When traveling to Thailand I highly recommend you buying a Thailand sim card. But which one? At Bangkok Airport you will already be offered a free Thailand sim card, but is this your best choice? Here is your guide to what is the best Thai SIM card for travellers in 2021 with up to date info as per October 2021.

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Why buy a Thailand tourist SIM?

Traveling in Thailand is fairly easy nowadays with so many travel agencies, long haul busses and cheap domestic flights in Thailand. A place to sleep can easily be found, good food on every street corner, transportation can be booked in any hotel/hostel and there is FREE and Fast WiFi everywhere. Then why do you need a SIM card for traveling in Thailand?

best thailand sim card

First of all to simply be online. Trust me being connected makes traveling so much more convenient and Thailand has an amazing 5G network already!

As a professional travel blogger I am constantly online. For me it is not just a way of keeping in touch with my family and friends it is work as well. So a travel sim for Thailand is a must for me! And hey... IT IS CHEAP!

Buying a sim card in Thailand is easy, finding the best data package is a little bit of a challenge, however data is cheap in Thailand.

If buying a local sim card in Thailand on arrival is too much hassle for you then you might want to look into my articles about: 11 Best Data Sim Cards for Asia or 11 Best World Sim Cards.

But even if you are not an internet addict it is handy to have a Thai SIM card. Think about emergency situations, meeting up with fellow travellers or using Google Maps to find directions. It makes travelling so much easier and it is really affordable! You can buy your Thailand sim card online, click on the link for more info on how to get it shipped to your home address.

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Are you planning to go to remote islands in Thailand or are you going visit the islands on The Banana Pancake Trail? Do you want a 5G connection? Different types of travellers and different types of SIM cards, find out which one suites you most.

Mobile internet providers Thailand

There are 3 major suppliers in Thailand: True, DTAC and AIS. All of them have pros and cons, but their signal and 3G coverage is nowadays everywhere the same. So if you are going to the major touristy spots and you are not interested in 4G internet speed then simply choose the cheapest option of one of these 3 mobile companies. You will see signs everywhere saying: 'Thailand SIM card for tourist'.

Want to know my tips & tricks about how to get temporary internet access while traveling? Check the link for great tips about having internet abroad.

If you are you planning to go on a Thailand Island hopping adventure and still want to be connected to the world then do not choose AIS I would have told you back in 2016. Now in 2021 things have changed and AIS has a really good 4G AND 5G coverage nowadays.

All Thailand mobile internet providers have great network coverage all over the country, even for off the beaten path island hopping in Thailand, But if you want 5G you would want True Move... more about that later.

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Mobile Internet Speed Thailand

It is no wonder that the fastest mobile internet is provided by True Move, although AIS is not far behind. DTAC does not provide a 5G signal yet, but this will quickly change! Staying in places like Phuket, Samui, Chiang Mai and Bangkok the mobile internet speed between the Thailand providers won't change much.

Best 4G/5G network in Thailand in 2021

These days 3G is not good enough anymore, we all want 4G or even 5G these days. Who provides the best 5G coverage in Thailand in 2021? These are the latests coverage maps for mobile internet in Thailand. Source: nperf.com.

AIS Thailand 4G/5G network

coverage map ais thailand

True Move Thailand 4G/5G network

coverage map true move thailand

DTAC Thailand 4G/5G network

coverage map dtac thailand

All the above maps are updated as per March 2021!

As you can see on the above coverage maps of the internet providers in Thailand, AIS is still your best bid as it covers most of Thailand with 4G, with True Move being a good follow up. However True Move has the best 5G network and DTAC does NOT support 5G yet.

DTAC still has to do some catching up, but that only counts for the remote areas. That said all three mobile providers have very good coverage in most tourist destinations in Thailand.

Prices for prepaid sim card packages in Thailand in 2021


There are 4 DTAC Happy Tourist sim cards available:

  • 599 THB ($20) = Unlimited data for 15 days, 30 GB at MAX speed, 15 THB call credit.
  • 299 THB ($10) = Unlimited data for 8 days, 15 GB at MAX speed, 15 THB call credit.
  • 149 THB ($5) = Unlimited data for 4 days, 5 GB at MAX speed, 15 THB call credit.
  • 49 THB ($1,60) = 15 THB call credit.

dtac thailand prepaid sim card

For more info about the DTAC Happy Tourist sim click here.


There are 3 AIS Traveller sim cards available:

  • 599 THB ($20) = 30 GB data + 15 THB call credit - valid for 15 days.
  • 299 THB ($10) = 15 GB data + 15 THB call credit - valid for 8 days.
  • 160 THB ($5,30) = 5 GB data + 15 THB call credit - valid for 5 days.

ais thailand prepaid sim card

For more info about the AIS Traveller sim cards click here.

True Move

There is basically only 1 Thailand prepaid sim card from True Move available.

It costs 49 THB ($1,60) and it comes with free social media like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. but that is it. NO calling, NO texting included!

To extra data for using Google, Uber, etc. you will need to top up with one of the many data packages. These are the 3 most common:

  • 99 THB = 5 GB data for 7 days.
  • 199 THB = 10 GB data for 15 days.
  • 249 THB = 15 GB data for 15 days.

For more info about a True Move prepaid sim card click on the link.

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Best Thailand prepaid sim card in 2021

Taking into consideration all the prices for the pay as you go sim cards in Thailand as well as the 4G/5G networks in Thailand we can come to the following conclusion:

True Move is the best prepaid sim card in Thailand in 2021!

True Move has by far the best 4G/5G network in Thailand and their prices are very competitive as well. For 199 THB ($6,50) you get 10 GB data and free social media apps!

What to bring if you buy a sim card in Thailand?

Years ago you could easily buy a sim card in Thailand without any identification, but nowadays they changed a couple rules. If you purchase a sim card in Thailand a passport is needed. Still street vendors sell prepaid data packages without any identification needed, but the official resellers will need your passport. So always bring your passport when you are going to buy a sim card in Thailand.

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Where to buy your Thailand prepaid sim card

Planning to stay for longer than a week in Thailand then head to a phone shop rather than the 7Eleven. Prices drop for monthly plans, but they don’t sell them at the 7Eleven.

Buying a sim card at Bangkok and other International airports in Thailand

No matter which country you are travelling to a SIM card at the airport is always a little more expensive! But well worth the couple bucks as you will be online in no time! Every international airport in Thailand has official DTAC, AIS and True Move stores at arrivals. Check the exact locations below:

  • Suvarnabhumi International Airport Bangkok (BKK): International Arrivals Terminal 2nd Floor and International Arrivals Hall around Baggage Claim No. 18.
  • Don Mueang International Airport Bangkok (DMK): Arrival Floor, between Terminal 1 and 2, also at International Arrivals Hall between Exit 2 and 6.
  • Phuket International Airport (HKT): International Terminal 1st floor.
  • Samui International Airport (USM): Arrival Hall 1st floor.
  • Mae Fah Luang, Chiang Rai International Airport (CEI): Passenger Terminal 1st floor between Domestic Hall & International Arrivals Hall.

Free sim card Thailand

They often lure you with free SIM, but remember nothing is for free especially in touristy countries in South East Asia! The free sim card Thailand is just a gift, there is hardly any credit on it and when using they tell you straight away to to top up.

Official stores

Wherever you go you will stumble upon a DTAC, True Move or AIS store. Just go to Google Maps and find the nearest store, there are plenty!. Data plans will be explained very well, English is spoken, prices are fixed and they will activate it for you on the spot within a couple minutes.

Every shopping mall in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Krabi and Koh Samui has mobile phone shops.

Convenient stores: 7Eleven, Family Mart, Tesco

In Thailand you can buy a sim card at mostly every well known convenient store. But it is NOT as easy as it seems!

The hard thing about buying a Thailand sim card in a convenient store is to find someone who can really help you activate your prepaid data package! People working in convenient stores speak ok English, but mostly not enough to help you out.

7Eleven only sells, DTAC and True Move. Family Mart and Tesco also sells AIS.

I would not recommend you to buy a sim card for traveling in Thailand in 7Eleven, Family Mart or Tesco!

Here is what one of my readers found for sale in the 7Eleven in September 2021.

Thailand sim card 7eleven

Packages are mostly displayed in Thai language. Good luck! :) 

Buy your Thailand sim card online in 2021

Forget the hassle buying a sim card for Thailand on arrival. No more waiting and line and misunderstandings, get your Thai sim card online and let it be shipped to your home address.

Very easy and simple and for $25 you get 30 GB data + some credit for calling and texting. These are the 3 best sim cards for Thailand to order online:

1. AIS Traveller SIM 160 - $19.90

  • 3 GB data
  • 15 THB credit for calling or texting
  • Valid 8 days

2. AIS Traveller SIM 160 - $24.90

  • 30 GB data!
  • 15 THB credit for calling or texting
  • Valid 15 days

3. TSIM Thailand SIM Card - TrueMove

  • 3 GB data
  • FREE Social Media
  • 100 minutes calling
  • Valid for 8 days
  • Price $11.49

Portable WiFi device for travelers

If you have a locked phone buying an international SIM card is not an option. Or if you simply don't want to change your sim card for a Thai SIM card, take a look at Teppy a portable WiFi device! It gives you unlimited data plus you can connect up to 5 devices at the same time! Great option if traveling with children.

This is one of my more than 50 Thailand travel blogs, all updated in March 2021 to give you the most accurate information possible.

Keep in mind that Thai mobile providers are constantly upgrading their coverage, changing their rates and providing better and faster internet. Let me know if you find anything that changed over time and I am happy to add it to my article.

I have already collected more than 40 stamps of this lovely country in my passport. Let me help you planning your next Thailand itinerary and take a look at my blogs about the land of the smile on my Thailand Page. Curious why I have been to Thailand 17 times? ;)

This is a handy guide with everything you need to know about traveling in Thailand from visas to vaccinations, island hopping to jungle trekking, elephant sanctuaries to affordable luxury hotels, the best hostels, electricity plugs, street food and many more things.

things to know when you travel to thailand

If you have any specific questions about traveling to Thailand then don't hesitate to send me a message on my Instagram account @traveltomtom. Be aware that this could create some serious wanderlust as I am on a journey to visit every country in the world.

Im sure I can help you planning your trip to Thailand or help you travel for less. Have a look at my article how much does a trip to Thailand cost.

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Enjoy your trip to Thailand!

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