• 10 Best Prepaid Sim Cards for Asia in 2021

    Traveling to Asia and planning your trip? Don’t get stuck with high roaming costs or let slow overseas data roaming packages annoy you. Get yourself a travel sim for Asia. In this guide I will show you the best available options for buying an international sim card for Asia.

  • 65 Things To Know Before You Travel To Thailand in 2021


    In the 9 years I am now continuously traveling around the world, Thailand is my most visited country outside of Europe. Somehow I ended up coming back to the Land of Smiles over and over and in total I visited, explored, lived and partied in this country 17 times. I have over 40 Thailand stamps in my passport. In this Thailand travel blog I will help you get started for your Thailand trip with: travel tips, things to do and not do, cultural guidelines and everything else.

    Officially as of January 2021 Thailand is open for tourism again however, quarantine is mandatory. As soon as all restrictions are lifted I will be traveling in Thailand for sure!

  • Buying a Sim Card in Thailand in 2021


    When traveling to Thailand I highly recommend you buying a Thailand sim card. But which one? At Bangkok Airport you will already be offered a free Thailand sim card, but is this your best choice? Here is your guide to what is the best Thai SIM card for travellers in 2021 with up to date info as per October 2021.