Weekly adventures

Weekly Adventures | Walking Dead of Toraja and The King Of Bali

We were already half way through our Trip of Wonders Culture Trip and were about to board flight number 6 from Makassar in South Sulawesi to Palopo in central Sulawesi. We spent the night at the airport hotel and had to be presentable at 7.00 am that morning because we were getting up close and personal with the walking dead of Toraja. After our adventures in Java and Sumatra I was really looking forward visiting the central highlands of Sulawesi and its ethnic groups.

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Weekly Adventures | My Honeymoon In Bali

For many people Bali is the ultimate destination to celebrate their honeymoon. But as I have been here now 6 times I don’t think I will come back here on my honeymoon. Not to mention that I actually don’t even want to get married anyway! :) Not? Nope I think it is overrated, but that is why I am now creating my own honeymoon trips to at least get the feel.

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Weekly adventures | Best Places To See In Nusa Penida

It took me 6 visits to Bali to finally make a trip to the islands just off the Southwest coast. Where most people go on day trips I wanted to make the most of it and take my time to explore Nusa Penida myself. I knew the island was an Instagramable spot but somehow it took a little convincing to get me on a boat and my ass to the island.

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Weekly Adventures | Bali: Inspiring And Tiring

For those who have read some of my blogs about Bali already know that this island and I have not always been best friends. My first time on the Holy Island it rained a lot, yes I chose to come in the rainy season, I got really sick and I stayed in an overpriced hotel in the middle of an overcrowded area in Seminyak. But times have changed…

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Weekly adventures June 2017 | Mount Rinjani & Magic Mushrooms in Gili Trawangan

The most asked question after my last weeks blog Lombok & Gili Trawangan was: ‘Where are is the magic mushroom story?’ I knew it was going to be a hot topic, and as my Live video already got more than 5,000 views in just 2 days I could have figured out people would ask about it. So here it is… but before my mushroom trip I went on a far more adventurous trip up to one of the highest peaks in Indonesia: Mount Rinjani.

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