I have always believed that travel should be more than just ticking destinations off your list. It should be a journey of the senses, a mix of comfort, culture, and connection with the environment. And when you are looking for exactly this than there is no better place to stay in Ubud than at Stone House Bali.

It doesn’t matter how much you love the Bali life in Canggu and Seminyak. The parties, the uncountable trendy restaurants and beach clubs, meeting people from all over the world, I am sure you already having a crush on Bali.

But wait till you travel to Ubud and start to see what the Bali life is really all about. Remember Bali is called the Island of the Gods! The serenity is waiting up North and at Stone House Bali is where you will wake up with that feeling every morning.

farmhouse private villa ubud

Stone House and Traveltomtom go back many years and it was in 2016 that out of curiosity I knocked on the door of Stone House Bali. Every time I drove passed I wondered what would be behind this massive wall on Jalan Tirta Tawar, a side road connecting Ubud and the famous Tegalalang Ricefields, one of Ubud’s main tourist attractions and places to visit.

I stepped off my scooter and talked to the friendly security guy who allowed me to enter via the staff entrance and I caught my first glimpse of Stone House Bali.

Surprisingly I found myself in a charming privately owned boutique hotel located in a lush green garden with serious jungle vibes. I was in awe…

longhouse terrace stonehouse bali

Ever since, on all my trips to Bali I make sure that at least for a couple days I allow myself to completely submerge in the tranquil gardens of Stone House, stay at one of their unique rooms or private villas to let my mind come at ease.

flower bath treehouse stonehouse bali

If you travel to Bali and also planning on visiting Ubud you definitely have to read why this enchanting place is the perfect Ubud hotel for a luxurious, immersive holiday.

The Serene Oasis of Stone House Bali

garden view stonehouse bali

Stone House Bali isn't your typical Bali hotel. It is a serene oasis where luxury seamlessly blends with authentic Balinese culture and nature. Tucked away from the hustled and bustle of Ubud city center, this boutique gem is a refuge for travelers seeking a truly immersive experience.

relax skyview upstairs terrace

Its six private rooms, each meticulously designed and entirely unique, provide an intimate setting. I know it sounds cliche but staying at Stone House Bali always makes me feel ‘home away from home’.

But let me tell you more about the story of Stone House and the owners who built it all from scratch. After coming here for many years, it starts feeling like visiting friends.

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A Soulful Creation: The Story Behind Stone House

skyview stonehouse bali

Every great place has an equally captivating story, and Stone House is no exception. Conceived by a group of soulful, creative spirits with a deep love for Bali, it's a testament to their profound connection with the island.

Owners Walker and Wendy Zabriskie have called Bali their "soul country" for over 30 years. Their strong connection and understanding of Bali's culture allow them to provide a unique perspective on how the island has evolved. It's incredible to hear Walker recount stories of Ubud's bustling Hanoman Road, which used to be a deserted, eerie path. His commitment to preserving uniqueness and authenticity is reflected in every corner of Stone House.

Stone House's commitment to sustainability and environmental harmony is admirable. Native Indonesian craftsmen constructed the property, using traditional techniques and organic materials like bamboo trees, teak wood, stone, and grass thatch. The result is a property that seamlessly merges with the natural Balinese landscape. The grounds are covered in lush tropical gardens, making you feel like you're in a cocoon of nature.

Regardless if you wake up in the morning, having a breakfast or an afternoon tea on your porch, treat yourself to a massage or dive in the pool, nature is all around you and this is what makes staying at Stone House so special to me.

A luxury Homestay and Family Experience

From the moment you arrive at Stone House, you're embraced as part of the Stone House family. The small but caring team, along with the two friendly dogs from Wendy and Walker, ensures your stay is not only comfortable but also deeply enriching. There are no TVs or phones in the rooms, a deliberate choice that encourages guests to connect with nature and fellow travelers in the Great Room. Erna, the house manager, her team member and even Wendy and Walker are always there when you need them, ensuring your needs are met without being intrusive.

The Ideal Location in Ubud

traveltomtom stonehouse bali

Stone House's location is strategic, offering a perfect balance. It's away from the bustling tourist hub, providing a quiet retreat, yet it's within easy reach of all the attractions, restaurants, and galleries that make Ubud a vibrant cultural center.

Personally, I always encourage everyone traveling to Ubud to rent a scooter. You can easily arrange it online and they drop it off at Stone House or simply ask the staff at Stone House to help you with that. It only costs around $4 - $8 USD per day to rent a scooter, but you see so much more of the surroundings and getting lost on the backroads of Ubud between the rice fields is something magical.

ricefield views stonehouse bali

From Ubud city center it will take only 5-10 minutes to reach Stone House Bali. Very close to all the action, yet as soon as you close the main gate behind you it feels like you stepped into another world.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

breakfast stonehouse bali

It would be an offence to the magical places to visit in Ubud, but I can truly understand if you don’t feel like leaving the hotel and staying all day at Stone House.

At least there is no need to find a restaurant because the home cooked food from the Stone House staff is delicious. On request the staff cooks you Balinese style food with fresh ingredients from the garden and the local market.

Breakfast is included and is either served in the Great Room or in your villa. It is an a la carte breakfast with lots of things to choose from: pancakes, eggs any style, granola and yoghurt, tofu scramble and their signature dish the spicy scrambled eggs.

The home made pineapple/mango jam and butter are delicious and so is the dragon bowl. What I love about the breakfast is that you can order it any time from 07.00 am up until whenever you wake up. This is totally in line with the uncomplicated vibe you experience while staying at Stone House.

home cooked dinner stonehouse

Dinner at Stone House is a real treat. Not only delicious home cooked meals by Balinese people, but the setting in the Great Room simply feels like home.

The Stone House villas and rooms

The biggest issue you will have when staying at Stone House will be choosing your favorite room. As mentioned before all rooms at Stone House are uniquely designed and all have its own charm.

There are 3 hotel suite rooms: Java Suite, Sky View Upstairs, Sky View Downstairs for a room rate of just under $300 USD per night. 

Then there are the three private villas to stay that make Stone House really unique: Treehouse, Farmhouse and Longhouse for around $400 USD per night.

Throughout the years I have stayed in all the villas. Here is my review and experiences of all the accommodation options at Stone House.


longhouse stonehouse bali

A rustic teak villa perched on seven-meter stilts, inspired by an explorer's mountain trek in Borneo.

longhouse interior

It features antique artefacts, wicker furniture with boho-chic prints and pillows.

longhouse bathroom

The eye-catcher in the spacious bathroom is the wooden rectangular bathtub in the bathroom.

longhouse outdoor shower

For those that prefer an outdoor shower, don't worry also Longhouse has an outdoor shower. Definitely recommend just before sunset and then head to the terrace for a sundowner. 

traveltomtom ubud

My favorite about the Longhouse is the huge private terrace that offers forest and rice paddy views. It is my favorite place at Stone House to watch the sunset.

Longhouse is general is one of my favorite private villas in Ubud with rice field views. 


treehouse stonehouse bali outdoor bath tub

The treehouse is one of the most popular private villas of Stone House and not surprisingly featured on many lists of unique places to stay in Bali.

Traveltomtom also listed the Treehouse in the article: 11 Best Bamboo Houses in Bali for a Romantic Getaway

You will find a bamboo house masterpiece tucked away in the lush green garden of Stone House that's bound to captivate your senses and spirit. Inspired by the pioneering bamboo architects Linda Garland and John Hardy, this seven-meter-high private villa on stilts promises a unique stay. Not just another private villa with rice field views, a honeymoon style bamboo house!

bamboohouse stonehouse ubud

Totally in line with trendy Bali style accommodation, the Treehouse is entirely open-air. The circular bed at the room's center promises a night under the stars like no other. As you lay there, the backdrop of rice paddies stretches as far as the eye can see, creating the perfect scenes for your nighty dreams.

By night, the soothing sounds of the jungle serenade you to sleep. Since it is entirely open they created air conditioning within your mosquito net ensures a cool and comfortable night. For an extra touch of magic, an oversized copper bath tub sits dramatically on the end of the porch, inviting you to take a bath and while watching the sunset.

Trust me that is a must-do when staying at the Treehouse or if you are on a not so romantic getaway then at least grab a beer from the minibar to celebrate this beautiful moment in life. The flower bath is on request.

It's important to note that the Treehouse is entirely open-air, offering a more rustic, outdoor experience. There are no closed walls or glass doors/windows. Instead, there are oversized outdoor curtains that can be drawn during storms or at night to keep the elements of mother nature away from the bed. This unique approach allows you to feel at one with nature while still enjoying modern luxury comforts, a perfect balance for the adventurous traveler.

If you seek to meditate on Bali's sheer wonders and breathtaking scenery, the Treehouse could also be your sanctuary. There is a yoga matt provided in the room.

Your night under the stars, surrounded by the sounds of nature, awaits at the treehouse and that is why it is many people’s favorite place to stay in Ubud.

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farmhouse stonehouse bali terrace

The Farmhouse is tucked away in a quiet corner of this enchanting boutique resort. It is the most private villa at Stone House. To me it feels almost country house-style or luxury safari lodge with rice field views.

farmhouse interior stonehouse bali

The Farmhouse at Stone House Bali is made from meticulously restored traditional teak, reminiscent of rural Java hundreds of years ago. The rustic charm of Farmhouse shows in its lovely outdoor porch with views of the lush green gardens all around you and of course Ubud’s countryside’s rice field views in front of you.

farmhouse porch sunset

It's thoughtfully decorated villa is a mix of country antiques and artefacts collected during the world travels of Wendy and Walker creating a charming, welcoming ambiance that's perfect for a relaxed vacation.

farmhouse bathroom stonehouse bali

The Farmhouse offers a truly unique bathing experience with its outdoor bathroom. Picture an oversized wooden shower encircled by a bamboo wall, all under a whimsical, mushroom-shaped copper roof. It's a delightful fusion of nature and luxury.

farmhouse stonehouse bali

During your stay, you may be lucky enough to witness a local farmer herding his ducks as they pass by. This charming encounter offers a glimpse into the authentic, day-to-day life of Bali's countryside. The name Farmhouse is perfectly chosen.

The Farmhouse is located down a steep staircase and over a bridge crossing a small creek. It's the ideal choice for travelers seeking privacy in an authentic Bali experience with a touch of luxury.

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Java Suite

java suite ubud stonehouse bali

Attached to the communal Great Room, this suite features a canopied bed, an ensuite bathroom and of course a Bali style outdoor shower. The cozy living area has a big and very comfy couch. 

The room showcases painted panels that once adorned a Javanese palace and is adorned with exotic trinkets and furniture designed by Walker.

java suite ubud stonehouse bali 2

On the walls you can see unique pieces of art from the Dutch colonial days, which for me as a Dutchman was very interesting to see.

The floor to ceiling windows in the living room bring in loads of natural light and make it possible to admire the surrounding garden. It will really make you feel at home and sitting here in the AC, feels like is all what you needed after a long day exploring all the amazing places to see in Ubud on a hot day. 

Sky View

skyview upstairs interior

A leafy two-story villa once inspired by Mediterranean designs, with white stucco walls and turquoise accents reminiscent of Santorini. However, Wendy and Walker recently decided to take out all the blue and add hints of brown to the Sky View villa.

skyview upstairs bathroom

Guests can rent the upper or lower floor individually or reserve the entire house as a two-story villa.

skyview upstairs terrace

Sky view upstairs has an amazing terrace that reminds a bit of Egyptian/Moroccan rooftop cafe’s of course with amazing green views over the garden and the surrounding palm trees.

Every night the staff will indulge you with a turn down service while you are out for dinner and they will leave some home made cookies for you as a little treat.

All these small details is what make this luxury hotel in Ubud so unique.

Shared pool

pool stonehouse bali

None of the rooms have private pools, but there is a big communal pool. All the villas and the main building are built around the pool, yet far enough to not be disturbed by other guests.

pool beds stonehouse ubud

In general, within the walls of Stone House there is a very peaceful environment and all guests respect each others privacy and it is always quiet. The only sound you will hear is are the sounds of waving palm trees, the creek, some waterfalls and occasionally some roosters.

Traveltomtom’s Conclusion

traveltomtom farmhouse ubud

On my journey through Stone House Bali, I've discovered that it's not just a place to stay; it's a portal to a more profound understanding of Bali's culture, a retreat into nature, and a sanctuary of authentic luxury.

If you're seeking a luxurious, immersive holiday experience in Ubud, Stone House Bali is the perfect choice. It's a place where every detail, from the architecture to the cuisine, is carefully considered, and where you truly feel like you're at home in paradise.

relax terrace farmhouse ubud

Don't miss the opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime in this serene oasis.

So, why is Stone House Bali the perfect Ubud hotel for a luxury holiday? The answer lies in its commitment to authenticity, sustainability, and its family-like atmosphere, set in a lush green garden away from the busy Bali roads. All these ingredients will make you truly feel at home at Stone House.

Here is the link to the Stone House website or check out their rates on Booking or Agoda.

Enjoy your trip to Ubud and I hoped I inspired you to stay at Stone House!