Scuba diving will always be the main tourist attraction in Koh Tao, but there are more things to do in Koh Tao besides scuba diving. Traveltomtom lived in Koh Tao, did my Scuba Dive Master Training course on the island and visited Koh Tao more than 10 times.

Here is my list of the coolest Koh Tao things to do according to 'locals' and with the help of my friends who are still living in Koh Tao this article is completely up to date for your Koh Tao trip in 2024.

Even after visiting more than 150 countries Thailand is still one of my favorite countries to visit. In total I traveled to Thailand more than 20 times and I am excited to give you the best travel tips for your next trip to Koh Tao.

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I have been scuba diving in Koh Tao since 2009 and also did my Divemaster training here many years later. Unfortunately because of constant ear problems from scuba diving (finally ended up getting an eardrum surgery in Paris) I had plenty of time to explore the island above the surface as well and these are my favourite things to do on Koh Tao.

1. Visit Koh Nang Yuan

It sounds funny but one of the coolest things to do in Koh Tao is not on the island itself. Just a couple 100 meters from the shore there are 3 little islands connected by a strip of sand. This unique scenery is considered to be one of the most stunning archipelagos around the world and is often published in books and postcards. Of course the perfect white sand beach is adorable and snorkelling is beautiful, but it is the viewpoint that makes this place among the best things to do on Koh Tao. It is an easy hike up, mainly stairs, to the hilltop to get that one picture everyone comes to the island for.

It is easy to get to the island. Take a taxi boat from Sairee Beach every time of the day. Don’t pay more than 250THB per person for a return trip. Note that the island closes at 5pm and that there is an entrance fee of 100THB, but believe me it is all worth it!

The photo above is from the Koh Nang Yuan viewpoint, one of the best viewpoints in Koh Tao.

Tips for how to get around Thailand

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2. Hike the coast from Mae Haad to Chalok

What to do in Koh Tao if you want to get off the beaten path? This is a must-do! Visiting Koh Nang Yuan is great because it is a unique place, but this hike definitely one of my favourite Koh Tao things to do for sure! It seems hard to get away from the crowds on this tiny touristy island, but this activity will show you that it is possible. The hike along the coast is a footpath only so you wont see any traffic. It is accessible for every level of fitness. You will get to swim in remote bays, pass through stunning resorts, enjoy amazing views, see a wicked sky bar, and walk through a palm tree forest and skinny dip on a deserted beach!

From the pier in Mae Haad head South and leave the sea on your right side. Walk through the Sensi Paradise Resort and up to Charm Churee Resort. Then head down to the beach and reach Jansom Bay. Officially they will charge 200THB per person for using the bay, but if you just take a dip in to the sea, no one will ask you anything. A really cool Koh Tao thing to do is to float on one of the rafts that are hooked to the bottom of the ocean about a 100 meters away from the beach!

Traveling to Thailand? Read here my complete guide for traveling to Thailand with visa, vaccinations, etiquettes and more tips on where to go, what to do, festivals and where to stay, some funny Thailand facts and more.

My secret tip for people that ask me what to do in Koh Tao. Jansom Bay is only a 15-minute walk from the Mae Haad pier and this picturesque place cannot be missed. After hanging around here for a bit continue your way towards Sai Nuan Beach. Most people arrive her by taxi boat and at midday it can get a bit more crowded but when the tourists are gone around sunset this deserted bay is all yours and a great spot to take amazing pictures.

Just around the corner there is Sai Nuan 2, a less stunning version of its bigger brother, but famous for its Banana Rock restaurant. Looking for a place to smoke the day away? Here you can buy what you are looking for at around 200THB per cigarette! Isn’t this one of the best things to do in Koh Tao anyway? ;)

Continue your way uphill and walk inland for a little. Once you reach the top of the hill you have two options: on your right you head down to Tao Thong Bay and on your left you can see signs saying Skybar. Follow the signs uphill for 5 minutes and you will find a shack with a fantastic view. It is a wicked experience and according to the drawings I found up here I guess it can be a lot of fun to hang out in this place for a bit. When I paid a visit the place was deserted and if I wanted to I could have poured my own drinks. What to do on Koh Tao if you are not a scuba diver? Now you know! This is such a great island adventure, believe me!

Here you see the rafts floating in the ocean, paradise spot to chill and one of the most chill things to do in Koh Tao.

Take the stairs down to Tao Thong and you will get to a super small peninsula with beaches on both sides. This completely remote spot on the island can only be reached on foot and therefore is super peaceful. Walk a little further on a concrete walkway along the shoreline with the sea on your right and you will find a tiny beach simply called Tao Thong 2. There are a couple ocean front bungalows here and for sure you will stumble upon some older hippies that hang around here for a couple months a year.

There is also a great restaurant with fair prices considering the very remote location. The food is lovely and the fruit shakes are my favourites in Koh Tao. Order a shake and lay down in a hammock, the ‘islandlife’ feeling wont get any better than here!

If you ask me what is the best area to stay in Koh Tao I would love to send you here, but I would choose to come here for max 2 nights or so as it is very remote and there is nothing around, leave your luggage somewhere in Sairee Beach and come here with as less as possible and ask for a room. Walk-in prices will never exceed more than $15 for a bungalow on the beach!

sai nuan beach koh tao

Are you ready for cool hiking trails in Koh Tao? Click on the link to read about the best ones on the island.

If you are keen on continuing all the way down South to Chalok Bay viewpoint then follow the path through the forest. There is a line that will lead you back to civilization and you will get to the Pinnacle Resort. From here it is a 15-minute walk uphill to Chalok Bay viewpoint and end your hike with amazing views over Koh Phangan. If you ask me what to do in Koh Tao besides scuba diving this is the first thing I would recommend you to do. This coastal walk is such an incredible way to see the island and no one knows about it. Such an amazing activity and even residents often looked at me like... where is that! Trust me you will love it. Let me know when you did this! I would love to hear your reaction.

3. Visit John Suwan Viewpoint and Freedom Beach Koh Tao

walkway freedom beach to taa toh beach

All the way down south there is a little peninsula that offers one of the most stunning sceneries on the island. The area is only about 200m wide and 500m long but houses 3 amazingly picturesque beaches and one of the best Koh Tao viewpoints: John-Suwan viewpoint cannot be missed! It is not as popular as the Mango Bay Viewpoint, but this one is really worth the 50 THB entrance fee.

Freedom Beach Koh Tao is a popular spot to sunbath and can be really crowded at times. The soft white sand beach and the crystal clear water draws a lot of tourists. It is a very small bay with only a wooden overwater restaurant at the end of the beach. This overpriced place is not worth spending your money, believe me don’t go here. They also throw their waste in the water, I have seen it with my own eyes!

Freedom beach is the place where you start your way hiking up to the John-Suwan Viewpoint. A great place for a day trip and for the early risers: the sunrise here is a great Koh Tao thing to do in the morning.

freedom beach koh tao

Around the corner there is the less touristy Taa Toh Beach. To get here follow the concrete footpath on the shoreline. The crystal clear water below makes it an amazing walkway. In my opinion way better than Freedom Beach! Follow the path on the picture.

The third tiny strip of sand is called Taa Cha Bay. It is located on the other side of the peninsula and to get there you have to take the steps down through OK II Bungalows. Because it is located in Shark Bay you have to follow these signs down towards the sea. It is the perfect place to strap on your fins and mask and search for baby sharks; snorkelling here is considered one of the best on the island. What to do on Koh Tao besides diving is an easy question to answer now. Go snorkeling at Shark Bay.

If you are staying in Sairee Beach or Mae Haad you probably want to rent a motorbike to get to these places. Be careful renting a motorbike in Koh Tao, keep on reading for more about renting a motorbike on Koh Tao.

IMPORTANT! Not sure yet where to stay in Koh Tao? Let me help you find the best Koh Tao accommodation for you. In the link you will find my blog about the best area to stay in Koh Tao including hotels and hostels.

4. Watch the sunrise at Love @ Koh Tao 

sunrise love @ koh tao

I am not a morning person at all but watching the sunrise at the spot above makes up for getting up around 5.45am. Hop on your motorbike just before 6am and head towards Tanote Bay. Just before you go downhill towards this beautiful bay there is a concrete road on your left heading uphill to the best sunrise viewpoint. The views to the East from up here are breath taking. On a clear day you will spot the silhouette of Koh Phangan in the distance.

love @ koh tao sunrise

Having a one-night stand? Surprise her in the early morning with one of the best things to do in Koh Tao and take her up to this romantic spot, for sure he or she will love it! And isn't it romantic? ;)

5. Sunset at Mango Bay Viewpoint

sunset mango viewpoint koh tao

Everyone loves sunsets and Koh Tao is the perfect place to enjoy this daily returning phenomenon. Because Sairee Beach is facing West it is the ideal spot to watch the sunset. It is hard to deny the happy hours and the summer vibe tunes from all the beach bars. The beanbags at Fizz or Wind Beach are my favorite spots on Siaree Beach to watch the sunset but for the sporty types I would recommend to strap on your Nikes and head uphill.

A little more adventurous is to watch the sunset up in the mountain. Hike your way to Mango Bay Viewpoint and be dazzled by the fantastic views over Siaree Beach. It is an excellent spot to watch the sunset as well. Hiking up will take about 40-60 minutes from Sairee Beach; the way back can be down in half that time! Mango Bay is the most popular Koh Tao viewpoint. Wanna know all of them? Let me inspire you with the best hikes in Koh Tao.

6. Renting a motorbike

First of all be careful! Koh Tao is not easy to cruise around and many people end up at the first aid. Roads are terrible and scams are around but damn what can you discover cool places on a motorbike in Koh Tao. This is the best way to see all the hidden bays and cool places to see in Koh Tao, but be careful where you rent a scooter.

Click on the link to find those places where you can trust the locals or rent a motorbike with insurance on Koh Tao.

7. Party on the beach

sai nuan beach sunset

There are 3 major party places in Koh Tao and they are all on Sairee Beach. Head either to BANs Diving to listen to cheesy party music and Live music on some nights and mingle with hundreds of travelers playing beer pong at FishBowl Beach Bar, Lotus Bar for even cheesier music, but dancing right on the beach underneath the famous overhanging palmtree, for a more chill and upscale vibe go to next door Fizz and plunge in a beanbag.

Click on the following link to find out more about the Koh Tao things to do at night with info about the famous pub crawl and where to find the best parties.

8. Scuba diving and snorkeling in Koh Tao

Last but not least I have to mention the number 1 reason why travelers visit Koh Tao: scuba diving! In every Thailand travel guide you will learn that scuba diving in Koh Tao is one of the best things to do in Thailand and that has a reason. Koh Tao is the cheapest place in the world to get scuba certified.

I got my PADI Open Water in the Caribbean when I was living in Aruba in 2006, but I lived in Koh Tao for a while doing my Divemaster training a couple years ago. That is also the reason why I know the island like the back of my hand. The scuba diving community is what makes Koh Tao such a laid-back island to visit. Dive schools create an environment in where people unite and make friends for life.

If you are looking for snorkeling tours around Koh Tao then have at the link. There is also the possibility for a private boat charter if you are traveling to Koh Tao in a group. I listed Koh Tao as one of the best places in the world for scuba diving! Check the other 13 in this article. Including some of my dream destinations.

Koh Tao activities are all about indoor, but there are some indoor things to do. So these are some things to do in Koh Tao when it rains:

9. Try Muay Thai Classes

There are two places in Koh Tao where you can get Muay Thai classes: Island Muay Thai and Monsoon Gym & Fight Club. If the weather forecast is shit then sign up and give Muay Thai in Koh Tao a try.

10. Stay fit at the gym

hiking in koh tao

For the best gym in Koh Tao I have to direct you to Gym & Fitness. This modern fitness center with AC has all you need if you want to work out on your Koh Tao trip. There is also a Crossfit for those fans. Both are located on the road East from the 7Eleven in Siaree Beach towards Mango Bay.

11. Escape Room Koh Tao

Looking for an exciting alternative thing to do in Koh Tao? Look no further than TikTok Escape Koh Tao, an immersive interactive game that offers a thrilling experience for all ages! This air-conditioned adventure is the perfect choice for a rainy day on Koh Tao.

You step into a pirate-themed room that will transport you to a captivating world of mystery and adventure. Your objective? Escape within 60 minutes by solving a series of challenging puzzles, decoding clues, and working together as a team. It's a race against the clock and the adrenaline will keep you engaged until the very last second!

Prices start at 380 THB ($11 USD) per player. Children under 4 years old get in for free and children aged 4 -7 pay half price, which makes this also one of the coolest things to do in Koh Tao with kids.

Open seven days a week from 10:30 am to 8:30 pm, TikTok Escape is the ideal choice if you are looking for an activity away from the heat or rain. It offers a unique and entertaining experience that challenges your problem-solving skills in a fun-themed backdrop.

It also is an amazing group activity. So gather your friends or family for cool journey filled with excitement and brain-teasing puzzles at TikTok Escape Koh Tao.

12. Get a Thai Massage

Of course a massage has to be on the list of things to do in Koh Tao when it rains! Just like in the rest of Thailand you can find cheap massages everywhere around the island and getting pampered is a perfect activity when it rains. A regular massage will cost you about 200-300 THB for 1 hour.

13. Cooking Class

Fourth thing you could do when its pouring down rain is to try a cooking class. There are a couple cooking classes I know of in the Sairee Beach area. If you are with more than 4 people you decide when you want to start! A great option were I enjoyed my cooking class in Koh tao was Idjang's Kitchen.

Some more outdoor things to do in Koh Tao

As you can see there are some fantastic things to do in Koh Tao besides scuba diving. The coastal walk (nr. 2 on this list) for sure is my favourite among the many things to do in Koh Tao. But there is more!

14. Flying Trapeze

One of the more exciting things to do in Koh Tao and surely a fun afternoon guaranteed. Get out of your comfort zone and learn how to fly from professional Trapeze teachers. There is a Trapeze park in Sairee Beach that is a great outdoor activity. Click here to learn more about these Trapeze lessons in Koh Tao.

15. Rock Climbing in Koh Tao

You may not expect rock climbing in Koh Tao as the island does not have the karst mountains like in Krabi or Phuket. Well this hilly island has many rock climbing opportunities that make a great day tour. Click on the link for more info.

16. SUP for sunset

Looking for the best place to go for a stand up paddle board? That is definitely in Sairee Beach. Getting a SUP for sunset is a fabulous Koh Tao activity when the sea is calm. Get some beers at the supermarket, rent a SUP for an hour or two, paddle out and chill on the water drinking a beer while the sun is setting on the horizon!

When you have ticked off all the above 16 things to do in Koh Tao then you can always go for a mini golf session in Mae Haad!

Tourists deaths in Koh Tao

let's face the facts, Koh Tao is called the Murder Island. I don't want to run away from the facts. Yes, Koh Tao has a very bad name in the media!

The night of the infamous Koh Tao Murders I was celebrating my birthday only a couple hundred meters away from where the bodies of the notorious of a young British couple where found the next morning.

Horrible! It's unbelievable and I still can't comprehend, still gives me goosebumps when I think about it. Let me tell you my opinion about the mysterious deaths on Koh Tao, because the Koh Tao Murders were not the only tourists that were found death in the last years.

Read all about it in my blog post: Is it Safe to Travel to Koh Tao in 2024?.

Where to stay in Koh Tao

Koh Tao has numerous accommodation options and where to stay in Koh Tao was never so easy. New places are popping up constantly and not only on Booking or Agoda, also check out Airbnb.

Koh Tao has never been the island with a lot of high end luxury hotels and you wont find any big hotel chains here. If you are a luxury traveler then I recommend to check out some of the amazing villas in the hills. Most of them you find on Airbnb.

Important is to book your accommodation close to where you want to be. Some parts of the island are incredibly quiet and deserted, so if you are a young backpacker then these bays are not where you want to book your Koh Tao hotel.

Read all about in my article Where To Stay in Koh Tao and let me help you pick the Koh Tao accommodatioon.

Examples of great places to stay in Koh Tao are:

Luxury: Viking House Villa, Over The Moon KT, The Place Koh Tao

Mid-range: Thalassa, Koh Tao Seaview Resort

Budget: Gecko Republic Jungle Hostel, BP Hostel

Are you coming from Bangkok then check out my blog post about the best way from Bangkok to Koh Tao. I will show you all the options and give you my recommendation. I have done the trip multiple times.

When in the capital and you have seen the top 10 things to do in Bangkok and still have time then check out my list of unusual things to do in Thailand and definitely go on a Co van Kessel cycling tour before you come to Koh Tao.

Island hopping in Thailand

Out of the more than 20 times I have visited Thailand I traveled South to the islands about 15 times. It simply never gets boring, it is the vibe that attracts me the most, the uncomplicated vibe to hang out on the beaches, find cheap but good Thailand street food, hiking, diving, renting a motorbike, massages, beers for sunset on the beach, viewpoints. Do I need to say more?

Island hopping in Thailand is always a good idea!

Island life is all about flip flops, swim shorts and an old t-shirt. It doesn't matter so much if you decide to visit the islands on the east side (Koh Tao, Koh Samui or Koh Phangan) or you head to the west side (Phuket, Koh Lanta, Koh Phi Phi, Krabi), you find the same uncomplicated island life styyle. Everywhere you go you meet loads of fellow travelers from all around the world.

Meeting people is so easy and therefore I think Koh Tao is one of the best places to travel alone in Asia. So are you thinking about island hopping in Thailand by your self, then do it! Go on that solo trip and trust me you will have an amazing time.

Where to go after Koh Tao

Travel wise the easiest places to visit after Koh Tao are of course the nearby islands in the Gulf of Thailand: Koh Phangan or Koh Samui. There are many boats going daily and Phangan is just 1.5 hour away and Koh Samui 2 hour away by fast ferry.

Check 12Go Asia for the most up to date boat and ferry schedules and prices.

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If you want complete different landscapes then you should look into visiting the beautiful karst islands on the Andaman coast, the west side of Thailand.

Island hopping from Phuket is well worth it and the scenery is completely different, the vibe stays the same though. However, Phuket is a bit more touristy with more resorts and has an international airport. There are not many island hopping tours in Thailand that will disappoint.

In my article about the best Thailand island hopping itineraries I will show you all the possibilities from 1 week itineraries up to a route for a whole month to see all the amazing islands in Thailand.

If you are looking for routes that include ancient cities, jungle tours, temples and visiting North Thailand (Chiang Mai, Pai) then check out my Thailand Itineraries blog with 4 different routes for 2 weeks.

For a complete guide about Thailand travel click on the link and read all my 65 travel tips to know before visiting Thailand in 2024.

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things to do in koh tao

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Enjoy your trip to Koh Tao and if you have questions please leave me a comment below.