Mauritius is a tropical paradise where everybody finds his or her pleasure! If you are just like me someone who craves a mix of relaxing and active holidays then this a destination for you. What about quiet holidays in a luxury hotel, tanning by the pool, sipping delicious cocktails at the beach and on the same trip climbing up to mountain tops, going on hikes exploring the wildlife? Sounds pretty cool, right? Mauritius is the place to be, not just only for you but it is an island that will please your entire family.

things to do in mauritius with kids

Things to do in Mauritius with kids

There are loads of activities to do in Mauritius for families. The little kids and the ‘bigger kids’ will have tons of fun playing around the Mauritius attractions, while you’ll have a blast exploring the best places to visit on the island. But don’t forget to get in touch with the locals. One of the best things to do in Mauritius with kids is to discover is the culture of the Mauritian people; many cultures living together peacefully embracing their differences and rejoicing their similarities. One thing that all Mauritians have in common, although some of them might have very different lifestyles, is the sense of family. Mauritians are big on family values; this is their most precious price. They take care of each other and if you’re welcome in a family they will take care of you as their own flesh and blood. So one of the best things to do in Mauritius for families is to head out and experience the local culture. You will have to experience the laid-back island vibe on share this with your kids.

family holiday mauritius

Family values Mauritius

While visiting the island you may notice that there aren’t too many nursing homes it’s because the elderly are usually taken care of by their children as well as their brothers and sisters. The grandparents take care of their grandchildren. All the grandkids playing together afterschool, learning together and having special treats made for them by their grandparents. Grandads teaching the boys how to fish while grandmothers show to the little girls their secret recipes. It might feel like you have fallen into an ancient era and simpler times but that doesn’t mean that modernity hasn’t reach this paradise yet, it’s just that it knows how to hold on to the greatest of its oldest values and provides the best of both worlds for everyone.

things to do in mauritius with kids 2

Mauritius with kids

When you come to Mauritius with your family not only will you be able to live through exciting experiences such as hikes to exotic places, swim in a clear turquoise lagoon, underwater safari, interact and walk with lions and tigers and load of other animals but you’ll also be able to experience the core of family values. Visiting and staying at gorgeous locations is awesome but living through experiences that run deep in each member of your family is transcendent.  Sitting down for a meal with a Mauritian family is amazing, your family will be able to taste succulent homemade recipes undoubtedly past on through generations and will be able to experience firsthand the customs and discover little secrets such as untouched locations in the area not well known by tourists or where to find the best bargains for your souvenirs although the malls in Mauritius offers great recreational activities for kids while adults can enjoy shopping.

mauritius with kids

If you’re thinking of having a holiday with your family, Mauritius is the ideal location! Come and have fun with the whole family, read more about it on the Tourism Mauritius Website and see other great places to go on the island.


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