From all the countries surrounding Belgium I already found out what was the best sim card for tourists, so when in August 2018 took a trip to Belgium I felt like I had to do a little research here as well. Tourist sim cards in Germany and Netherlands are quite expensive so are travelers better off buying their sim card for Europe in Belgium? We shall see…

On my quest to find the best sim card for tourists in Belgium I went to all the different mobile operator shop in Brussels, double checked them at other stores around the city and also put some time in researching the best Belgium sim card for tourists at Brussels Airport.

This is the outcome…

belgium sim card for tourists

My trip to Belgium was great fun! Next time I will try to jump in time! :)

Mobile internet providers in Belgium

There are 3 main mobile internet providers in Belgium:

  • Proximus
  • Base
  • Orange

4G coverage Belgium sim card

Showing you the 4G coverage maps for all 3 mobile internet providers does not make sense, because just like with a sim card in the Netherlands there is kind of a 4G signal everywhere. This is the 4G coverage map for Base, the third best 4G coverage and still has a signal almost everywhere.

4g coverage base belgium

Be more careful when buying a sim card in France, where 4G coverage maps differ a lot from each mobile internet provider.

Prices Belgium sim card

Proximus sim card Belgium

Let’s first talk about a Proximus so we can straight away forget this option. Honestly in all the countries I now did research about buying a sim card for tourists I never encountered an option so NOT worth even talking about actually. But since they are one of the main mobile internet providers in Belgium I had to at least name it. I thought buying a sim card at Amsterdam Airport was ridiculously expensive, but at Proximus Belgium they clearly don’t want any prepaid costumers.

Proximus prepaid sim card Belgium:

  • €15
  • 20 minutes calling time
  • Unlimites texting
  • 500MB
  • Valid 1 month

proximus sim card belgium

I honestly did not even ask any more questions seeing the little data provided for that money. If you don’t register online you actually only get 250MB data credit. The friendly girl helping me literally told me not to buy a Belgium prepaid sim card from Proximus but redirected me to a nearby Base shop.

Yes people easy conclusion: do not buy a prepaid Proximus sim card Belgium.

Orange sim card Belgium

Luckily when informing in an Orange shop about prepaid sim cards for Belgium they had a normal looking offer. Unfortunately it was a little complicated though.

At first you have to buy a sim card package and then you get this:

  • €15
  • €15 calling credit
  • 1GB 4G data, valid all over Europe
  • 500MB Facebook & Twitter
  • Unlimited texting to and from Europe
  • Valid for 1 month

orange belgium prepaid sim card

As 1GB obviously is not much at all I asked for bigger data packages. They don’t really exists. But the guys told me that you can top-up in any supermarkt and for €15 you get 4GB data.

That means for €30 you get 5GB data all over Europe. Compared to Netherlands and Germany a prepaid Orange sim card Belgium is cheap!

Base sim card Belgium

Last shop to compare the available Belgium sim cards was Base. Here they sell prepaid sim cards but it gets a little complicated.

  • €15
  • €15 calling credit (can also be used for data and texting)
  • 60 minutes calling time from Belgium to Belgium and from all other EU countries to Europe.
  • 500MB + 250MB with online registration valid in Europe
  • 1000 text messages
  • Valid for 1 month

base prepaid sim card belgium

Asking why I could not opt for the package of €10 and €20 I did not get a clear answer. Anyway they were not available in two different shops so I assume they don't seel them anymore.

For €10 you can top up with 2GB internet so for €25 you would get a total of 2.75GB valid in Europe.

base shop belgium

Best Belgium sim card for tourists

According to the above you can see that buying a prepaid sim card in Belgium is not that straight forward as it is in some other countries. But there is a simple conclusion and that is…

An Orange sim card is the best prepaid sim card in Belgium for tourists!

Because for €30 you get 5GB, some calling and unlimited texting valid in all over Europe to European numbers. This is a pretty good deal compared to other countries.

orange shop brussels

But hold on this is Belgium! In Netherlands (yes I am Dutch) we always say Belgiums are let’s say different…

Belgium is the first country I found out that buying a sim card at the airport is actually worth it. In all other countries buying a tourist sim card at the airport is a trap, but not here in Belgium. If you have read my article about buying a Belgium prepaid sim card at Brussels airport you know that Orange actually sells prepaid packages for €15 that give you 4GB straight away.

The prepaid sim cards at Brussels Airport for Base are better deals too then in the city! So may you start your trip to Belgium from Brussels Airport you know now where to buy a sim card.

Where to buy a Belgium sim card in Brussels

When you connect to the internet at your hotel go to Google Maps and simply type in: Orange shop. There are about 7 or more around Brussels and surely also in other tourist spots in Belgium.

Bring your passport or photo ID when you want to buy a prepaid Belgium sim card. They need it for registration.

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I hope this blog about buying a prepaid sim card for tourists in Belgium was helpful for you. 

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