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  •   Ever since I was a kid I have been fascinated by maps. They hang above my bed, I collected flags of countries I had a globe to learn about our planet, basically I was already a big fan of exploring before I even started
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  •   Most people that travel to Thailand probably imagine that taking busses, trains and boats are the easiest ways to get around Thailand. But in fact to see the best places in the country taking cheap domestic flights in Thailand is much easier, faster and
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  •   Plenty of Maldives resorts to choose from nowadays, so where to stay in Maldives is a difficult question to answer. Every resort is unique and has its own style and so is Kanuhura Island Resort & Spa. In this review I will take you
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  •   Who can travel without an internet connection? Is that even possible nowadays? Think about electronic tickets, ordering a taxi, booking a hotel or even making phone calls. Everything is done over the internet and being connected feels just so much better. As a professional
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  •   Another day, another resort in Maldives! After spending already two weeks in Maldives, it was time to board another seaplane. The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo just recently opened its doors and we were about to check out and review this brand new resort in Maldives.
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  •   My main reason for visiting Australia’s Northern Territory was to visit Australia’s largest national park. Just to give you an idea of how big Kakadu national park is, it is about 1/3 of the size of Tasmania , nearly half the size of Switzerland and
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  •   Before arriving in Perth I had travelled the west coast of Australia, where you’ll hardly find any hotels, so my accommodation for over 2 weeks consisted mainly of self-contained units. Arriving in Perth I really needed a good hotel offering a good bed, a
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  •   Lately I flew over from Hungary to Alicante to get a taste of the beautiful Costa Blanca in Spain. Not only in the UK holidays to Alicante are popular there are many direct flights landing on Alicante Airport from Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia. For
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  •   Nowadays there is a lot of discussion on zoo’s and animals living in captivity. Let me be clear, I’m in favour of animals living in their natural habitat. It’s not really my place to weigh in on this discussion. Animals in the Croccove in Darwin
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  •   When you are traveling to Spain I am pretty sure you want to keep the people back home up to date about how things are going on your trip. Surely you don’t want your Spain holiday to get ruined by outrageous roaming costs and
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  •   For some people the mountains are always calling, but for me that counts for Maldives as well. Perks of the job is that I get to experience the best resorts in Maldives. Apart from the standard ‘oh wow, Im jealous!’ reactions a lot of
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  •   After my stay in Adaaran Meedhupparu, Hudhuranfushi and Prestige Vadoo I completed all the Adaaran Maldives resorts by visiting Adaaran Club Rannalhi. It was already my 4th trip to Maldives in 2 years time and eventually this became the longest one of all. In
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  •   There’s much more to a casino than its gaming tables, spinning roulette machines and whizzing and whirring slots. The very best casinos in the world know that they have to offer their guests that something more to entice them into their establishment – especially now
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My name is Tom and my biggest passion is obviously traveling. In 2008 I decided to go on a trip around the world and in 1 year I traveled through 24 countries from North America to South America, New Zealand, Australia and finally South East Asia.

I got back to the Netherlands and saved as much money as I could and in December 2012 I quitted my job again and ever since I am traveling the world. I have now been to almost 100 countries and this website and my social media accounts help me to travel the world. Traveling makes me a better person with ever day I am on the road. Don’t waste time live now, go out and explore the world! May you want to help a little please use my affiliate links. Thank you very much!

With this blog I love to give back and help you make the most out of your trip. I hope these tips will help. May you have specific questions please get in touch with me.

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Within less than a week there is a big thing coming up for me! Remember those days 4 years ago when I was living in Koh Tao, Thailand? While doing my Divemaster training I ruptured my eardrum. Now 4 years later I am finally getting a special surgery so I can go scuba diving again. But that also means no flights for the next two months. Perfect timing to make my last flight in a while a memorable one: flying the new Qsuite Business Class from Qatar Airways

Qsuite Qatar Airways

I have flown Qatar Airways a couple times before and it always guarantees a smooth flight. You know I much rather prefer an airline from the Middle East over any other because of their service on board and their modern fleet. Qatar Airways now operates flights from Frankfurt to Doha in their new Airbus 350 and Boeing 777 and yes they also introduced a new type of business class: the Qsuite.

First in Business

When I walked in I already got excited! I am going to have my own suite? With a door? Haha, that is freaking awesome. I wanted to put my hand luggage away in the compartment above, but no need to as in my suite I had a little place to store it as well. Perfect! No need to get up from my seat anymore to grab little things from my bag. The service was as excellent as always and the friendly Thai/German hostess came to introduce herself. I was even mistaken for Rafael Nadal by any of the other ladies. Never heard that comparison before but it was flattering! ;)

I made myself at home in my own little room and wanted to close the door to shoot some videos. Doors are only able to close after take off though. No problem, I felt so intense happy even with the door open!

There were so many things I wanted to try and discover and it felt like I found something new every time I looked around. When they announced there was a little delay of 30 minutes I had never been happier hearing this before.

qsuite qatar airways first in business

Entertainment system

Damn that screen was huge, it was like my first flatscreen tv when I was young. The screen quality was amazing. It quickly reminded me about flying El Al less than a year ago on a horrible flight from Sydney to Tel Aviv. In that flight I still had one of those Gameboy screens with only 7 colors! LOL

I am not much of an entertainment system geek, as I mostly just work or sleep on board planes. This time I couldn’t resist trying out everything. Just for the video I pretended to go to sleep btw, but damn would you close your eyes on this flight from Frankfurt to Doha.

Unfortunately the entertainment system of Qatar Airways contains still no travel, nature or earth documentaries. There are probably more than a 1,000 things to watch, but just those things I like are not available in the inflight entertainment from Qatar Airways.

What I found very handy is that you could regulate the volume of the on-board messages from the crew. You know that feeling when you are watching a movie on max volume and then suddenly someone starts screaming in your ear telling you there are duty free promotions? Those days are over at the new Qsuite from Qatar Airways as you can now regulate the volume of these messages. Winner!

WiFi on board

If you have read my previous article about flying business class with Qatar Airways from Amsterdam to Maldives you know that I was surprised that there was no internet connection available in Business Class. Things changed and there is WiFi for all passengers now! Business Class or Economy there is no difference! How cool is that for people flying economy? Everyone got 8MB free internet on the A350 flight from Frankfurt to Doha. That is a good thing right? Surprisingly though Business Class does not get more free MB’s than Economy. Remarkable! It is a step in the right direction, but 8MB? Within less than 5 minutes I reached my limit and I hardly did anything.

UPDATE! On my flight back from Doha to Frankfurt I flew in the Boeing 777 and since I was not bothered to have 8MB free WiFi I did not even check it. When I did 45 minutes before landing I surprisingly found the following message on my phone.

super wifi on board qatar airways 

Oh damn it! Did it change in 2 weeks or was it just because this was a different type of aircraft? Anyway I tried it and... holy crap this was like 3G internet! It was really fast. Why did I only now found out about this? Stupid Tom! I would totally pay the $10 to have unlimited internet during the flight. Next time...

Flying Business Class is a world apart

Flying Business Class is so much more convenient and if you ever get a taste of it, you don’t want to go back to economy anymore. When I was younger I already loved flying and always dreamed of having a job that required me to fly business class around the world. It kind of made it happen, right?

Curious how I became a professional traveler? Click on the link to read more about it!

No waiting lines, priority lanes, airport lounge access (love this), first to enter the plane, first to exit the plane, a la carte dinner, dinner served at any time during the flight and so on and on. Believe me flying business class is a really cool experience!

I totally understand that not everyone can afford to constantly fly business class, but so now and then you may want to spoil yourself right? A friend of mine lately told me he treated himself to a holiday in Maldives, including Business Class flights based upon my adventures. I felt happy for him and a bit proud as I inspired him to do so. Live now, don’t waste time!

Flying the Qatar Airways Qsuite

Anyway after my flight in the new Qsuite from Frankfurt to Qatar with the A350 I can tell you there is business class and business class. Before you are going to spoil yourself please check out what type of aircraft you are flying and what kind of business class they have. May you get a chance to experience the new Qsuite from Qatar Airways then go for it!

For those flying as a couple opt for the double bed Qsuite! How cool is that? All I want now is finding a girlfriend and do the same again! Anyone?

qatar qsuite double bed

Watch here the full video of me trying the new Qsuite Business Class from Qatar Airways.

This flight from Frankfurt to Doha was half the journey of my trip to Namibia. I had a smooth 2-hour layover at Qatar Airport. Going through security took me less than 2 minutes, no lines at all!

transit in qatar

From Doha to Windhoek, Namibia I flew in the Qatar Airways Dreamliner Business Class.

business class qatar airways dreamliner namibia

Definitely not a bad spot either right? Plus I had a window seat and that is always a plus.

qatar airways business class dreamliner

Qatar Airways Business Class blog

In preparation of writing this blog for Qatar Airways, I read my own blog post again from a year ago. If you think I only write positive reviews just because I get things sponsored then I would definitely recommend you to click on the following link: Qatar Airways Business Class BlogReading it myself made me laugh as I am speaking about arrogant flight attendants and crappy food! But also talking about Qatar Airways is providing you a free hotel room in case your layover is longer than 8 hours in Qatar. Another winner, right?

Thanks again for keeping up with my adventures!

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In 2006 I made my first big move as I decided to travel overseas and live for 6 months on the lovely Caribbean island of Aruba. Here a different lifestyle inspired me! Local people showed me that life was more than our society is teaching us. Getting a degree, finding a nice job, making career and being successful is something most people pursue, but I found out that this was not my thing.

Exploring the world, making new friends, discover new places and meeting people from all over the globe was making me happy. Then why should I be sitting behind a desk, seeing the same people over and over in my daily life?

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