Best Villas In Maldives With Private Pools

It was sad saying goodbye at the Lux South Ari Atoll but there was not a lot of time to deal with that as a new adventure was waiting. I landed back again on Hulhumale Island and made my way to the Anantara private lounge. Unlike 99% of the resorts Anantara does not have a little booth where you have to present yourself, Anantara has a little private lounge for its guests to relax after their mostly exhausting flight. It did only take a couple minutes though before my speedboat transfer was ready for departure. Naladhu Private Island is part of the Anantara Hotel Group and is one of those Maldives hotels with speedboat transfer. The boat ride took only about 40 minutes and there was the team of Naladhu waiting for my arrival.

Naladhu Private Island

When my speedboat transfer from Male International Airport to Naladhu Private Island was arriving I looked around to spot any other guests. Not that I like to peak on who is around, but it was just so incredibly quiet.

There was no one at the beach, this place looked deserted. The only people I could spot were a handful staff members joyfully playing some instruments to lighten up my arrival. I got off the boat and after the lovely welcome ceremony was done it went quiet, total silence! Wow this island was so peaceful, am I the only one here? I asked the amazingly friendly island manager Sandy.

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Best private pool villas in Maldives

There are hardly any private pool villas in Maldives that can rival the ones on this private island. The villas are huge, like bigger than any other villas I had seen so far in my 3 weeks in Maldives. Many villas in Maldives with private pools that can match these ones are mostly a resorts’ presidential residence. Here at Naladhu all villas are presidential villas and are completely walled to ensure 100% privacy.

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Even the ocean in front of your villa is a no-go for boats. Disadvantage is that there is no ocean access from your room. Advantage is that you don’t have to worry someone will suddenly swim in front of your villa and sees more than just fish through their mask. I had a rather unusual encounter while snorkeling in the Maldives already a couple times.

At the World Travel Writers’ Conference in Maldives me and some friends giggled a lot about these awkward moments.

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From the moment you close the door behind you holiday in your private little paradise villa starts. ‘Feel like you are at home, do whatever you want to do and if you think I can be of any help, this is a phone and just call me, I am at your service 24 hours a day’, said my private butler after showing me the villa. If you are looking for villas in Maldives with private pools and total privacy, Naladhu Private Island totally lives up to its name!

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Bathroom Naladhu Private Island

The massive outdoor bathroom is incredible and the glass walled bathtub is a really cool feature. There are two showers, one outdoor and one indoor. The indoor shower also doubles as a sauna and a steam cabin. Seriously this villa will blow your mind!

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It took my amazing butler about 10 minutes to go around the villa and explain everything. I loved the fact that my butler was a super friendly down to earth but very well trained local from a nearby island. This guy knew how to treat his guests but also I could have a little chat with him about his Maldivian lifestyle away from these incredible luxurious resorts and learned some surprising new things.

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Turtle snorkel tour

A must do is the offered sea turtles snorkel tour. Of course your butler will come pick you up and provide you with all the required snorkel equipment and in my case he also prepared a little snack box with some cookies, refreshments and some fruits. Best service ever this guy. The boat ride was about 45 minutes and on our way I was lucky to spot spinner dolphins. So far it was my first ever sighting of dolphins in Maldives. They are around quite regularly but I have just been unlucky, I did saw whalesharks in Maldives though. Once we got to the snorkel spot it only took a couple minutes to spot one of these always-relaxed-looking sea creatures. Our experienced guide knew exactly where he was going and we found in total more than 10 sea turtles hanging out on the reef.

Nirvana Maldives Sunset Cruise

Another recommended tour is to go for a sunset cruise with the Nirvana yacht. Once you step aboard this spectacular yacht you already know you are going to have a great time. Delicious canopies will be served and there is a free of Champagne while you romantically cruising into the sunset. In my case I was just enjoying the sunset on my own saying cheers to the crew! Lol

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Naladhu has its own private yacht charter in Maldives as Nirvana can also be rented for private tours around Maldives.

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Impeccable service levels at Naladhu Private Island

On top of all this pampering the service is surely something to highlight. The way the super friendly island manager is treating her staff reflects on its guests. The Zimbabwean lady who was in charge of the island acted like she was the staffs best friend rather than their manager. Needless to say that these guys would go out of their way to make the guests happy and indirectly also their manager. Thank you for the impeccable treatment.

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Naladhu is all about privacy

The Anantara Group houses 3 resorts near Male International Airport and next to Naladhu you will find Anantara Veli and Anantara Dhigu. The islands are so close to each other that they are connected by a 1-minute boat service.

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Between Naladhu Private Island and Anantara Veli there is even a walk bridge with in the middle the best Thai restaurant in Maldives: Baan Huraa. Guests of Naladhu Private Island are free to explore all the other islands, but outside guests cannot enter Naladhu. While staying at Naladhu your privacy is protected in every kind of way.

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#1 Conde Nast Traveller Readers’ Choice Awards 2017

Naladhu Private Island recently won the Conde Nast Traveller Readers’ Choice Award for the best resort in the Indian Ocean. Hardly unbelievable that I just stayed in one of their amazing villas with private pools.

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As a recent guest I can only confirm how incredible this private island is. If you are looking for a luxury getaway with pristine white sand beaches in an enormous private villa where you can do whatever you feel like this is the place to take your lover.

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