Aero Beach is a very quaint place to visit when in Entebbe. But exactly why is this beach on the shores of Lake Victoria so remarkable? If it isn’t for the plane graveyard then I am sure the random big statues are making Aero Beach an actual tourist attraction.

On my big overland trip in Africa I ended up in Entebbe for a couple days. Basically I needed some time to rest after some great adventures in Lake Mburo National Park and of course a mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi National Park. Looking for things to do in Entebbe I stumbled upon Aero Beach and couldn’t resist taking a look.

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Vlog about Aero Beach

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How to get to Aero Beach

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In Entebbe I stayed in the lovely coffee shop and they told me they even had rooms. It was the perfect B&B and my favorite place to stay in Entebbe, go check it out it is called: Muti Entebbe. For me as a digital nomad it was heaven. Good coffee, lovely staff, great healthy food choices, vegetarian options, fresh juices and ok internet.

From Muti to Aero Beach it was only like 5 minutes by Boda Boda and I arranged one of the guys on the streets and gave him 2,000 UGX ($0.5). Muti is located in a neighborhood in Entebbe where most B&B's and hotels are located, so it is very easy to get to Aero Beach from anywhere in Entebbe.

The same motorbike guy eventually also brought me from Entebbe to Kampala by motorbike and I gave him 50,000 UGX for the drive which took 45 minutes. For me traveling by motorbike was one of the tips I wish I had known before I visited Uganda. I felt it so easy and convenient AND fast.

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Entrance fee Aero Beach

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Upon arriving there was a big red gate that had Aero Beach painted on it in big white letters. Every motorbike or taxi in Entebbe knows this place and it is very easy to get to Aero Beach. You could even walk. From Muti it is for example only 2 kilometer, so about 25 minute walk through nice and quiet streets.

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Surprisingly to me there was an entrance fee. I did not expect that. However, considering the fact that Aero Beach is listed as one of the top things to do in Entebbe, I shouldn’t have been surprised.

But don’t worry, the entrance fee is just 5,000 UGX, which is just over $1 for an adult.

Plane Graveyard

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The name Aero Beach probably doesn’t only come from its close proximity to the International Airport of Entebbe. I guess the plane graveyard adds up to the name as well. There are two big planes at Aero Beach, one on your left and one on your right.

The one on your left from British Airtours and can actually be entered actually. I was there on a Monday morning and no one was around, so I could climb into and onto the plane. No one seemed to care and there are no signs that it is prohibited either.

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On top of the two big planes there are several smaller planes around that you can check out and even sit in. Aero Beach is definitely a cool place to go and take pictures when staying overnight in Entebbe. Not oyur standard tourist attraction in Uganda, but great for passing time.

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Statues Aero Beach

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If the plane graveyard isn’t enough reason to visit Aero Beach then may the big statues of some famous world leaders are. Scattered around the garden you will find statues of: Queen Elizabeth, the Obamas, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, a couple African leaders and generals and some huge statues of wild animals.

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Tourists eat their heart out taking selfies and phots with these statues. Grabbing a beer and a chair watching people taking photos with the statues is already pretty fun.


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When you enter you will see a big building on the shore line right in front of you. Next to the statue of Nelson Mandela and behind the statues of Mahatma Gandhi. Thank God this is NOT the restaurant. No clue what this building once was, but it looks like it is about to fall apart. For the look and feel of Aero Beach I hope they take down this building soon!

The restaurant is located on the beach all the way to the right end when you walk into Aero Beach. It has a kind of courtyard seating area. It is mostly fast food that they serve here, but a popular dish is to have fresh fish from Lake Victoria, mostly Tilapia fish.

Drinks and food are very moderately priced and visiting Aero Beach is not gonna break the bank for foreign tourists.

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Nearby there are a couple more beaches to explore like: Sports Beach and Spennah Beach. For those looking for an Entebbe Airport Hotel I can recommend the Protea Hotel by Marriott Entebbe. It has a nice pool with stunning views over Lake Victoria. It is located only 2 minutes from the International Airport as well as 2 minutes from Aero Beach.

I also visited Kampala from Entebbe and damn that was an incredible experience. I sincerely recommend you to check out some of the places to visit in Kampala, it is worth it, trust me. But be prepared for a very intense day! Kampala is crazyland in a good way! Have a look at the best things to do in Kampala and decide for yourself if you want to visit.

I recommend you doing a Free Walking Tour in Kampala. It takes around 4 hours and you will be guided by a local through the city. It passes by the best places to visit in Kampala: Independence Monument, Katanga Slums, Craft Village, Nakasero Food Market, Hindu Temple, Owino Market, Namirembe Cathedral. Gadaffi Mosque and much more.

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