Partying in Croatia is so 2020! Everyone seems to travel to Croatia in the summer months and yeah understandable as it has a gorgeous coastline and some amazing landscapes. As part of my Instagram trip through Europe I ended up in Istria and Zagreb. It was my 4th time in Croatia and this time I found out everything about buying a prepaid sim card in Croatia for tourists. Updated January 2020!


In July 2019 I decided to travel around Europe to create some cool content for my Instagram account. I was invited to a couple places in Croatia and that is how I ended up in Zagreb. For this article I went to ZAG Airport to check out all the options for buying a sim card at Zagreb Airport.

A couple weeks ago there was only one unexplored region in Europe left for me to discover and this trip was on my bucketlist for so long already. Finally I found time to go on a Balkan road trip and explore 6 new countries. I had been to Slovenia and Croatia before but not yet to Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia. I was super excited to see all the Balkan highlights and was more than delighted to do this road trip with my super chill Peugeot 5008, my new favorite car.