• 10 Reasons to stay at Athenian Residences in Athens


    Greece is one of the major travel destinations in Europe. Most people travel to the Greek Islands but the historic city of Athens is also one of the best places to visit in Greece. During COVID-19 I took my chance to visit Athens for four nights to admire Athens ancient treasures and explore Europe's oldest capital city!

  • Buying a Sim Card in Greece in 2022

    Planning a trip to Greece? Avoid high roaming costs and don't rely on slow overseas data plans, a local sim card for Greece is cheap and you can get them easily! This is your guide for everything you need to know about buying a sim card in Greece. I will show you the best 4G/5G network provider, up to date prices, where to buy a Greece sim card, my recommendation and even information about e-sim cards for Greece.

  • Weekly Adventures: Forgot My Macbook (+ more travel fails)

    Coming home from my trip to the Maldives was like someone waking me up from a dream. I exchanged the paradise beaches for a cold and stormy Holland. I had 5 days at my parents’ house in the South of Holland to recover from my adventure in the Maldives and damn I need that badly!