Bangkok tourism is booming and so are Bangkok cycling tours. Co van Kessel is a Dutch company founded by Co, a late Dutchman. He started cycling in Bangkok over 30 years ago, taking tourists to the best places to visit in Bangkok. First time I took the tour was in 2009 and since then the business grew a lot and they are offering multiple tours a day ranging from 3 to 9 hours long. I opted for the ‘Co Combo tour’, a 5-hour bike/boat tour through the remote areas of Bangkok.

As traveling to Thailand is one of my favorite things to do I ended up almost 20 times in this country. With all my Thailand travel blogs I am aiming to get you the best and most accurate information I can. Therefore I constantly update my articles. This Thailand travel blog about cycling tours in Bangkok has been updated in January 2019.

In June 2019 I will travel to Thailand again myself and this time I will put some new tourist attractions on my Thailand itinerary: The Golden Triangle and Koh Chang. Let me tell you a secret travel tip for Thailand btw. Did you know that flights from Phuket or Krabi to Chiang Mai are 50% cheaper than the other way around? These and more tips about domestic flights in Thailand in my latest blog post.

Co van Kessel Bike Tour

It was an early morning since we had to meet up at the Co van Kessel office on the edge of Chinatown at 7.00am. In total we were with 14 enthusiastic people and two guide, who briefed us passionately, asking us to greet the locals on our way, put a smile on our face, enjoy the trip and always stay safe. With one guide in the front and one guide in the back of the group we started touring through Chinatown on our super comfy bikes.


What to do in Bangkok

You must think that cycling for a couple hours through Bangkok will be hard, especially in Bangkok’s hot and humid climate. Don’t worry about that! Yes it is a cycling tour, but that does not mean it is a race. You will be cycling through super narrow streets, making uncountable turns, you will visit markets, stopping at temples, hopping on a boats, go to fruit plantations and so on. The cycling is very low pace and on top of that you will probably stop loads of times to take pictures. I have taken the tour now several times and the route always seems to differ, it never gets boring.

Where to go after Bangkok?

There are so many places to visit in Thailand that making a choice where to travel after Bangkok is a difficult one. I created 5 different island hopping itineraries for Thailand, but traveling North to Chiang Mai/Rai and Pai is also a popular thing to do. My favorite travel route is from Bangkok to Koh Tao by joint ticket (bus/boat). The night bus drives you out of the madness and the sunrise boat trip on the water drops you in Koh Tao. The island life will take over from here...

You will see that a Thai domestic flight search will give you plenty options and destinations, but there are also busses and trains to take you around. The best way to find local Thailand transportation is through 12Go Asia. These guys compare all the options for trains, busses, boats and even domestic flights in one overview. The prices, available routes/companies, trip duration and even reviews. Try it out yourself below.

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Off the beaten path in Bangkok

The Co van Kessel Bike Tour takes you off the beaten track in Bangkok. Can you imagine that within a short distance from the city center you will cycle through a banana plantation? That you see rural Bangkok where people still live in wooden houses on stilts over the water? This bike tour will show you places you had no clue they would exist in Bangkok.

Every street has its own appeal and especially in Chinatown where the tour starts. You will get so many impressions in the first hours. As you cycle through the narrow streets you will find something cool to see around every corner. Whether someone is cutting a huge fish into pieces, friendly drunken locals still enjoying an afterparty from last night, old men playing Mahjong or ladies washing their vegetables and preparing their meals, Chinatown will wake you up for sure.

When all the bikes are loaded onto a longtail boat you will cross the river and head to Bangkok’s Old Town, Chonburi. It seems like entering a different world. Just coming from bustling and hectic Chinatown, you will now cycle through peaceful streets where life has slowed down a bit. In these rural urban areas of Bangkok people still live in one floor wooden houses. Say hi to the old grandma washing her clothes in a tub in front of her house!

After visiting a temple that houses the biggest sitting Buddha in Bangkok your bikes will be put on a boat and it is time to sit back and relax. A traditional longtail boat will take you on a tour through the canals of Bangkok. Get to see a different side of Bangkok as you discover life on the riverside that has not changed much over the years. People still live in traditional wooden houses on the side of the canals. The boat trip will last around 45 minutes and will drop you off in a total different world again.


Welcome to the rural areas of Bangkok where you will stumble upon banana plantations, fields with mango and lime trees and where people grow all kind of vegetables. You will be cycling on an elevated concrete path through a lush green landscape. Finally you will have a delicious lunch and slowly make your way back to the office.

With a tour like this it is easy to get to places you probably would not find on your own, but this of course is possible too. You rent a motorbike in Thailand yourself, click on the link to see what license you need and for more tips about driving around in the country of smiles.

I have been enjoying the Co van Kessel Bike Tour several times now and I always include it in my a list of unique things to do in Bangkok. It is a must do in Bangkok and worth the 1.850 THB. The very well organized tours with funny and perfect English speaking knowledgeable guides will get you to places you would never get on your own. I would recommend their tours to people of all abilities and ages as they are very low pace and super enjoyable.

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