We stayed at this amazing place in June 2022 as part of our Midnight Sun Ambassador trip to Rovaniemi and Yllas. From the moment we stepped in to this hotel we fell in love with this place. HAAWE boutique hotel in Rovaniemi offers everything we normally search for when looking for accommodation. Privacy, memorable details and perfect design.

From the moment we decided to travel back to Rovaniemi in February 2023, we were determined to stay at HAAWE Boutique Apart Hotel Rovaniemi again.

Story of HAAWE

haawe boutique hotel rovaniemi

HAAWE is housed in one of the few buildings in the city centre that survived the devastations of World War II. This building, that was completed in 1933, was one of the first modern stone houses in central Rovaniemi. The building’s white-plastered, unassuming façade stood out from the surrounding wooden houses. Over time, the old co-operative shop building evolved, first, it became a part of Lapland’s largest and finest department store, then a restaurant for a few decades.

In 2018 this central building in the Rovaniemi cityscape was given a worthy new life as HAAWE.

HAAWE apart hotel rovaniemi Kongas Room 1

HAAWE is owned by Feng Liu, and with HAAWE he is living his dream. Feng Liu spent a lot of time in the HAAWE building in the late 90s and early 2000s. His parents owned a restaurant that is still active in the building, and they bought the entire building later on.

HAAWE does things differently

HAAWE boutique hotel rovaniemi reception and lobby

HAAWE is absolutely something different and a hotel like no other. Everything you know from other hotels, HAAWE does it differently. And exactly that is what we like so much about this place.

At HAAWE it’s all about their guests privacy. There is no traditional 24/7 reception desk, but they are at your service at the hotel all day, every day.

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Without a 24/7 reception desk, check in and check out is also different than you’re used to. The main entrance door and the doors to the rooms use keyless electric locks that open with a code. As a guest you get these codes 24 hours before your arrival. On your day of arrival, your room is available from 4.00 PM. On the day of your check out, your room is available for you until 11.30AM. Checking out couldn’t be easier, just leave the room and close the door.

Another thing to show that they care about your privacy, they only clean your room if you specifically ask them to do so. If you don’t put the ‘clean my room sign’ on your door, they won’t come in to your room.

14 different rooms

HAAWE boutique hotel rovaniemi Kongas Room 1

HAAWE offers 12 rooms and 2 suites. All 14 rooms are completely different and offer diverse accommodation experiences. Even though they are all different from each other, they have a few HAAWE-style features in common.  They all have comfortable king-size beds and high-quality bed linen. Each bathroom has a lovely rain shower, and all rooms have their own kitchen.

HAAWE boutique hotel rovaniemi Kongas Room 2

All 14 rooms have their own theme and feel. The design of the rooms are all inspired by Finnish and Lappish nature and the different seasons. Every room offers a different experience and feel, so you actually need 14 visits to fully experience the hotel. We are extremely privileged and lucky that we got to stay at HAAWE two times already and were given two different rooms. So let us show you the Köngäs – the waterfall and Jää – the ice.

Jää – the ice

HAAWE boutique hotel rovaniemi Ice Room apartment

It actually feels like stepping into an ice cave when you walk into this room. The white surfaces and lighting elements resembling ice crystals or ice floes make this room look like a stylish ice cave.

HAAWE boutique hotel rovaniemi Ice Room bedroom

The best thing about this room is its luxurious bathroom area that can be separated from the sleeping area by lowering a curtain from the ceiling. The huge bed is super comfortable and the large dining and living area offers plenty of room.

The bathroom offers a fantastic rain shower and a large bath tub. I’m a huge Rituals fan, and let that be just the amenities they offer here. Easy scoring bonus points there.

HAAWE rovaniemi Ice Room apart hotel

The ice room offers a cool style hotel room with a spa-like atmosphere.

Köngäs – the waterfall

HAAWE apart hotel rovaniemi Kongas Room 2

After we stayed at Jaä - The Ice, probably the whitest room ever, HAAWE must have thought we needed the complete opposite for our second stay. The Köngäs room is dominated by two elements: grey, rocklike natural stone, and water. The grey stone look and feel give this room a relaxed and laidback vibe.

HAAWE boutique hotel rovaniemi Kongas bathroom 2

If you have ever wanted your own waterfall, the Köngäs room at HAAWE is your place to go. The waterfall is the best part of this room.

HAAWE boutique hotel rovaniemi Kongas bathroom

The large bathroom has a spa-like shower room with a waterfall wall. The waterfall starts flowing once you step into the shower. The gentle rain shower and high-quality Rituals bath amenities bring the finishing touches to the indulgent experience.

Room facilities

HAAWE boutique hotel rovaniemi Kongas Room 3

Even though all rooms are completely different, some facilities and services are the same for all 14 rooms. Every room is equipped with a separate kitchen and living area, including a large dining table and a comfortable sofa and television. The kitchen offers everything you need, refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, microwave oven, toaster, electric kettle and a Nespresso machine.

All rooms have bathrobes and slippers for you to use and of course the best Rituals amenities.

And then, the best part, breakfast! I hear you all thinking, isn't it normal and logical that breakfast is included? Yes, maybe, but breakfast at HAAWE is different.

HAAWE has no restaurant, but still breakfast is included in your room rate. Each room has a well-equipped kitchen, and the room rate includes breakfast supplies, such as cereal, oat flakes, coffee/tea, bread, juice, milk, salami, cheese, and butter.

Honestly, I think this is the best! Fresh and healthy ingredients in your own fridge. I was blown away when I saw it for the first time. The best things in the fridge are without a doubt the blueberry juice and the reindeer salami.

Review HAAWE Boutique Apart Hotel Rovaniemi

After we stayed at HAAWE Boutique Apart Hotel in June 2022 it instantly became one of our favorite places we had ever stayed at. When we got the chance to stay at HAAWE again in February 2023, there was no doubt. Their rooms are unique and one of a kind and you really have to experience it yourself. After visiting two of these amazing rooms, it has now become my life goal to eventually visit all 14 rooms.


A massive thank you to HAAWE Boutique Apart Hotel for having us again and letting us experience another one of your amazing hotel rooms. We loved every minute of our stay and highly recommend this place if you ever visit Rovaniemi.

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This blog was written by travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley. She stayed at the HAAWE Boutique Apart Hotel, on behalf of Traveltomtom, and wrote this blog about her experiences.

Enjoy your trip to Rovaniemi!