• 15 Best Things To Do In Syria


    End of 2019 I decided to travel to Syria? The first thing everyone said was of course: ‘are you crazy!?’. An understandable reaction but it didn’t change my mind. I heard that it was safe to travel to Syria in 2019 and I wanted to see the Syria tourist attractions for many years already. There are so many amazing things to do in Syria that many years ago it topped the bucketlist of many travelers. When the war started in 2011, everything changed...

  • My Syria Trip Day 1 | From Beirut to Tartous


    It still felt a bit strange walking up to a brand new luxurious car with a Syrian number plate in the heart of Beirut. Just a few moments before I met Mohammed, a tall and very friendly old man, patiently waiting for me in the lobby of my hotel. His smile was captivating. ‘I am your driver for your Syria trip this week’, he introduced himself with while he offered to take my small backpack. At that moment I started to realize… my trip to Syria

    had just started.