I used to say that I had a love hate relationship with this Indonesian island, but things changed: I am totally in love with this little green paradise! Due to its popularity the island went through massive changes the last years. The first time I decided to visit Bali was in 2010 and back then it was not at all a favourite: I got sick, it rained all the time and traffic was horrendous!

Reasons to visit Bali now!

But since then I have been back three times and slowly started to fall in love. The island has something for everyone and therefore a lot of people choose to visit Bali. Whether you want to party with your mates, have a holiday with your family, want to go on an adventure, are looking for an active vacation, you are after a cultural experience or just want to enjoy an amazing resort, you will find it all on one island! There are uncountable Bali attractions and things to do in Bali and that is why you will never get bored. When people ask me where to go on a holiday I am send to this little Indonesian island as I know enough places to go in Bali which will always be a success. Once you travel to Bali you know what I am talking about! ;)

12 Reasons to visit Bali

Why you should travel to Bali

If you are still not convinced I will sum up some reasons why I think you should definitely visit Bali!

1. Waterfalls

One of the coolest things to do in Bali is to explore the many different waterfalls around the island. There are tours that will take you to all of these magical places, but there is no need booking them when you can find your own private driver through Uber nowadays. Those drivers are reliable and friendly and the price is fixed and cheap. This is one of my favourite waterfalls, the Nungnung waterfall.



2. Incredible pools

You must think incredible pools are only for those people who book expensive resorts. First of all if you look around, some 5 star resorts are pretty affordable. I have stayed at many different ones, check those ones out at my Hotels & Resorts page. But you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get access to lovely pools. Most guesthouses in for example Ubud have these cute pools surrounded by rice fields and lush green vegetation. Staying there will cost you only about $20 - $40 per night per room. Isn’t it nice to come home after a Bali sightseeing tour to jump in a lovely pool?



3. Inspiring temples

I obviously don’t need to tell you that there is an incredible culture to discover. It definitely is one of the best Bali tourist attractions and can not be missed when coming to the island the first time. You probably have heard of some rituals and have seen photos of people dressed up and going to worship places. Temples are among the coolest places to visit in Bali. The most famous are: Tanah Lot, Uluwatu, Tirta Empul, Ulun Danu.



4. Fantastic breakfast

Waking up is not my favourite activity and I am definitely not the only one who struggles with this. Though if you know that healthy juices and fresh fruits are waiting for you, getting up gets a little easier. If you add a fantastic an inspiring jungle view to that getting out of bed is not that hard anymore!



5. Ricefields

One of my favourite Bali attractions are the rice fields. I cant exactly tell you why but when I see rice fields it just calms me down, they have something magical. Mostly the idyllic setting in an elevated landscape makes it look dramatic and to top it up there are often banana trees and palm trees around as well. Where to go in Bali? Get lost in the rice fields and feel the magic of this island!



6. Affordable private villas

Perfect for group travellers are the amazing villas that are scattered all over the island. If you are looking to stay in an amazing place that is affordable, I recommend you to visit Bali. The value for money on the island when it comes down to renting one of those MTV cribs villas is fantastic. Doesn’t it sound amazing if I tell you that you can throw your own party in an incredible and secluded villa complex with a huge private swimming pool and your private butler? Is that something that seems out of reach? Definitely not if you travel to Bali! An example is the complex of Blue Karma villas!



7. Gili islands

Bali may sound like an exotic beach location but that is not completely true. At least I think it is not! If you visit Bali for the beaches I think you are in the wrong place and I think that is also where a lot of people get disappointed! Although there are definitely some amazing places to visit in Bali that include white sand beaches, just don’t expect them in places like Kuta, Seminyak or Sanur. The best beaches can be found away from the tourist trail in the North and the West or just offshore on the famous backpackers hub: the Gili Islands.



8. Scooter adventures

I know a lot of people are already out when we start talking about riding on a scooter, but try to get over it. Please give it a try! Rent a scooter and drive out to the countryside of the island, get off the beaten path where there is hardly traffic! It is one of those things to do in Bali that you cant skip! Riding on a scooter gives you the ability to discover the Bali attractions by yourself. You will get to places other tourist don’t come. Next time I am going on a Bali sightseeing trip around the island for at least 2 weeks on a scooter! What to do in Bali also just got answered for you! Who is keen? Read my blog about renting a scooter in Bali for more info.



9. Sunsets

The popular beaches towns in the South like Uluwatu and Jimbaran and Kuta, Seminyak and Canggu in the Southwest all have fantastic sunset views over the ocean! Go for happy hours at beach clubs or simply buy your own drinks and chill on the beach. Sunsets here are fantastic and best thing they are free! This one is from the pool club at Padma Resort Legian.



10. Healthy food

The island is well known for its incredible healthy food scene and it is one of the things I really look forward to when I travel to Bali. There are uncountable places that serve mouth-watering meals and the best thing is that it is affordable. There are two seasons: the mango season and the avocado season. Fresh fruit juices cost you only like $2 and a dragon fruit bowl with chia seeds, cacao nibs, goji berries and banana won’t cost more than $3. Doesn’t that sound like heaven?

11. Inspirational environment

If you visit the island you will find out what I mean with a magical vibe. It is hard to describe but the people you will meet are mostly those who are in the same flow as you. Overwhelmed by the lovely travelling climate, somehow the vibe units people. Whether you are into yoga, healthy food or adventure travel, it is somehow really easy to connect with likeminded people who will help you on what to do in Bali and where to go in Bali. Travellers on this island seem to inspire each other. The same for the massive digital nomad community who come together in co-working spaces and built friendship while working in an amazing inspirational environment. Thinking about staying a little longer on the island then read about my experiences finding a house for rent in Ubud.



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12. Lovely locals

Last but not least come the lovely Balinese people. The vast majority all are amazingly lovely people. They are so cute and sincere that it makes you think about your own personality. The locals here are mostly sincerely happy and it made me think about my life. We have everything and still we complain a lot! These people sometimes don’t have anything but still would like to share everything. To me the Balinese people are another reason to visit Bali!



Convinced now to visit Bali?

Did I tell you that I did not even explore the complete island myself? I have never been in the Northwest and not at all to the East. There are numerous Bali attractions out there and the further you move away from the tourist trail the more authentic it will get! I bet it will be an amazing adventure! I will most probably be there again around June 2017 and I am making a new things to do in Bali list to make sure I am not gonna miss anything! If you have been and you know of places where to go in Bali, leave a comment! Thank you! I hope these reasons to visit Bali conviced you to grab your bags...

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Another great thing to do in Bali is obviously Scuba Diving, but because of my ear problems I have never been able to dive around Bali. If you are into Scuba Diving check out this amazing guide for Scuba Diving In Bali from Girls That Scuba.

Bali is more than just an island it also is a perfect base for incredible trip on the nearby islands. Going off the beaten track is another reason to travel to Bali and I am sure a North Bali adventure on a motorbike or climbing Mount Rinjani wont be dissappointing. But may be the best Bali tip I can give you is to take a trip to Nusa Penida. Click on the link to 

Check prices for Bali straight away! What do you think you will pay for the amazing Padma Ubud, the one down below here? Very affordable, you will be surprised!




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