Looking for a luxury hotel in Bangkok? Ever stayed in the W Hotel in Bangkok? Ever even stayed in a W Hotel somewhere around the world? It was my first time and like all first times they are hard to forget.

Modern design mixed with eclectic entertainment creating a sensory environment is best to describe the W Hotel Bangkok. Your senses will be stimulated constantly from the moment you walk in until you say goodbye. In your room, while having breakfast, in the elevator, at the pool or in the hotel lobby, everywhere you will be surrounded with positive vibes.

Checking in to the W Bangkok

I did not even enter the hotel and was taking some pictures on the outside of the building when there was a guy coming up to me who welcomed me friendly saying: ‘Mr. Traveltomtom please allow me to take your bags and bring them to your room’. I was shocked this guy knew who I was. ‘I remember you from the pictures on Instagram’, he said. This guy clearly did his homework and escorted me to the reception. There the welcoming team who offered me some lovely refreshments greeted me and helped me checking in. The huge tiger made out of Swarovski crystals on the wall behind reception immediately caught my attention. A great example of modern art mixed with Thai tradition. Checking in was done in a second and I was guided to my room by one of the members of the welcome team. During my way up to the 23th floor I was informed about all the facilities the hotel had to offer.

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Spectacular Room W Bangkok

Entering my room I was in awe with the slick interior and totally fell in love. The amazing bathroom with the inviting bathtub was connected to the room in an open floor plan and on my bed two big golden boxing gloves were welcoming me presenting the Thai national sport Muay Thai. After the lady from the welcoming team thanked me for coming to the W Bangkok and left the room I plunged on the bed and laid down like a sea star thinking to my self: I am happy as fuck, life cant get any better at the moment!

W bangkok5

After I had my moment on the bed I opened the curtains and took in the massive urban view of the surrounding skyscrapers. As much as I loved the interior of the room, I could not get enough of the view. Overlooking the pool was nice but the sight of vibrant Bangkok down below was incredible. I knew this was the perfect spot to set up my camera for a great timelapse.


I love to sleep in a pitch-black room, but in this room I did the opposite and opened the curtains as far as I could. Lying in my bed at night I just stared outside for a long time and was hoping to not fall asleep.

I stayed in one of the spectacular rooms, a 43 sqm triangle shaped room with abstract artwork, modern furnishings and bold patterns in traditional Thai design with a view of Bangkok city. The rooms come with all the features you can expect from such a luxurious hotel. I started playing with the provided tablet to control the temperature and the lights and put my phone in the docking station and played some good Techno beats while I was filling up the bathtub. My weekend just started, so did relaxation…

W bangkok1


Friday Night at W Bangkok

It was Friday afternoon and the music down in the Woobar was pumping. Apparently it was ladies night and a big crowd of dressed up good-looking young people was gathering in the hotel bar. I joined in and enjoyed my welcoming drink offered by the hotel. Bringing back the Thai national sport in their design, the W Hotel Woobar is designed as a boxing ring and a very stylish place to sip a cocktail on Friday afternoon.

W bangkok7

House on Sathorn Bangkok

The next-door 127-year-old mansion also belongs to the W Bangkok. This landmark is housing a bar and a restaurant with a fabulous courtyard and definitely worth checking out. The signature cocktails are truly delicious! I like to try new things so I ordered ‘The Garden’. Why? Because I had no clue how infused Chrysanthemum & Thyme Tanqueray Gin with Chamomile Tea and Rosemary Syrup would taste. I seriously had never even heard of most of these words! To be honest I still have no clue what they all mean, but I do know that this cocktail is worth coming here! Can I have one more please…

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Spa & Wellness W Bangkok

Thanks to the great facilities in W Bangkok I lost a Saturday in Bangkok. The gym is extremely well equipped and is huge for a hotel gym so I could not resist spending some time here. Afterwards I relaxed at the poolside. For such a big hotel there are limit lounge beds for the grab, but I was lucky to get one. The pool is may be not the most scenic in terms of views since it is on the 6th floor only, but it is rated among the best pools in Bangkok. Its design definitely has appeal, but what I enjoyed most is that there was sun from the morning until the late afternoon, so practically all day long. Because of the on side DJ who was playing some funky tunes I stayed all day.

Breakfast at the W Bangkok

I saved the best for last and I don’t know where to start regarding the breakfast of the W hotel Bangkok. The buffet breakfast is simply incredible! From sushi to pancakes, signature breakfast from many different countries, fresh fruit juices & vegetable smoothies, freshly baked bread like I am used to in Europe, tons of sweets and pastries, all kind of cheese and to top it off an open coffee menu freshly made by a skilled barista. I simply have no words for this hotel breakfast and I sat next to a businessman that had stayed in many hotels around the world who shared my opinion that this breakfast was otherworldly. For those people that decide not to stay in the W Bangkok, then do go here for breakfast. Indulge yourself between 6.30 and 10.30 for a little more than 1,000THB ($30), believe me it is worth the money and it prepares you for a day in this crazy city. If you are looking for things to do in Bangkok then have a look at all the things you should not miss in Bangkok.

W bangkok8

Conclusion of my stay at the W Bangkok

So far I did not even speak about the staff, but it goes without saying that they were incredibly friendly, welcoming and helpful. For such a huge hotel it is unbelievable that every single one of them knew me by name. ‘Mr. Tom welcome to the breakfast’, ‘Traveltomtom welcome back to the hotel did you have a great day in Bangkok?’ ‘Sir Tom which cocktail may I serve you today?’ Situations in which I always felt like I a celebrity! I almost totally forgot to mention the amazing welcoming present offered by the hotel. While enjoying some relaxing moments in the bathtub I received a message that there was a surprise waiting for me in front of my hotel room. A complete mojito set was delivered to the room. Fresh limes, mint leaves, a bottle of Bacardi rum, brown sugar and cans of soda.

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