Born in The Netherlands a long time ago I grew up in the South of Holland, just a couple kilometers from the German border as well as a couple kilometers from the Belgium border. Considerably close to a couple borders, you can say I have been spoon-fed with different cultures, different languages and crossing borders.

In 2006 I made my first big move as I decided to travel overseas and live for 6 months on the lovely Caribbean island of Aruba. Here a different lifestyle inspired me! Local people showed me that life was more than what our society was teaching us. Getting a degree, finding a nice job, making career and being successful is something most people pursue, but I found out that this was not my thing. Islandlife is my life, read about my island blogs from IndonesiaPhilippines, Sri Lanka, SeychellesThailand, Maldives and Greece.

Exploring the world, making new friends, discover new places and meeting people from all over the globe was making me happy. Then why should I be sitting behind a desk, seeing the same people over and over in my daily life?

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Yes I have been there as well, I have been working in an office for several years. Although it was a lovely time and I was able to save a lot of money, there is nothing being out there and getting lost in this world! So I decided to save as much money as possible and by the time I saved up to €18,000 I left Holland on my own and started my trip in Central America before I head over to South America.

Back then I bought a round-the-world-ticket valid for 1-year for in total €3,500. Are you scared of becoming a travel addict? Then be careful buying a ticket like this. You are going to meet so many interesting people that encouraged you to even travel more, to keep on exploring and who will inspire you with captivating stories about places you never thought about going.

People that cycled from Alaska to the most Southern tip of Argentina, guys that hitchhiked from Europe to Asia, a group that traveled the world for free being sponsored by Google, Apple and Toyota. How could I ever stop traveling the world with so many cool things to see and do?

In the years after my worldtrip I met one of the coolest girls in the world and we traveled the world together from South Africa to Indonesia and from Dubai to New York. Still it could never satisfy my need to keep on exploring and in December 2012 I felt it was time to quit my job for the 3th time in my life and leave my lovely life in Holland for an indefinable period of time. Ever since I have been traveling around the world on my own. There is no plan and I have been in some continents for 3 times since I quitted my job and been back home in the Netherlands in and between my trips a couple times as well. At home I find refuge with my great parents who have always supported me. This is the perfect place to think about what’s next. Sometimes that takes only a couple days, sometimes weeks! Saying goodbye is never fun, but its always the start of a new adventure somewhere far away from home. That is in the end what makes me happy!

In 2013 I took 49 flights that brought me to South America, North America, Middle East and Asia. The next year was a bit easier with only 44 flights, though through more continents. I traveled through North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. In 2015 I bought a car and roadtripped through the Austrian Alps, snowboarding every day. At the end of the winter season I continued my roadtrip all the way to the Croatian coast before slowly heading back to my hometown, where I sold my car and left for a trip from Turkey to Iran. After New Years Eve in Dubai I flew to Thailand where I travelled around for 2 months. Keep an eye on my website as in 2016 I will be travelling through Malaysia, Philippines, Nepal, Indonesia and Australia.

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