• BEST Prepaid SIM Card In FRANCE for Tourists in 2020


    Just like me you are going to be one of the millions of foreigners who visit France every month. Most of us are going to Paris and all of us take pictures with the Eiffel Tower. It is a common thing to do and we love sharing our travels online. So in order to avoid crazy roaming costs in France the best thing to do is to buy a prepaid sim card in France with data.

  • Buying A Sim Card At Paris Airport in 2020


    Summer 2018 I was traveling to Paris a couple times and looked into buying a sim card in Paris. December 2019 I visited Paris again and double checked the prices for sim cards at Paris Airport for you. Again I was surprised that buying a prepaid sim card in France is not as expensive as in other European countries like Germany and Netherlands. In the city center of Paris there are actually a couple European sim card options for tourists available, but I was also curious about buying a sim card at Paris Airport.