Why do you think people on Tripadvisor chose this as the most romantic hotel in the world 2015? No explanation needed, right? This picture says it all! As I was staying two months on the island, I was looking for the best Koh Tao hotels and I wanted to find some spots on the island that were not really well known yet to the big audience. Checking out some places to stay in Koh Tao I stumbled upon this incredibly luxurious boutique villa resort named ‘The Place’.

Luxury places to stay in Koh Tao

The tiny island of Koh Tao is transforming from a backpacker and scuba diving mecca into an upscale beach destination. For years it was pretty hard to find luxury Koh Tao hotels, but things changed! For those who are ready to splurge on their trip to Thailand Koh Tao is definitely worth considering nowadays. Some really nice luxury places opened their doors over the last years. The tiny island located in the Gulf of Thailand is nowadays more popular than ever. Although it is pretty much still a backpackers island, luxurious mansions and private pool villas are popping up all around the island.

I think I did a pretty great job promoting the island through my Instagram pictures! Why? Just because I love this little paradise! For years scuba diving has been the number one reason to travel to Koh Tao. Mostly travelers found a safe heaven here, but nowadays tourists come over to enjoy this tranquil paradise for a couple days as well. Exactly this is the reason why upscale Koh Tao accommodation options are popping up everywhere on the island. There are still no big resorts on the island, which will hopefully not change in the future, luxurious accommodation options are boutique, just as the island itself!

best place to stay koh tao

Best place to stay Koh Tao

The Place is considered one of the best places to stay in Thailand and has also been rated as most romantic hotel in the world by TripAdvisor. It’s a resort that consists of nine luxury boutique villas, all with private infinity pools that offer complete privacy. The resort is charmingly nestled in the hills above Sairee Beach and therefore offers great views over the biggest and most bustling bay on the island. Having the tranquility of an off the beaten path resort but still close enough to the action of Sairee Beach which is a short 10-minute walk. If you want more information about where to stay in Koh Tao, click on the link and let me explain you what Sairee Beach exactly is.

koh tao accommodation

Contemplating whether to go to Koh Tao or Koh Samui? I compared them for as far as possible! ;)

Best place to stay Koh Tao for oceanview

All the Pool Villas offer full privacy in a sheltered location. They have a large open-plan area featuring a spacious bedroom, en-suite dressing room, living area, contemporary bathroom with double washbasins, glassed-roofed shower and a separate kitchenette. Floor length sliding doors allow the front of each villa to be opened completely, amplifying the extent of living space and giving an unobstructed and breathtaking view of the ocean. The large balconies with private infinity pools offer amazing ocean views and a private sundeck.

koh tao hotels


Staying in the villa was like being away from the rest of the world. The total privacy was what I enjoyed the most. There is nothing around or no one that will bother you during your stay. Their approach of offering you complete privacy was a unique thing to me that makes it the best place to stay in Koh Tao. Everything you can imagine is taken care of and the villa comes with all the amenities you can expect from such a luxurious place.

best place to stay in koh tao 2

When you check in you are offered a mobile phone for in case you need anything. They are available 24/7 to answer your questions and fulfill your needs. In the villa you will find a list of phone numbers that can be handy during your stay. Restaurants, taxi drivers and tour companies. If you want all this arranged for you, you simply ask the amazing staff what you want and they will make sure you totally enjoy your visit to one of the best places to stay in Thailand.


Since the weather was not in my favor the days I stayed at the villa I was forced to hide from the rain. To be fair I don’t think you will be bothered spending a whole day in the villa anyway. The entertainment system comes with everything you dream of. Hundreds of movies, concerts and series in all genres will make sure you wont feel bored.

where to stay in koh tao


And if I wanted my share of rain I could enjoy the rain shower my stunning spacious garden bathroom. I was simply in love with the multi level indoor bathroom boosting with an outdoor appeal!

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Best places to stay in Thailand

Don't look further if you are looking where to stay in KohTao. I assure you this is the romance you are looking for! The Place definitely ranks among the best places to stay in Thailand and for sure is the best place to stay in Koh Tao. This is the exact right place to sit and do nothing but relax. Days in these private pool villas pass by in a coma of sunbathing and relaxing and simply enjoying the view and serenity from your beanbag.

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Clik here to see more pictures, reviews and the best deals from The Place on Agoda, the biggest Asian hotel booking platform.

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