It was a kind of a last minute plan to add Hotel Jen Tanglin to my Hotel Tour in Singapore. My flights were flexible and I had two more nights available and so did I end up in the little brother of the Shangri-La Singapore where I stayed as well.

Hotel Jen is the new concept of the Shangri-La Group and is a hotel concept that caters more to Millenials. It is also known as Traders Hotel, like for example the one in Kuala Lumpur where you have the best view over the Petronas Towers. Though recently Traders Hotels changed into Hotel Jen. It is not a 5 star concept, but does come close. It is catered for the modern crowd that is looking for a hassle free stay in a totally uncomplicated atmosphere. I also stayed in Hotel Jen Male in Maldives and that was a great experience so I was looking forward to checking in here in Singapore.

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There are two different Hotel Jen in Singapore and I stayed at Hotel Jen Tanglin, a little bit further away from the hustle and bustle of the Marina and Orchard Road, though still super central and close to the Shangri-La, St. Regis and the botanical gardens. There is a complimentary shuttle to the main business district and the Marina, but the best thing is that the hotel has a complimentary bike service. Yes free bikes to tour around the city! A great service for the adventurous traveller!

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Rooms Hotel Jen Tanglin

It was a little funny to check in to a normal but nice and cosy hotel room after more than 2 weeks staying in the best luxury hotels in Singapore. I literally sat on the bed and thought damn this is a nice room, but for me this is not standard anymore, where is my butler? Of course all with a wink, as I was very happy with this room as well. The hotel is recently completely refurbished. It was a standard room with all the amenities like usual plus a little fridge full of drinks and chocolates that were for free! The best feature of the room was the little sofa that was integrated in the window, a great place to hangout and enjoy the sunset!

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As said this is not a 5 star hotel, so there is no bathtub in the room and rooms are a little smaller, though the facilities were top-notch! There is a huge swimming pool with a fitness center and a spa. I treated myself and went for an hour-long full body massage. I was used to having massages in Thailand a lot but since I came to Singapore I did not have one since, so me was happy! :)

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As said the provided bikes are great, but it is even cooler that Hotel Jen Tanglin also provides the newest GoPros for its guests. So if you want to tour around Singapore and take a GoPro with you all you have to do is ask the friendly staff at reception!


There is a little coffee shop when you come in to the hotel, which is cozy and a nice place for meetings. Though I mostly hang out in the 24 hours restaurant on the Ground Floor. The J65 restaurant was were I mostly sat with my MacBook and where I had a fantastic meeting with the famous Instagrammer @dotzsoh! So extremely inspiring to meet her and talk about the same passion we share. It was sad I had to leave Singapore the next day as I would have loved to go and shoot pictures with her and to learn from her fabulous skills.

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Review Hotel Jen Tanglin

The new concept from the Shangri-La Group is totally my thing. I love the uncomplicated style of the hotel and the crowd that hangs out here. I met some very interesting people in the hotel and it was a great place to network. The urban design and all the open spaces made me feel very welcome! It feels like a co-working space with very modern facilities, that provides luxurious modern rooms upstairs. Check out the best rates for Hotel Jen Tanglin.