• 22 Tips For Backpacking Yucatan Peninsula & Total Costs


    Throughout all my Yucatan travel blogs I have constantly been preaching that traveling the Yucatan Peninsula does not have to be expensive. It just comes down to how much budget you have! Prices in Yucatan and traveling around the peninsula are probably only a fraction of what things cost in your hometown, but please refrain yourself from saying the Yucatan is cheap. The more you explain the locals how cheap it is to travel to Yucatan Peninsula the more expensive it becomes. Keep in mind that for locals the tourist prices in the Yucatan are expensive!

  • 26 Things To Do In Isla Mujeres + 7 Travel Tips

    My last stop on my 9 weeks Yucatan Itinerary brought me to the enticing little island of Isla Mujeres. A lovely quiet island with amazing white sand beaches just about 8 miles northeast of Cancun. On my first trip to Yucatan in 2008 I already thought the island was too touristy so last May 2019 I couldn’t be bothered to visit Isla Mujeres again. Eventually it was because I really wanted to try wing diving, one of the best things to do in Isla Mujeres, that convinced me to go.