is already one of the top things to do in Israel, but making your way down to the bottom and exploring the area in a buggy or ATV or Tomcat or whatever it is called is super fun. Damn these things are powerful but this is exactly what you need in a rough landscape like this. Fasten your seat belts here we go… Zip lining can also be arranged all through Abraham Hostels.

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top things to do in israel zip lining

top things to do in israel

unique things to do in israel atv israel

unique things to do in israel buggy ramon

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6. Bitemojo Food Tour

After you have strolled around the old town of Jerusalem and you saw all the standard touristy stuff in this crazy city it is time to do something fun. Walking around in a new city is fun, but when you are looking to eat somewhere you have no idea where to go. Bitemojo is a game changer as they came up with the idea of a food tour app. You sign up, pick a food tour and they will guide you from one restaurant to another filling your stomach with local bites, delicious snacks, and drinks. The concept is brilliant and definitely one of those unique things to do in Israel. When I was in Jerusalem I got to try it and the app guided me from a local bread with cheese snack, a beer, hummus, a burger, more local snacks, healthy juices and I ended with a delicious ice cream.

No need to search yourself for a cool spot anymore, they are already chosen for and you just rock up and show them you are on a Bitemojo food tour. See here the video!

Sign up here up for Bitemojo and go restaurant hopping in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Also available in Berlin and Rome.

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best things to do in israel

7. Betzavta

What to do in Israel when you have seen all the touristy stuff, partied hard in Tel Aviv, done with all the fun things to do in Israel but still have a night spare? Betzavta is a new concept that brings locals and travelers together as you will get invited to a local home for a traditional Israeli dinner. More authentic than this it doesn’t get. Betzavta set us up with a family just outside Tel Aviv were mom cooked for like 12 starving families. When I walked into their house I could not believe my eyes, this was like a 5* hotel buffet. We introduced ourselves briefly, before dad opened the buffet with a short prayer and feast started. The food was delicious, the conversations very interesting and best of all it was a lot of fun! If you are looking for unique things to do in Israel this is definitely one of them as this is not something you will find in your guidebook! Check out the Betzavta website here.

best things to in israel betzavta 2

fun things to in israel betzavta

8. Midburn

If you are keeping up with my blog then you would know that if you ask me about the best things to do in Israel, Midburn Festival will definitely be on my list. It is the second biggest Burning Man festival in the world and apart from dancing until sunrise this festival is a fabulous experience for those who are looking for off the beaten path Israel destinations. Welcome to CrazyLand, a temporary city in the middle of nowhere somewhere in the Negev Desert in South Israel that arises out of nothing and one week later will be gone leaving no trace or whatsoever. Read my full experience in The 10 Principles Of Burning Man As A Virgin including all the photos. Something you have to see! If this fits into you agenda then you just found yourself one of the top things to do in Israel! See a little aftermovie made by my friend @jetsettersecrets.

So many cool things to do in Israel

I traveled around Israel for 2 weeks, partied in Tel Aviv, went to Midburn festival, saw Jerusalem, swam in the Dead Sea, went off the beaten path in Israel as I explored the Negev Desert, crossed off more of the best things to do in Israel and partied again in Tel Aviv. I was invited by Vibe Israel, a non-profit organization that promotes Israel as a destination and needless to say but I had a blast! Israel was a really surprising destination in many ways. If you decide to travel to to this country check out this list of Israel Travel Tips.

Mostly all of the above tours can be arranged through Abraham Hostels. They have great discounted tours for the grab and can arrange cheap accommodation around Israel as well. Israel is not a budget destination, but these guys can help you travel around without breaking the bank, plus the people on their tours are amazing travelers just like you and I. Click on the link to see their last offers. Enjoy yout trip to Israel...

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Most photos shot by Or Kaplan and Reuben Shaul, amazing people to work with! Thank you...


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