• 19 Things To Do in Windhoek, Namibia


    Is Windhoek worth visiting? Yes, I would say. Give it a chance! There are a couple cool landmarks to see and some remarkable history to discover. Learning how Namibia became an independent country gives you some great background information for your Namibia trip and understanding its culture.

    In this complete Windhoek travel guide I will first list the best places to visit and then come up with some really cool things to do. At the end I will also give you some sightseeing and other travel tips for Windhoek. With the help of this blog I am sure you will be making the most of your trip to Windhoek.

  • Buying a Sim Card in Namibia in 2021


    Traveling to Namibia soon and flying to Windhoek? In world's second least densely populated country I can't preach enough to get a local sim card. Buying a sim card in Namibia is the best way to avoid high roaming costs, get high speed mobile internet and the best network. This is your guide for buying a Namibia sim card with where to get one, the best network, up to date prices as of April 2021 and everything else you need to know.

  • Traveltomtom Group Trip: Namibia 2 - July


    After the big success of the Namibia Group Trip in April, I am happy to announce another Traveltomtom Namibia Group Trip! My last group was so enthusiastic about the destination and your demand for another Namibia group trip was impressive and therefore I put together one more trip to Namibia.

  • Volunteering Oana Namibia Nature Reserve | Wildlife Conservation


    Responsible travel is a hot item and that obviously is a good thing. So now and then I get people asking what I think about my carbon footprint flying so much around the world. And yeah I definitely wish it would be way less, but what can I do? Stop taking planes? That obviously is kind of impossible so I contributed in my own way for a more sustainable world by joining the Namibia wildlife conservation project Oana Flora & Fauna.