My new island crush is Kalanggaman Island Leyte somewhere in the East of the Philippines. In a country with so many gorgeous islands it must be hard to stand out, but from the moment I arrived it was love at first sight and I decided to write a Kalanggaman Island blog post about my new crush.

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Kalanggaman island Leyte

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The first thing I did was grabbing my camera and walked around to capture this picturesque island, may be the best island in Philippines. Kalanggaman Island is may be only 1km long and has a long sandbar on one side, nothing but perfect white sand. On the other side there are some rocks but mainly it is just beaches and palm trees. There is no such thing as a Kalanggaman Island resort or any other facilities apart from a little shop and some toilet facilities but that is about it. Go to my Philippines Page to read about all my Filipino adventures!

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Kalanggaman Island Resort

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If you are expecting a fancy place to sleep on this island you are wrong. The Kalanggaman Island resort is a camping ground. There are some operators that offer overnight camping trips to the island but I have no clue where to find them. From what I know is that you can rent a tent on arrival, but it will probably be first come first serve.

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All your food you have to arrange yourself as well, but for 750PHP (500 entrance fee + 250 camping fee) you sleep under a bazillion stars, have the island for yourself as the daytrips leave and watch an incredible sunset and sunrise. 

Kalanggaman Island leyte8 

The long stretch of sand at the end of the island moves with the tides and is even completely underwater at high tide. Still then it is possible to walk on it as it will be only 10 – 20cm deep, less than 1 foot for sure.

Kalanggaman Island leyte21 

There are signs saying you have to be careful with the tides as they can drag you out to the open sea and therefore at certain times of the day it is not allowed to swim on one side of the sand bank.

Kalanggaman Island leyte5 

The water of Kalanggaman Island Leyte is as clear as a pool and apart from one side of the sand bar the sea is super calm all around the island and floating around or swimming is lovely here. May be sitting in the water drinking an ice cold beer in one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines is not a bad idea either.

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How to go to Kalanggaman Island

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I already wrote a blog about what to do in Cebu and included this paradise. But in fact it should not be part of things to do in Cebu because the island belongs to Leyte. There are so many cool things to do in Northern Cebu: best places in Northern Cebu.

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I got to the island from Malapascua in the North of Cebu. From Malapascua Island there are direct boats that take about 2h and cost 700PHP ($15) for a round trip. They leave in the morning and come back in the afternoon.

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From Cebu to Kalanggaman Island

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The trip from Cebu to Kalanggaman Island goes through Pulangbato Port in Bogo City from where you take a boat bound for Palompon (170PHP). From the North Bus Terminal in Cebu there are frequent busses going up to Bogo City (150) and will take around 4 hours. The boat trip to the island is a little over an hour from here but then you arrive on one of the best beaches in the Philippines.

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The easiest way to get to the island is from Palompon in Leyte. From here it is only 1h by normal boat.

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