In my last weeks blog I already revealed I had some amazing news to tell you and now I can finally announce it. I had to keep it a little secret at first, but the other week I got what I was hoping for and I am happy to share it with you… #humblebrag

Trip of Wonders 2017

I had been on my way with Gloria all day long, eat at one of my favorite places in Canggu: The Shady Shack and had a couple sunset beers on Echo Beach together with Ruben and Rachel from Gamintraveler and Gloria. I dropped Gloria at her place and drove out of the driveway while pulling out my phone to start Google Maps to navigate me home. As soon as I looked at my phone I saw a notification saying: Congratulations you are selected as our Trip of Wonders 2017 Culture participant!

I turned around parked my scooter and ran back into Gloria’s villa yelling: I got the trip, I got the trip and jumped in her arms. I had never been so nervous waiting for an email before, but after the Indonesian Tourism Board approached me a couple weeks before if I wanted to apply for their yearly presstrip* I checked my email with more excitement than ever. I was hoping to be selected for so long already and then the other day I finally got the amazing news that I was. A few days later I got the itinerary and after I have been to Lombok, Bali and West Papua I will soon explore the islands of Sulawesi, Sumatra and Java. Check out their amazing 363K Instagram account @indtravel or their website

*A presstrip is a (paid) trip in where a sponsor is looking for publicity by inviting freelance writers/bloggers/photographers. Based on a business agreement in where the deliverables are stated the blogger will receive an all expenses-paid-for trip.


Isn’t Lonelyplanet considered the Holy Grail of traveling? When I started traveling around the world back in 2008 I collected many of their guides. I traveled with the big Central America on a shoestring and South America on a shoestring through these continents and in a time when the internet was not a big thing yet I sometimes read Lonelyplanets on long bus rides. I fantasized about one day becoming a writer for them. Unfortunately I am not that far yet, but at least I got picked up by Lonelyplanet Netherlands and got a mention as Instagrammer of the week!

Best pool party in Bali: Cocoon Beach Club

To celebrate all this great news I met up with my Aussie friend Megan, an Australian model I met in the 5 months I was living in Sydney. We got invited to the best pool party in Bali at Cocoon Beach Club. Every Sunday afternoon they host a great party with funky tunes, great food, good-looking people and loads of drinks. A great place where people on a holiday gather to celebrate their time abroad and go wild and so did we! Damn I literally drank too much alcohol; we met some awesome people and had a blast. I think we were eventually the last ones to leave the party, but to be honest I cant remember everything that clearly! LOL. It started raining cats and dogs right at the time we were heading home. Very irresponsible but totally drunk and without a helmet I got on Megan’s scooter and we drove home. I was completely soaked, shivering from either the alcohol or because I was freezing my ass off but I survived. The next day I woke up, hung-over as fuck and realised I was scheduled to leave for Nusa Penida on a boat that morning! Obviously I did not make it in time, but more about that next week…

Thanks for keeping up with Traveltomtom!

Read here why my last weeks blog was called: Bali | Inspiring & Tiring or jump already to my newest adventure in Nusa Penida and my encounter with 50 Manta Rays, my favorite weekly adventure blog so far!

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