Excited for your trip to Thailand? I envy you! With almost 20 times it is my most visited country! Anyway, don't get stuck with high roaming charges when traveling to Thailand. A local prepaid sim card in Thailand is cheap and there is 5G everywhere. Here is your guide for buying a sim card in Thailand with the best 4G/5G network, up to date prices as per March 2023, where to buy a sim card, my recommendation and even information about international and e-sim cards for Thailand.

Having this crazy idea to visit every country I get to a lot of countries and airports and everywhere I go I write a local prepaid sim card guide to help you get the best internet and save money on roaming charges. On Traveltomtom you can find sim card guides from EuropeEgypt, Costa Rica, Panama, Kenya, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Asia, Bali, Singapore, Germany, Italy, France, SpainTbilisi, Istanbul, Milan, Madrid, Jeddah, Muscat, Bahrain, etc.

best thailand sim card at bangkok airport bkk

The most convenient place to buy a local prepaid sim card for Thailand is on arrival at Bangkok Airport. Check out my complete guide and vlog about buying a sim card at Bangkok Airport BKK.

Next time you are planning a trip abroad come check out Traveltomtom for the best prepaid sim card advice. Bookmark this website!

Why buy a sim card in Thailand

best thailand sim card

Traveling in Thailand is easy with so many travel agencies, trains, boats, busses, cheap domestic flights in Thailand and uncountable affordable hotels, good food on every street corner and even fast and free WiFi everywhere. Then why do you need a Thailand sim card?

Can you imagine a life without being connected. Have you tried it before? Not being able to open Google Maps for directions, unable to order an Uber, find a nearby restaurant. Life is just so much easier and definitely when you are somewhere new and not familiar. Also in case of emergencies when your bank card isn't working, all these kind of things. Simply stay connected, it will make your trip to Thailand much easier.

Overseas data roaming plans limit your speed, did you know that? And why pay $5 per day when you get 10 GB data in Thailand for $5? Forget about roaming charges! Buying a prepaid sim card and installing it takes just a couple minutes and you are all set with the fastest 5G network connection and a lot of data for little money!

Keep in mind that a Thailand sim card will only work in an unlocked phone! So make sure your phone is unlocked when you travel to Thailand if you want to use a local prepaid sim card. If you are not sure about this contact your provider in your home country!

My recommendation

Traveltomtom recommends a True Move sim card for traveling in Thailand. They have an amazing 4G/5G network together with AIS, but a True Move sim card is slightly cheaper than an AIS prepaid sim card.

If you want to be prepared before your trip then order a sim card for Thailand online and get it shipped to your home address or buy an e-sim card for Thailand.

If you are planning a big trip to Southeast Asia then these international sim cards can come in handy: 11 Best Data Sim Cards for Asia or 12 Best World Sim Cards.

E-sim cards for Thailand

simoptions e sim cards for thailand 2023

Unmistakably the best way to get internet when traveling in 2023 is an e-sim card! No need to swap sim cards, go to a store or activate data packages anymore. When buying an e-sim card for Thailand you will receive a code on your phone, follow the instructions, enter the code, change the settings and you can connect to a local network in Thailand, simple as that, all software. Check out the following amazing Thailand e-sim card deals:

  • UNLIMITED* data for 8 days = $9.90 USD
  • UNLIMITED* data for 15 days = $19.90 USD

* You only get either 15 GB or 30 GB max data speed and then the data speed reduces to 386 Kbps, that is barely enough for WhatsApp.

Click here to directly order an e-sim card for Thailand or find more info.

For less than $20 you can be done for your whole Thailand trip and don't need to worry about anything anymore. The above e-sim cards are through a third party called SimOptions.

airalo e sim cards for thailand 2023

There is also another e-sim card provider called Airalo who offers the exact same e-sim card deals for Thailand, see the picture above. Click on the link to order through them.

You can also order a physical sim card for Thailand and get it shipped to your home address. An example is the AIS sim card with 30 GB data for 15 days plus some calling credit for $24.90 USD. Click here to directly order this AIS or one of the other physical sim cards for Thailand.

Are you planning to go to islands hopping in Thailand? Good choice! I have done it many years in a row and it never gets bored! Thailand is one of the best places in the world to go backpacking!

Where to buy a sim card for Thailand

Buying a sim card at Bangkok and other International airports in Thailand

No matter which country you are travelling to a SIM card at the airport is always a little more expensive! But well worth the couple bucks as you will be online in no time! Every international airport in Thailand has official DTAC, AIS and True Move stores at arrivals. Check the exact locations below:

  • Don Mueang International Airport Bangkok (DMK): Arrival Floor, between Terminal 1 and 2, also at International Arrivals Hall between Exit 2 and 6.
  • Phuket International Airport (HKT): International Terminal 1st floor.
  • Samui International Airport (USM): Arrival Hall 1st floor.
  • Mae Fah Luang, Chiang Rai International Airport (CEI): Passenger Terminal 1st floor between Domestic Hall & International Arrivals Hall.

Are you flying to BKK Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok then check out my complete guide for buying a sim card at Bangkok Airport BKK.

Free sim card for Thailand

They often lure you with a free sim card for Thailand and even hand them out at the airport in Bangkok, but remember nothing is for free! These free Thailand sim cards are just a gift but there is hardly any credit on it and when putting them in your phone they tell you straight away to top up.

If you fly to Thailand with Thai Airways they hand out free DTAC Thailand sim cards for tourists to all passengers. The sim card package says free 8 GB data, but that is NOT true, in fact it is only 20 MB. Basically 30 seconds of internet! If you want the 'free 8 GB' you first need to top up.

Official retail stores

Wherever you go you will stumble upon a DTAC, True Move or AIS store. Just go to Google Maps and find the nearest store, there are uncountable!. Data plans will be explained very well, English is spoken, prices are fixed and they will activate it for you on the spot within a couple minutes. Every shopping mall in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Krabi and Koh Samui has mobile phone shops.

Convenience stores: 7Eleven, Family Mart, Tesco

Thailand sim card 7eleven

In Thailand you can buy a sim card at mostly every well known convenience store: 7Eleven only sells, DTAC and True Move. Family Mart and Tesco also sells AIS. But it is NOT as convenient as it may seem!

The hard thing about buying a Thailand sim card in a convenient store is to find someone who can really help you activate your prepaid data package! People working in convenient stores speak ok English, but mostly not enough to help you out.

Traveltomtom does not recommend buying a Thailand sim card in a convenience store! As there is no service agent to help you, you have to activate it yourself basically and packages are mostly displayed in Thai language. Good luck! :)

Order a sim card for Thailand online

Buying a prepaid sim card in Thailand always be the cheapest way to stay connected when traveling to Thailand, but things have changed. You can already buy an e-sim card for Thailand for less than $10 USD with unlimited data for 8 days. Perfect for a short trip to Thailand.

If your phone is not compatible for an e-sim card then you can also order a physical sim card for Thailand online. These international sim cards for Thailand will be shipped to your home address and are automatically activated when they connect the first time to the network in Thailand. You arrive prepared in Thailand and as soon as the plane lands you have data on your phone.

What to bring if you buy a sim card in Thailand?

Years ago you could easily buy a sim card in Thailand without any identification, but nowadays they changed a couple rules. If you buy a sim card in Thailand they will need your passport at all times. Still there are street vendors selling prepaid data packages without any identification needed, but the official resellers will demand your passport. So always bring your it when you are going to buy a sim card in Thailand. They will take a copy in the store or take a photo of it for their administration.

Your new Thailand sim card will be registered on your passport number and your name. You can only buy 1 prepaid sim card per passport.

Mobile internet providers Thailand

There are 3 major internet operators in Thailand: True, DTAC and AIS. They all sell prepaid sim cards for tourists and you can buy them pretty much everywhere. However, Traveltomtom recommends buying a sim card in an official retail store. More about this later.

Back in 2014 when you were you planning a Thailand Island hopping adventure I would tell you NOT to choose an AIS prepaid sim card. Now in 2023 the table are turned and AIS has the best 4G/5G network in Thailand.

All Thailand mobile internet providers have great network coverage all over the country, even at off the beaten path places.

Mobile Internet Speed Thailand

It is no wonder that the fastest mobile data is provided by True Move and AIS. DTAC's 5G signal coverage is poor compared to its competitors. Whenever you are traveling to Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi, Chiang Mai, Koh Tao or Bangkok or any other major tourist destinations in Thailand you will be pretty much be able to enjoy fast mobile internet with any of the mobile internet providers.

That said, when buying a sim card in Thailand it is very much recommended to ask your provider at which data speed the sim card deal operates. Some have max 5G speed (100 Mbps), but also many sim card deals are capped at 4 Mbps or 10Mbps. You see the major difference?

Anyway data speed always depends on your location and time of the day. During peak hours when everyone is online, data speed is of course significantly slower than during the middle of the night when everyone is asleep.

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Best 4G/5G network in Thailand in 2023

Are you ready for a full 5G experience. You might not expected it but Thailand is one of the most advanced countries when it comes to 5G. There is a 5G signal almost everywhere. Let's have a look at the 4G/5G coverage maps for mobile internet in Thailand updated per March 2023.

AIS Thailand 4G/5G network

ais thailand 4g 5g coverage map 2023

True Move Thailand 4G/5G network

true move thailand 4g 5g coverage map 2023

DTAC Thailand 4G/5G network

dtac thailand 4g 5g coverage map 2023

What you can see on the above coverage maps for Thailand is that every operator has a more than excellent 4G signal all over the country! However, DTAC is really staying behind when it comes to upgrading their 5G network compared to AIS and True Move.

AIS has the best 4G/5G network in Thailand in 2023. Isn't the AIS 5G network in Thailand impressive? I bet you didn't think the Thailand mobile internet and 5G network would be this good!

Check out these 68 funny & interested facts about Thailand!

Prices for prepaid sim card packages in Thailand in 2023


dtac thailand prepaid sim card

DTAC offers 2 prepaid sim card deals for tourists and although it says unlimited data, don't be fooled! Yeah unlimited on E network speed. I call this false advertisement as it was really hard to find out, but again it is NOT unlimited data!

  • 15 GB data for 8 days + 15 THB calling credit = 299 THB ($9.2)
  • 30 GB data for 15 days + 15 THB calling credit = 599 THB ($18.3)

For more info about the DTAC Happy Tourist sim click here.


ais thailand prepaid sim card

There are 3 AIS Traveller sim cards available, which are all 5G ready:

  • 15 GB data + free social media + 15 THB calling credit for 8 days = 299 THB ($9.2)
  • 30 GB data + free social media + 15 THB calling credit for 15 days = 599 THB ($18.3)
  • 300 GB data + free social media + 15 THB calling credit for 30 days = 1,250 THB ($38)

For more info about the AIS Traveller sim cards click here.

True Move

true move h thailand prepaid sim card

There are 2 different True Move H prepaid sim card deals:

  • unlimited social media apps (Instagram, FB, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc*) = 49 THB ($1.5)
  • 20 GB data (4G speed)** = 120 THB ($3.7)

*Youtube and Tiktok are not included. **20 GB at 4G speed and then unlimited at E-network speed (useless).

Having free social media apps for 30 days for just $1.5 is of course insanely CHEAP!

For using Safari, Chrome, Google Maps, Uber, etc. you will need to top up. These are the 5G data pacakges:

  • 5 GB data for 30 days = 199 THB ($6)
  • 30 GB data for 30 days = 399 THB ($12.2)

For more info about a True Move prepaid sim card click on the link.

Best Thailand prepaid sim card in 2023

After my comparison of the Thailand prepaid sim cards I come to the following conclusions:

  • DTAC has by far the weakest 5G network.
  • AIS keeps it simple at has no data speed limits.
  • AIS is the most expensive.
  • True Move has data speed limits and it is unclear when you get 4G and when 5G data speed.

Taking everything in consideration Traveltomtom recommends a True Move H prepaid sim card for Thailand. You will get free social media apps for 49 THB and when you then add another 5 GB data you are pretty much set for 30 days for a total price of $7.5 USD or for 30 GB data you pay a total of $13.7 USD for 30 days.

The best prepaid sim card for Thailand in 2023 is AIS! Their sim card deals are slightly more expensive than True Move and DTAC. However, for basically everything unlimited you pay $38 USD. If you buy the same AIS prepaid sim card deal at Bangkok Airport you pay $50 USD.

For short trips to Thailand it is worth getting an e-sim card for Thailand with unlimited data for 8 days.

How to get around Thailand

Buy your bus, boat, train and flight tickets online and let 12Go Asia search the best way. No more paper tickets, this is a game changer! Easy, fast, reliable and convenient. Try it below yourself!

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Order a sim card for Thailand online

international sim card for thailand 2023

Forget about all this when you buy a Thailand sim card online before your trip. Order an international sim card that covers Thailand and get this pre-registered sim card send to your home address before your trip. Plug and play on arrival! Check out the following sim card deals for Thailand:

1. AIS Traveller SIM 160 - $19.90

  • 3 GB data
  • 15 THB credit for calling or texting
  • Valid 8 days

2. AIS Traveller SIM 599 - $24.90

  • 30 GB data
  • 15 THB credit for calling or texting
  • Valid 15 days

3. Orange Holiday World - $49.90

  • 10 GB data
  • NO calling/texting - data only
  • Valid 14 days

Click here to order an international sim card for Thailand directly through this link.

Also another last reminder that an e-sim card for Thailand with unlimited data* can be ordered directly through this link. You keep your own phone number and arrange everything within a couple minutes online.

Keep in mind that Thai mobile providers are constantly upgrading their coverage, changing their rates and providing better and faster internet. Let me know if you find anything that changed over time and I am happy to add it to my article.

Before you go I want you to consider reading the following blog with everything you need to know about traveling in Thailand! From visas to vaccinations, island hopping to jungle trekking, elephant sanctuaries to affordable luxury hotels, the best hostels, electricity plugs, street food tips and many more things. This is you complete guide full of Thailand travel tips!

things to know when you travel to thailand

If you have any specific questions about traveling to Thailand then don't hesitate to send me a message on my Instagram account @traveltomtom. Be aware that this could create some serious wanderlust as I am on a journey to visit every country in the world. As of March 2023 I have visited more than 150 countries.

Take a look at my Thailand page and let my blogs help you planning your trip to Thailand. For example have a look at my article how much does a trip to Thailand cost.

Enjoy your trip to Thailand!

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