When you talk about unique places to stay, Apukka Resort in Rovaniemi is certainly one of them. When you think of Lapland, you think of those dream accommodations in the middle of nature. Apukka Resort totally fits this image and is one of those dream resorts where every traveler loves to stay.

According to their website they are home of the finest and most comfortable Northern Lights accommodations in Rovaniemi. Let’s experience that ourselves I would say. Here is our review blog about our stay at Apukka Resort Rovaniemi.

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The location of Apukka Resort is perfect. It’s located about 15 minutes from the city center of Rovaniemi and about 10 minutes from the airport and Santa Claus Village. It’s the perfect location if you’re looking for a peaceful but active stay in nature.

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The resort is located right next to Lake Olkkajärvi, making it a wonderful destination year round. In Summer you can imagine it’s the ideal place for a midnight sun swim in the lake. But in Winter, when the lake completely freezes and it’s safe to walk on it, it’s a completely different experience.

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Being located away from the city center, makes the sky bigger and clearer at Apukka than anywhere else in or around Rovaniemi. This gives Apukka the absolute best viewing conditions for the Northern Lights. Please note, Northern Lights are a natural phenomenal and can never be predicted.

Different types of accommodation at Apukka

Staying at Apukka Resort is a bucket list activity itself. Offering every kind of Igloo and Aurora accommodation, the choice is huge! There is an accommodation suitable here for every type of traveler.

Aurora Cabins

apukka resort rovaniemi Aurora cabins

The Aurora Cabins are the original Northern Lights accommodation at Apukka Resort. The Aurora Cabin is perfect for couples or friends. It features a heated panorama glass roof. This provides a spectacular view of the Arctic sky. It’s these cabins you have likely seen in the news or on social media and which created visions of a dreamy Lappish getaway. At Apukka Resort these dreams become a reality.

Aurora Cabin Queens

Want to upgrade a little from the classic Aurora Cabin? Then you might want to consider the Aurora Cabin Queens. The main difference between these two is that the Queens are a little bit bigger in size and they are located closer to Lake Olkkajärvi.

Aurora Cabin Kings

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The Aurora Cabin Kings is definitely the King of the Aurora Cabins. These Kings Cabins are bigger and even feature a small living area. They also have a dark interior and a very inviting king-size bed.

Aurora Cabin Family

From September 1 2024 it’s possible to book these Aurora Cabin Family. The word says it all, it’s the ideal option for families who want to explore Lapland and witness the Northern Lights. These Family Cabins are bigger in size and accommodate up to six guests. And a big bonus, the Family Cabins also boast a picturesque lake view.

Komsio Glass Igloo Suites

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A two-story glass igloo, absolutely perfect for couples looking for a romantic getaway. The lower level is where you’ll find a seating area and the bathroom with a shower. Going up to the second level is pure treatment with a bed and stunning 360 degrees sky views.

Kammi Glass Igloo Suites

apukka resort rovaniemi Kammi Igloo Inside 1

The Kammi Glass Igloo Suites are Komsio’s big brother. The Kammi Glass Igloo Suites is the one we got to stay at when we visited Apukka Resort recently.

apukka resort rovaniemi Kammi Igloo Inside 2

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It's also a two-story glass igloo, but it’s bigger than the Komsio Suites. The lower level is where you’ll find the seating area, a dining table and a kitchenette. Also the bathroom is located at the lower level.

Once you make your way upstairs you’ll find the perfect love nest. A bed with unlimited sky views, only to dream of! When the conditions are perfect and the Northern Lights are visible, you only have to open your eyes and enjoy the show from your bed.

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From our own experiences I can only say that staying at the Kammi Glass Igloo Suites is like a dream. It’s these kind of accommodation you see all over social media, and you hope to stay there one day. All expectations were exceeded when it comes to this bucket list accommodation.

Apukka Lakeview Suites

The Apukka Lakeview Suites are your home away from home. These suites guarantee endless lake views from your bed and sofa. The suites offer two bedrooms and also two convertible sofa beds, which makes this type of accommodation perfect for the whole family. With the fully equipped kitchen you can cater yourself. The lakeside location of these suites is absolutely golden!

Restaurant Aitta

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Restaurant Aitta is the main restaurant of Apukka Resort. All day long, this is your place to go for food. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, it's all served here. This restaurant is tastefully decorated and features a large fireplace, which always makes a place feel cozy.

apukka resort rovaniemi Aiita breakfast

In the morning restaurant Aitta opens its doors for breakfast. Plenty of choices from the buffet won’t let you leave this place hungry.

Lunch is served daily from 12 pm to 3 pm. Having lunch at Aitta Restaurant is actually a really good deal. You choose your favorite main dish from the menu. As a starter you can enjoy a salad buffet and house bread with butter and after your main course you can taste delicious sweets from the dessert buffet. Basically a three course lunch menu for just €26 EUR ($29 USD) each.

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Of course you can also have dinner at Restaurant Aitta. You can choose between an a la carte menu of you can go for Aitta’s half-board dinner. This half-board dinner works the same as their lunch. Starters and desserts are buffet style and you pick your main course from the menu.

apukka resort rovaniemi Aitta restaurant food

During our stay we enjoyed breakfast, lunch and one a la carte dinner at Restaurant Aitta. The quality of the food is outstanding. The atmosphere at this restaurant makes you instantly feel comfortable and at home. Enjoy the Finnish food and lifestyle here.

Restaurant Kota

apukka resort rovaniemi restaurant kota

Restaurant Kota is much smaller than Restaurant Aitta, so reservations for dinner here are highly recommended. It’s a small but super cozy restaurant where the soft scent of smoke and the warmth of the fire invite you to come in and relax.

apukka resort rovaniemi Kota restaurant

The fireplace in the middle of the Kota is an eye catcher and absolutely makes the atmosphere here outstanding.

apukka resort rovaniemi Kota food 1

Restaurant Kota offers dishes with authentic flavors of the North with a three course dinner.

apukka resort rovaniemi Kota Food 2

Dinner at Restaurant Kota is an experience not to be missed.

apukka resort rovaniemi Kota food 3

Believe me when I say that the dessert, cheesecake with cloudberries, is the best cheesecake I have ever had!


It goes without saying that the activities at Apukka Resort differ enormously in Summer and Winter. Lapland has not 4 but 8 seasons and all seasons have one thing in common, it is always about the outdoors! Summer and Winter in Lapland are equally enchanting and magical.

Obviously we visited in Winter and we did some amazing outdoor activities at Apukka Resort. Totally free of charge of course is to explore Apukka Resort and the surrounding area and frozen lake just by foot. Nature truly invites you to go out and explore.

Any tour or activity you can think of, Apukka offers them at or from their resort.


apukka resort rovaniemi snowmobile 1

One of the most fun things to do in Lapland in Winter is going on a snowmobile tour. At Apukka you can do this right from the resort. They make sure you’re dressed well with an overall and boots so you won’t get cold.

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After you’re explained about the snowmobile you are ready for action. The first part of the tour takes you right across the lake, which is huge as you go for kilometers and kilometers realizing you’re still at the lake. In the middle of the forest at a swamp area in Summer, you’ll have a break with cookies and the most delicious hot berry juice.

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Once you get back to the resort you will be bouncing with enthusiasm and adrenaline for a long time. And once you’ve taken a trip on a snowmobile, you’ll want more!

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From other experiences in Finnish Lapland we can highly recommend the following activities as well: Husky adventures, Reindeer experiences, eFatbike tours, visiting Santa Claus Village and of course Aurora hunting.


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When you say Finland, you say sauna. Finland and sauna belong together like no other. The Finnish sauna is a substantial part of Finnish culture. Many hotels and resorts offer sauna experiences or even private saunas in certain accommodation. And I must admit, after several visits to Finland, I am completely sold to the sauna. I absolutely love it. There is simply nothing better than ending the day with a wonderful sauna after a long day of intensive outdoor activities.

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Apukka Resort has you covered in every way possible when it comes to that real Finnish Sauna experiences.

The have a sauna building with sauna experiences accessible for everyone. These experiences include wood-heated saunas and outdoor Jacuzzi’s, towels, slippers, a fresh drink and more. Average duration of the sauna experience is 90 minutes.

Something I had never seen before, but I liked instantly is the Sauna Carriage. Have you ever seen a sauna on ski’s? Neither had I, until I saw it at Apukka Resort. It’s a traditional Finnish Sauna you can order and will be brought right to your doorstep. Hear that knock on the door? You now know the sauna is ready for you.

apukka resort rovaniemi lakeside sauna 1

Want to discover Lappish wellness at its very very best? Then you must try the Lakeside Sauna & Arctic Bath. We got to experience this when we stayed at Apukka and honestly, it was one of the best experiences ever.

apukka resort rovaniemi Arctic Bath

You get access to a private arctic spa. It’s a private lakeside sauna with access to the frozen lake Olkkajärvi. There is no better thing than heating up in the sauna, then go outside and take a bath in the frozen lake to then warm up again in the sauna. Super refreshing and it really gives a kick.

I can recommend everyone who travels to Lapland to do an ice swimming experience.

Apukka Shuttle Bus

Staying at Apukka means you won’t have to leave the resort during your stay. Everything you need is right there. However, should you want to visit Santa Claus Village or Rovaniemi City for example, then the Apukka Shuttle Bus is right there at your service. You can find the timetable at their website.

Aurora Alert Realtime App

The number one reason for many travelers who visit Lapland is to see the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenal so it is and remains unpredictable. However, at Apukka Resort you can download the Aurora Alert Realtime App. If you set the location to Apukka Resort, you will be notified whenever the Northern Lights are seen above the resort.

Apukka Rovaniemi City Apartments

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Next to the bucketlist worthy and dreamy accommodations at the resort, Apukka also recently opened the Apukka Rovaniemi City Apartments. These apartments are located in the heart of Rovaniemi with all shops, bars and restaurants at walking distance. The famous Lordi Square is only a 5 minute walk from the apartment building.

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All apartments have a kitchenette and dining table, a living area and private bathroom with shower. The bigger one-bedroom apartments have a separate bedroom. I think it’s a great addition to the resort to also offer these basic but very good apartments in the city center.

apukka resort rovaniemi City apartment 1

When staying at Apukka you have their boots and overalls at your disposal throughout your stay. No need to get cold outside.

In the lobby, next to the check in desk you also find a shop with plenty of lovely souvenirs and also a bar with seating area. It’s a lovely place to have a coffee and cake or a small lunch. The menu can be found on the tables in the lobby.


Staying at Apukka has been an absolute dream. Apukka Resort makes you easily combine premium, top class accommodation, bucket list activities and tours and exceptional culinary experiences all for the same stay.

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We stayed at Apukka in Winter and Winter in Lapland is truly something different, so magical. But Lapland defines eight seasons and every season has something unique to offer. Any time of year Apukka is recommended for a unique and unforgettable stay.

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This blog was written by travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley. She stayed at Apukka Resort, on behalf of Traveltomtom, and wrote this blog about her experiences.

Enjoy your trip to Finnish Lapland!