During my recent trip to India I made my way to Udaipur, the city of lakes. I was invited by Taj Hotels to stay in one of their jewels: the Taj Lake Palace Udaipur. This hotel is as elegant as a building can get. Like a giant white swan floating gently in the middle of a lake this palace is not only a hotel it is one of the best places to visit in Udaipur.

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History Udaipur Lake Palace

More than 250 years ago the royal family of Udaipur decided to built a summer palace on an island in Lake Pichola. It was Taj Hotels that took over the management of the hotel in 1971. This palace became famous after the James Bond film ‘Octopussy’ which was filmed here. Many prominent people from around the world have stayed in the palace ever since and the hotel is rated multiple times as the most romantic hotel in the world and its secluded location totally lives up to that. The hotel is accessible for guests only, which makes it even more exclusive to be on this island.

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Rooms Taj Lake Palace Udaipur  

The Taj Udaipur offers 83 rooms ranging from luxury rooms to the Grand Presidential Suite. Of course they are ultra luxurious with painted murals, silks, beautifully carved wood furniture and authentic stained glass. All rooms offer views over the lake plus either city views on one side or mountain views on the other side.


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I was beyond excitement as I heard that I was granted the Grand Royal Suite, a spacious but truly romantic suite. The stained glass wall that turned the room into a fairy tale setting every morning when the sun was rising was probably the most incredible feature. The endless lake views from the massive private balcony (100sqm) overlooking the pool and the city was probably the second best feature.

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This suite is all about romance such a dreamy place, the big bed, the furniture, the colours, the bathroom, and the extremely comfy seats by the window overlooking the city on the other side of the lake.

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Facilities Taj Lake Palace

Despite being locked on a small private island the hotel has plenty of facilities such as the relaxing Jiva Spa, a beautiful swimming pool, a fitness and two restaurants offering both international and Indian cuisine. The hotel also arranges daytrips to explore the beautiful city of Udaipur and if course they have a complimentary boat service to get you to and from the island.

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The hotel also offers boat tours around Lake Pichola and upon request a guide will join you and tell you all about the history of Udaipur. Try to reserve a boat tour for sunset and simply tell your boat driver to guide you around the lake for a romantic boat ride while you take in the incredible sunset over the nearby mountains. Every night guests can enjoy a culture dance performance preformed on the hotels pavilion.

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Swimming pool

The hotels swimming pool perfectly fits into the romantic picture. The flourishing flowers and the surrounding white marble walls guarantee privacy but make sure you can still enjoy the view over the old town of Udaipur.

Restaurants Udaipur Lake Palace

Dining in one of the elegant restaurants serving delicious Rajasthani specialties and European delicacies is a great experience, but there is an exclusive option available that will bring your romantic stay to an even higher level. Opt for exclusive private dinner on the roof and be surrounded by pure romance. I was blown away by this romantic experience, it was magical and beyond dreams. Thousands of flower petals were perfectly placed in a grid and lit up by uncountable candles. The grid of flower petals formed a pathway to an exclusive table on the roof with mind-blowing views of the lake and the Royal Palace of Udaipur in the background. The friendly butlers made sure I was treated like a royal. For sure one of my best dining experiences so far!

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Of course is the hote breakfast included in one of my favorite posts ever in where I have put all my hotel breakfast with a view in one post. Click on the link to see them all, but I warn you it will make you hungry and fuel your wanderlust.

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Jiva Spa Lake Palace Udaipur

For another unique experience you should try out the exclusive Jiva Spa treatment. Not just a massage, but also a pampering experience on a private sailboat floating in the middle of the lake. The Jiva Spa boat is equipped with a Jacuzzi on the deck to make this happening as romantic as possible. Take a look at the pictures and decide for yourself, it does not get any more exclusive than this. If the private dining experience wasn’t enough yet, this will definitely fuel your romance.

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Taj Lake Palace Blog

Staying in the Udaipur Lake Palace was a unique experience and not just a stay like in any other luxury hotel. I am honoured Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces created the opportunity for me to write this Taj Lake Palace blog post. Thank you very much! But I do want to tell everyone that the pictures, the video and this blog all sound more romantic than reality for me. Although I know that most of you wont understand, but staying three days in this paradise creating content was like working around the clock and far from romantic. I will never complain but being a travel blogger is not as simple as many people think and just wanted to make this disclaimer as many people keep on telling me that I have the easiest life ever. Don’t judge a book by its cover! ;)

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