Lately I have been traveling to France a couple times and of course looked into buying a sim card in Paris. I was surprised that buying a prepaid sim card in France is not as expensive as in other European countries like Germany and Netherlands. In the city center of Paris there were actually a couple good options available, but I was also curious about buying a sim card at Paris Airport.

Last August 2018 I roamed around Charles de Gaulle for you to see where to buy a French Sim card what the options were and which French mobiel providers were available.

sim card charles de gaulle

Where to buy a sim card at Paris airport in 2018

First off I have to say that this quest to find the best prepaid sim card in Paris airport took me a couple hours. Charles de Gaulle has three different terminals, but really feels like 3 different arirports. The terminals are all connected by an electric train, but they are far from each other. Paris Airport is definitely not my favorite one.

I also did research about buying a prepaid sim card at Amsterdam Airport. Not worth it, too expensive! Read more about it in the link. The same counts for buying sim card at Frankfurt Airport.

Basically if you are looking to buy a sim card at Paris Airport you have two options. Buy a prepaid package at a book store or buy it from the Tourism Information desk.

Buy a prepaid sim card at Relay

The book stores at Paris Airport are called Relay and have big red signs with white letters. They are several around the airport. Terminal 1 and 3 have both one shop and there are 3 or 4 around in Terminal 2. Buying a prepaid sim card from Relay is not convenient at all, because no one can really explain you what packages are available. The employees are already too busy selling water, sandwiches, magazines, etc.

where to buy a sim card at paris airport relay

The Relay shop that sells a prepaid sim card for France in Terminal 1 is not located in the Arrivals Hall but at Departures floor 2 CDGVAL Airport Shuttle. Next to the Starbucks in Hall 5. In Terminal 2 and 4 the Relay shops are in the Arrivals Hall.

paris airport sim card

The prepaid sim cards are stored behind the desk so when I got in line and it was finally my turn to ask information about the France prepaid sim card for tourists packages I saw their eyes rolling. Don’t expect any service from a Relay book store selling prepaid sim card for France at Paris airport.

Buy a prepaid sim card at the Tourism Information desk.

This option is only available in Terminal 1. Strangely at terminal 2 and 3 they do not sell prepaid sim cards for tourists in France. Here they redirected me to the Relay shops. At Terminal 1 though the people from Tourist Information were very helpful and could exactly tell me all the info I needed about the prepaid sim card for tourists they were selling.

information tourists sim card paris airport

When you are looking where to buy a sim card in Paris Airport: Tourist Information desk Terminal 1, Arrivals, level 5 is the best to go.

Prices sim cards France for tourists at Paris Airport in 2018

Since there are only two places where to buy a sim card it was easy for me to list the prices here and find you the best sim card.

Relay Bookshop

All the Relay shops sell an Orange sim card packages:

Prepaid Orange Sim Card France for tourists

  • €40
  • 10GB - 4G network all over Europe
  • 120 minutes calling from anywhere in Europe to the world
  • 1000 text messages from anywhere in Europe to the world
  • Valid for 14 days

orange sim card paris airport

Actually not a really bad deal for Europe, considered the prices at Amsterdam Aiport for example. But valid for only 14 days!?

Some Relay book shops also sell other prepaid sim cards cards fro France.

SFR sim card

  • €35
  • 5GB - 4G network only in France
  • 60 minutes calling from France to the world
  • 1000 text messages from France to the world
  • 14 days valid

As you can see a prepaid SFR sim card for France is only working in France, so if you are traveling in Europe this deal is not a good idea.

Bouygues Telecom sim card

  • €40
  • 20GB - 4G network only in France
  • €25 credit to call and text to any number in the world
  • Valid for 60 days

At least a Bouygues Telecom sim card is valid for 60 days, but just as SFR their prepaid sim card credit is only valid in France.

prices prepaid sim card paris airport

Tourist Information (only Terminal 1)

They only sell an SFR prepaid data sim card for tourists:

  • €49
  • 50GB data all over Europe
  • Unlimited calling time in France
  • Unlimited texting in France
  • 14 days valid (every extra day cost €2,50)

Actually not a bad package, but why only 14 days SFR? But probably enough for most tourists.

Best sim card at Paris Airport 2018

Doing research I always come to the same conclusion that buying a sim card at any airport around the world never really is the best idea. For several reasons:

  • At Charles de Gaulle you are not willing to change terminals just to buy a sim card.
  • Often there are just a few data packages available.
  • Relay shops are busy, there is zero service.
  • Buying a France sim card at Tourism Information is only available in Terminal 1.

But if you arrive in Terminal 1 and if you travel to France or Europe for less then 14 days. I would recommend you to buy a sim card at Paris Airport at the Tourism Information. I found it not too extremely busy, nice people and good service.

Buying a Belgium sim card at Brussels Airport is worth it! Check out my guide here.

sim card paris airport


At Terminal 1 Tourist Information they sell the best prepaid sim card at Paris Airport.

Best sim card in France for tourists

If you have time and want to get even more value for money then wait till you get to Paris. There is a direct train from Paris Airport to the city called RER B and cost €10,30. In the link below you can read all about my research for the best sim card in France for tourists and I tell you where to buy a sim card in Paris.

And let me tell you straight up! The sim cards for France which you can buy in Paris are amazing value. What about 100GB for 28 days for €30 plus. Also in this blog you can find the 4G network coverage maps of the 4 mobile internet providers in France.

prepaid sim card france

Traveling with a family: TEP Wireless

Then you might want to consider to buy a portable WiFi device that lets you connect 5 devices at the same time. A TEP Wireless lets you connect to the internet in more than 100 countries (everywhere in Europe) and gives you UNLIMITED data per day! Totally worth it if you are traveling with a family!

Tep Wireless

I hope this article about buying a sim card at Paris Airport was helpful for you! Leave me a comment if you have any specific questions, also about traveling to Paris. I am happy to help!

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