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  •   Sorry for the long wait but I am finally able to announce that the Traveltomtom Group Trip to Uganda is finalized. After my recent trip to Uganda you guys got so super excited about seeing the gorillas that I couldn’t say no to organizing
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  •   A trip to Amsterdam is always a good idea. So whenever we can, we love to add a short trip to our capital city. Even though we love the busy and bustling city center, lately we started exploring some other suburbs of Amsterdam, with
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  • If you are looking to give back when traveling to Kenya I have found an amazing project for you. Somewhere up in a little village en route to Lake Nakuru you will find an amazing lady that started a simple but amazing project giving local
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  •   Just recently, Ashley a valued member of the Traveltomtom Team, visited the Dutch Bulb region for the very first time. Besides visiting all the beautiful Dutch flower fields, she was looking for a fun and unique experience. That’s when she came across Renzy, self guided
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  • Country 111: Uganda

    2021-05-30 11:27:47
      The stamp in my passport says that I traveled to Uganda on the 11th of May 2021. I just came from Tanzania were they actually lost my PCR test. Well, it didn’t surprise me and within a couple hours they fixed me a negative
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  • Some hotels are a true icon and have played a very important part in history. One of these hotels is Hotel de Wereld, located in Wageningen, the Netherlands. Hotel de Wereld played an important role in the Dutch liberation during the second world war. Let me take
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  •   Already day dreaming about the gorgeous Kenyan beaches, the Great Rift Valley and the Maasai Mara? When planning a trip to Kenya don’t forget to buy a local sim card on arrival. It is the best way to stay connected and save on high
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  •   Gorilla trekking in one of the world’s most Impenetrable forests in Uganda is a once in a lifetime experience that will exceed all of your expectations. This adventure should be on every travelers bucket list and has to be a part of your Uganda
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  •   Traveling in Uganda is one big off the beaten path adventure. It won’t be anything like your standard trip in Europe or the States and although it simply requires a little more planning traveling to Uganda is a lifetime experience. While many travelers visit
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  •   Aero Beach is a very quaint place to visit when in Entebbe. But exactly why is this beach on the shores of Lake Victoria so remarkable? If it isn’t for the plane graveyard then I am sure the random big statues are making Aero
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  •   Planning a trip to Uganda? Make sure you get yourself a local sim card on arrival. Buying a sim card in Uganda is fairly easy. In this guide you will find everything you need to know about Uganda sim cards for tourists. Where to
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  •   Recently we travelled to Haarlem as part of an extended weekend we had. We first visited the Dutch Tulip Fields in the Bulb Region (Bollenstreek), and then travel onwards to visit Haarlem. A city we had never been before, so we were very curious.
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about traveltomtom

My name is Tom and my biggest passion is obviously traveling. In 2008 I decided to go on a trip around the world and in 1 year I traveled through 24 countries from North America to South America, New Zealand, Australia and finally South East Asia.

I got back to the Netherlands and saved as much money as I could and in December 2012 I quit my job again and ever since I am traveling the world. I have now been to almost 100 countries and this website and my social media accounts help me to travel the world. Traveling makes me a better person with ever day I am on the road. Don’t waste time live now, go out and explore the world! May you want to help a little please use my affiliate links. Thank you very much!

With this blog I love to give back and help you make the most out of your trip. I hope these tips will help. May you have specific questions please get in touch with me.

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