Almost 130 years ago the Raffles Hotel Singapore opened its doors to the public as a 10-room hotel and ever since it is renown as a landmark in Singapore. It was in 1899 when it became the first luxury hotel with electric lights and fans and became a magnet for many international guests. From the beginning of these glorious days in the past until now the hotel is considered as one of the most luxurious places to stay in Singapore.

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The hotel is located on Beach Road which was once literally facing the ocean, but these days are long gone. In the middle of the business district you will find a huge white iconic complex that nowadays all is part of the hotel. Only a couple minutes away from the underground and within walking distance to the famous Singapore Marina and Clarke Quay, where nightlife is concentrated. The famous little India and other lovely traditional streets in Singapore are nearby as well. For other locations browse through all the hotels I stayed at in Singapore!

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Rooms Raffles Singapore

You wont find any hotel rooms in the Raffles Singapore as there are only suites. There are 6 categories to choose from which are located all around the huge complex. Because of its historical and colonial character the hotel is a low-rise building and has not more than 3 floors.

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I was lucky to stay in the huge main building that has only a couple suits, but many open spaces where guests can sit and read. It was such an historical and romantic place to spend a couple nights. Although the hotel has been restored many times over the years, its character never changed.

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My suite was spacious also because of the 5 meter high ceiling. Everything is restored from 1915 and the suite still had those features from back in the days. The bathroom was a bit small compared to the room, but the golden door handles and bath tub made all up for that. There was a door to a huge balcony overlooking a private courtyard. Of course my suite came with a 24h private butler service

I got a bit sick and the butler did her utmost best to make me feel well by treating me like a royal and making sure I was not short of anything!

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There is an outdoor pool which is super nice and quiet and very secluded. There were hardly any other guests and swimming lanes was perfect here. The pool is located on the top floor.

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The hotel complex is extremely charming and I got lost on purpose a couple times. As we all know Singapore is an extremely busy city but within the complex there are many courtyards where city life seems really far away! There are a couple green lawns to hang out, some sofas to relax and palm trees that make a perfect charming setting against the white colonial building. Find your own getaway from the city within the complex of the Raffles Singapore.

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Raffles Hotel Singapore Restaurants

Raffles Singapore is one of the cities prime tourist destinations and therefore it can get crowded, though not inside the hotel and as a guest you are perfectly kept away from the crowds, but if you want to you can mingled with the visitors in one of the many shops, bars and restaurants. The hotel is a famous spot to try a Singapore Sling and Long Bar is the place to be. Many tourists come here as the drink originates from this bar, which nowadays is a great cosy place, still with the traditional interior and a lovely atmosphere where many people gather. This is definitely something you should try while in Singapore!

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For a fine dining experience in a very chic place, you should go to Raffles Grill. I had to dress up a little as far that is possible for me, but I was allowed to enter. The restaurant is pretty spacious but there are only a few tables. It is all about fine dining and impeccable service, which was kind of funny as I am too laid-back for that type of dining. Though I enjoyed amazing dishes I had never heard of and wasn’t even aware they were served as food. You probably curious now what I ate: carrot and plum confit, orzo, persimmons and date condiments, girolles, etc. I still have no clue what exactly was served, but it was outstanding, such a yummy night out that was!

Way more my kind of setting was the Longbar Steakhouse where I ordered a threesome of three excellent pieces of 80g steaks, which together with the served red wine was mouth-watering!


Best Sunday brunch in Singapore

Apart from my two restaurant experiences in Raffles I also tried the Indian Restaurant and Raffles Singapore afternoon tea at Tiffin, a popular spot for young people to enjoy a high tea. On top of all those amazing dining experiences I was lucky to be staying in the hotel on a Sunday and I attended the best Sunday brunch in Singapore. I did not know where to start eating, I tried out different oysters, drank champagne, ate caviar, drank champagne, tasted 10 different cheeses, drank champagne and ended with an array of desserts and drank champagne. Make sure you are hungry when you sign up for this, there is too much delicious food to choose from. It was an absolutely fabulous experience! Of course a royal food shot like this is part of my hotel breakfast with a view article.

Review Raffles Singapore

As you have read Raffles Singapore was more than just a great stay in an amazing historical suite in the heart of Singapore. It was an exclusive stay that was made extra special by the very skilled and super friendly staff that all treated me like a VIP guest. Everything at raffles was about service and luxury; it was a dream to stay here. The history is very interesting and the complimentary hotel tour is like enjoying a free tour at a museum, really loved it! So many tourists where coming to take pictures from the hotel, that staying here gave me an overwhelming feeling. I felt extremely fortunate to part of the hotel for a couple nights and be treated like a royal guest! Want to be treated like a royal too and splurge a little? Take a look at the best deals for Raffles Singapore.

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