The first weeks of August 2018 I spent some time in the capital of Belgium on my little road trip in Europe. First things first, I had to find out about the prices for a prepaid sim card in Belgium so I can inform you travelers if it is worth buying your Europe sim card here or better buy a sim prepaid sim card in France, Germany, or Netherlands for example.

Big travel hubs in Europe are Paris Airport, Frankfurt Airport and Amsterdam Airport, but in and between these giants there is Brussels Airport and while many travelers seem to skip this city I will tell you straight up that I probably like Brussels more than Paris. Those couple days I traveled to Brussels were fabulous and although it was my third time I was surprised by how many landmarks I had never seen before.

Anyway when you are visiting Europe and flying into Brussels, please spend some time exploring the city. It is totally worth it! But is it worth buying a Belgium sim card at Brussels Airport? Keep on reading…

brussels airport arrivals

Where to buy a sim card at Brussels Airport?

Brussels Airport is only ranked as 23th biggest airport in Europe and buying a sim card is therefore much more convenient then for example Charles de Gaulle. There is only one arrival hall in on level 3 and here is also where you will find two options to buy a sim card at Brussels Airport.

First I informed at the Information Desk and they pointed in the direction of the Base shop across. According to the Information Desk there is only one place where to buy a Belgium sim card for tourists at Brussels Airport, but that is WRONG!

base sim card belgium brussels airport 1

A little further down there is a Relay book shop, where they also sell prepaid Belgium sim cards for tourists. Get your facts right Information Desk! ;)

where to buy a sim card At brussels airport

At the Base Shop they obviously only sell a Base sim card, at the Relay book shop they only sell Orange sim cards for Belgium. Although the guys at the Relay book shop were very friendly, you get of course way more service at the Base shop and they take time to explain you everything in detail and will do the activation for you on the spot. At the Relay book shop there will most probably be a long queue of annoying people waiting behind you. Just like I experienced buying a sim card at Paris Airport.

Prices Belgium prepaid sim card Brussels Airport

Orange sim card Belgium at Relay book shop

  • €15
  • 4GB data all over Europe
  • €15 calling credit (50 minutes Europe to Europe)
  • 4000 sms from Europe to Europe
  • 31 days

orange sim card brussels airport

Base sim card Brussels Airport

As I said in the Base shop you have a better service and much more options. They sell 4 different prepaid Belgium sim card packages.

  • €25
  • 4,6GB data all over Europe
  • 30 minutes from Europe to the world
  • 250 sms from Europe to the world
  • €5 extra calling credit
  • Valid 1 month

base sim card belgium brussels airport 5

  • €30
  • 7,1GB data all over Europe
  • 60 minutes from Europe to the world
  • 1000 sms from Europe to the world
  • Valid 1 month

base sim card belgium brussels airport 4

  • €35
  • 7,6GB data all over Europe
  • 120 minutes from Europe to the world
  • UNLIMITED sms from Europe to the world
  • €5 extra calling credit
  • Valid 1 month

base sim card belgium brussels airport 3

  • €45
  • 9,7GB data all over Europe
  • 120 minutes from Europe to the world
  • UNLIMITED sms from Europe to the world
  • €5 extra calling credit
  • Valid 1 month

base sim card belgium brussels airport 2

Best prepaid sim card Brussels Airport

When comparing the available packages I must come to the conclusion that buying an Orange sim card at Brussels Airport is the best buy!

The cheapest Base sim card package (€25) at Brussels Airport is kind of the same as the Orange sim card for tourists (€15) available at Relay book shop, but it is €10 more expensive and therefore price wise your best buy is the Orange sim card.

That said there are more factors that weigh in this case. When I was informing about buying a sim card at the Relay shop the friendly guys literally send me to the Base shop as they were having problems activating the Orange sim cards on the spot. Another reason to buy a Belgium prepaid sim card at the Base shop in Brussels Airport is that they will give you full service. At the Relay book shop it is always crowded and because the employees are really busy already, you will have to activate the sim card on your own with little help from the guys.

Buying a Belgium sim card turns out to be way more value for money than buying a sim card in Netherlands or Germany. In these countries you only get roughly 1GB for €10. So if you are traveling to Europe and looking for a Europe sim card then it is totally worth it looking for a sim card online. In France they sell prepaid sim cards for tourists with 100GB for €30. It is crazy how much the prices for data in European countries differ from each other.

Buying a prepaid sim card online

Too much hassle finding the best sim card in Belgium? Then let Sim Easy ship a prepaid sim card for Europe to your home address and be online as soon as the plane lands. Sim Easy sells European sim cards valid for 1 month in 37 countries with 4GB data for €25. Check them out here.

Best Belgium sim card for tourists

You can also wait until you get to the center of Brussels and buy your Belgium sim card there. Although the airport deals are not bad at all, have a look at my research for the best sim card for tourists in Belgium including 4G coverage maps of the Belgium mobile internet providers.

Portable wifi device

When traveling with a family then consider buying a portable wifi device that lets you connect up to 5 devices at the same time and gives you unlimited internet per day for a couple dollar. Great for when traveling with children and no need to buy a card!

Tep Wireless


Thank you for reading my blog and I hope this information about Belgium sim cards at Brussels Airport was valuable for you.

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