After my trip to Batumi, Georgia in December 2017 I always dreamed of coming back to this lovely cwhountry and in October 2018 I finally did. I decided to travel to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia to live like a local for 2 weeks and explore the city as much as I could. All these Tbilisi travel tips I bundled in this travel blog to inform you about the best restaurants, rooftop bars, viewpoints, things to do, places to see, day trips and everything else you need to know before you travel to Tbilisi.

Tbilisi tourism

The capital of Georgia is a very upcoming travel destination and probably one of the most popular places to visit in the Caucasus. The liberal politics compared to the surrounding countries attract a lot of Western tourists and also digital nomads like me. Georgia is a flourishing country trying to get rid of the old Soviet Union image many people still have. Tbilisi tourism is doing all they can to show off that they are a modern place to visit in the Caucasus. In this Tbilisi travel guide I will give you all the info you need to know to make the most of your trip.

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My trip to Tbilisi

All I can say is that if you are debating whether to visit Tbilisi you have to give it a go. I got in touch with Georgia tourism first time when I visited Batumi on the Black Sea and fell in love with the easy going culture. People are extremely nice and life still feels laid-back (although Georgians drive like idiots)! On my trip to Tbilisi I lived in the city center for 2 weeks and did a lot of day trips as well. Most of the days I went out eating in restaurants, drank wine in the evenings, visited cute coffee places, found some hidden gems around the city and ticked of the best places to see in Tbilisi. Read here more about how I spent two weeks in the city in my Tbilisi travel blog.

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Visa for Georgia

There is a big chance with your passport you can travel to Georgia visa free. Visa free entry is permitted for all Western countries and almost all others can opt for an e-visa. Georgia is very open to tourists and let foreigners stay up to 1 year without any issues. See here a map of all the visa free countries.

visa for georgia

How to get to Tbilisi, Georgia

Flights to Tbilisi

The international airport of Tbilisi has daily direct flights to most European countries as well as the surrounding countries like: Iran, Russia, Azerbaijan, UAE, Saoudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel and China. 

Direct flights from UK to Tbilisi

There are direct flights from London Gatwick to Tbilisi, check them out here.

Georgian Airways also flies directly to Amsterdam Airport, Koln/Bonn Airport, Brussels Airport, Paris Charles De Gaulle and Rome Fiumicino.

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Busses to Tbilisi

If you travel to Tbilisi by bus there is a big chance you will get there by a so-called Marshrutka. These are basically little vans or big cars. Most of them are pretty luxurious and even have free wifi on board. To get from Yerevan, Armenia to Tbilisi, Georgia there are several Marshrutka services in luxury Mercedes vans including wifi for 35 GEL ($13).

Trains to Tbilisi

You can also travel to Tbilisi by train. From Yerevan, Armenia and Baku, Azerbaijan there are daily trains going to Georgia. The overnight train from Baku to Tbilisi takes about 13 hours and cost $35 for a first class ticket, second class is about $20.

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Domestic Georgia travel tips

When you are coming from another city in Georgia the best way to to visit Tbilisi is by Marshrutka's. Ask around, Im pretty sure there are daily busses that travel to Tbilisi. From Batumi and Kutaisi there are modern high speed trains serving the capital multiple times a day. A train ride only costs about $8.

Planning a trip to Georgia? Make sure you don’t end up with high roaming costs. Buy a Georgia sim card! For less than $10 you get 30GB data.

Best time of the year to travel to Tbilisi

Every Tbilisi travel guide will tell you that spring and autumn are the best months to visit Tbilisi. Summer months can be extremely hot and winter months extremely cold. The city is most vibrant when it starts to get hot. People are out on the terraces enjoying the spring sun. So April to June is a good time to travel to Tbilisi. In Autumn you will be able to enjoy the beautiful colors of this season, its dry and has pleasant temperatures. I spent two weeks in the city in October and had one afternoon rain.

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As you can see on my Tbilisi pictures it was such good weather that I walked around in a t-shirt in October.

Is it safe to travel to Georgia

Georgia is a very safe country to visit. The crime rate in Georgia is lower than in Western European cities and from terrorists they have never really heard here. Georgia is safer than Western Europe in my opinion. Although always use common sense when travel, it will get you out of trouble in the first place.

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Is Georgia Europe or Asia?

Regardless its location, Georgia feels more like Europe than Asia. Officially it is part of the Asian continent, but Georgia and especially the modern capital feels more like Europe. This is also what the locals prefer to be associated with.

Everything you should know when you visit Tbilisi, Georgia

1. How to pronounce Tbilisi

May be one of the hardest to pronounce capitals in the world. Or actually when you know how to pronounce it is not, but almost everyone is saying it wrong! Officially it is: Te-BIL-Lee-See.

2. Currency

The currency that is used in Georgia is called Lari. About 3 GEL = €1 and around 2,5 GEL = $1.

3. Tbilisi is not the government city

In most countries the government is situated in the capital, but not in Georgia. A couple years ago they decide to move the government to Kutaisi. Since then the majestic and amazingly beautiful government building on Rustaveli Avenue is not in use. It is a shame!

4. Price levels in Tbilisi

Because this is the capital it also is one of the most expensive places to visit in Georgia. But don’t worry your well earned dollars, pounds and euros are worth a lot when you travel to Tbilisi. Price levels for Western tourists are like heaven. Meals in a restaurant are about $5, a pint cost not more than $1, for a mid range hotel you will pay $30.

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Typical street food or a snack in Georgia. These things are nuts in grape residue and cost about 40 cents per piece.

5. It is safe to drink tap water

The tap water in Tbilisi is perfectly fine to drink. Actually almost everywhere in Georgia you can drink the tap water. Because of its locations next to the Caucasus mountains there are many fresh water sources. Bottled water is cheap and can be bought everywhere for those who want to stay on the safe side. But please people reduce the use of single used plastics!

6. Electricity plugs

If you are traveling from mainland Europe there is no need to buy a travel adapter. I always travel with one just in case but in Georgia they use the the standard European plugs with 230 V. If you are traveling to Tbilisi from the UK, you will have to get a travel adapter.

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The Ananuri monastery, a popular day trip from Tbilisi.

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Strolling through the old city was one of my favorite things to do in Tbilisi.

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There are a couple hiking trails going uphill from the city center. The views get better with the minute.

7. Tbilisi Airport

The international airport of Tbilisi operates from a recently renovated terminal. For some reason a lot of international flights from Tbilisi tend to leave in the middle of the night. Arrivals are pretty early as well. I landed at 3.00am, pretty annoying arrival time I would say. There is free wifi and can also buy a Georgia sim card at Tbilisi Airport.

8. Taxi apps

The way to get around in Tbilisi is Yandex. This is the local Uber, so when you are planning a trip to Tbilisi download this app. A trip around the city will never cost you more than 5 GEL ($2). If you stop a driver on the streets Im sure it will be a hassle to let him know where you are going, plus if they see a tourist prices go up! Downloading the Yandex app definitely is one of my best Tbilisi travel tips!

9. Georgia sim card

When you want to avoid crazy roaming costs then buy a Georgia sim card. I found out that the best Georgia sim card for tourists is either Beeline or Magti. Geocell has a much smaller 4G network than the other two mobile internet providers. I chose Beeline as they have a massive data package: 30GB for less than $10. You can buy a sim card at either the airport or find the internet provider shops on Rustaveli Avenue. Click on the link to find the best Georgia sim card.

10. Religion

Most people in Tbilisi are Orthodox Christians and religion is still practiced and part of their lifestyle. Even younger people still go to church although most of them just do it to please their parents as they told me. Orthodox Christian is very traditional, but a lot of younger people are diverting in to another direction, mostly atheists. The many Muslims that are settling in Tbilisi are turning the city into a multi cultural city. Read why I called one area in the city Little Iran in my Tbilisi travel blog.

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11. Everyone smokes in Tbilisi

At least I got that feeling after traveling to Georgia two times now. It is honestly incredible (disgusting) how many people smoke cigarettes. It is such a normal thing to do in the daily life of someone in Tbilisi. Don’t be surprised when your taxi driver suddenly lights a cigarette. Don’t be too shy to tell him not to, you pay, you decide! I hate smoking.

12. Smoking inside forbidden

But luckily a couple months ago the government made it prohibited to smoke inside bars, restaurants, cafe’s, pubs, clubs. Also they banned displaying advertisement for cigarettes. If they would only double the price, I think that would already help a lot. A pack of cigarettes can be bought for less than a dollar! Western tourist will love this new law when visiting Tbilisi. Before it was horrendous inside bars.

13. Marijuana is decriminalised

That said since a year now smoking marijuana is legalised in Georgia. Don’t ask me where to buy it, because I hardly smoke weed. Nowadays, I prefer real drugs! ;) Anyway I am sure you can easily get it on the streets. Just ask someone who is smoking. Im sure for many travelers this is one of those valuable Tbilisi travel tips.

Compared to the conservative countries around, Georgia is pretty progressive! Legalising marijuana is another step towards an open-minded society.

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It is hard to explain but Tbilisi just has an amazing vibe!

14. LGTB in Tbilisi

Although it is a criminal offence in Georgia to discriminate LGTB people in Georgia, it is still not commonly accepted in Tbilisi. The strict religious culture makes it a sensitive topic in Georgia. There is a gay bar in Tbilisi but in the past several incidents have been reported there. 

15. Georgian food is heavy

At first when traveling to Batumi I loved the Georgian food and when I was about to visit Tbilisi I got excited again to eat Khachapuri and Khinkali. But honestly said after traveling in Tbilisi and around for more than two weeks, I am not sure about Georgian food (sorry Georgians)! The food is really heavy with a lot of carbs, cheese and meat. And the cheese is strong! I am not saying it is bad, but I am more a lover of Indian, Thai or Italian food.

16. Best Khachapuri in Tbilisi

But when traveling to Tbilisi you have to try Khachapuri. It is kind of like a pizza, but Georgians won’t like it when you say this. It looks the same and in fact it is a lot of cheese on a round bread. For the best Khachapuri in Tbilisi you have to go to Laghidze Water restaurant according to the locals.


This is actually a kind of Khachapuri, but without cheese. A Lobiani is made with beans.

17. Best Khinkali in Tbilisi

Another typical Georgian dish is Khinkali. When you see them you will think: ooooh dumplings. But Georgians get offended when you call them dumplings. But in essence it is of course the same. Eat them with your hands, grab them by the top and bite a little piece out of the dough. Then suck the juice out of it and eat the rest. You have Khinkali filled with cheese, potato or meat. I prefer the ones with meat and when I think about them now it makes me hungry. They are gooooood! Find the best Khinkali in Tbilisi at Zakhar Zakharich.

18. Drink Chacha

You can’t get away with traveling to Tbilisi and not drinking Chacha. The locals will force you to, haha. Chacha is a grape pomace brandy, made from the grape residue after making wine. It is a clear strong shot that often after the meal is served. Often before the meal as well! Haha, welcome to Georgia.

19. Meet the Tamada

When there is drinking involved there is always a Tamada. This is the toastmaster on the table. Anytime the Tamada brings out a toast you have to drink a Chacha again. This can be fun, but can also be horrible.

visit tbilisi freedom square

Freedom square in Tbilisi, the start of Rustaveli Avenue.

20. Wine originates from Georgia

Recent studies discovered that the oldest wine making methods originate from Georgia. And according to Nat Geo and the BBC wine therefore comes from Georgia. Wine is religion in Georgia and the locals are very proud at this fact. Ordering wine in restaurants is cheap. A bottle of wine in a restaurant can be found for only a couple dollars. 

21. Best Restaurants in Tbilisi

There are of course way too many restaurants in Tbilisi and it is hard to tell you the best places to go in Tbilisi. Of course I also did my research before going out for dinner. But from the restaurants I have visited, I would definitely recommend you the following ones for fine dining.

21.1 Barbarastan

A extremely charming restaurant with a cool story. You will need to make a reservation as this is one of the most popular places to go when people visit Tbilisi. A couple years ago they found a very old book with traditional old Georgian recipes somewhere in the rural countryside. These dishes are now being served in this classical restaurant. One of my secret Tbilisi travel tips for you is to reserve a table downstairs in the basement. May be one of the most romantic things to do in Tbilisi. I also must admit that the food was not my all time favorite, but the atmosphere made up for it.

barbarestan tbilisi

21.2 Black Lion Restaurant

This bistro style cute restaurant with Georgian cuisine is another favorite in the city. They have limited indoor seating available, so making a reservation is a must. The outdoor area is pretty big, but cold in winter I guess. It is a very traditional restaurant and so is the food. Very typical, but a food lovers dream if you are into trying new things.

21.3 Melograno

It was just next to one of my Airbnb’s and since I passed it by many times I had to check it out and was pleasantly surprised. The outdoor area is pretty small, but its pergolas covered with green bushes make it a very charming restaurant. The international food is very tasty and the indoor area is modern-chic. Dress a little more sophisticated, because at this Tbilisi restaurant just off Rustaveli Avenue you will meet some beautiful locals.

22. Best rooftop bar

Tourists love rooftop bars in big cities, right? There are not that many rooftop bars in Tbilisi. You can try the one in the Radisson Blue Hotel, but it is behind glass and not my favorite. A charming rooftop bar is Marani Restaurant. It is located in Old Tbilisi and has good views over the old city.

If you are looking for the Tbilisi restaurant with the best view many Tbilisi travel guides will send you to the Funicular restaurant on top of the hill. Undoubtedly the restaurant in Tbilisi with the best view, but not really my favorite spot though. A little bit too fancy!

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23. Nightlife in Tbilisi

As a tourist I am sure you are also interested reading about the Nightlife in Tbilisi. There are several clubs around the city. For some reason Techno is very popular and Tbilisi nightlife is trying to become the Eastern European Techno capital. They have looked at Berlin and are trying to bring that vibe to the Caucasus. The Georgian capital is also a great place for hidden bars, jazz clubs, live music and wine bars.

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24. Bassiani Club

The number one place to go if you are into Techno is Bassiani. This raw industrial club is known for hosting amazing Techno parties. It is located under the Dinamo Tbilisi Arena and is where dark house parties are held over the weekend. International renown DJ play here often. 

Don’t ask me where to get drugs now, because I don’t know and I did not try it in the Tbilisi nightlife. All I know is that of course it is illegal. Though Im not afraid to tell you that I love Techno in combination with hard drugs. It is one of the travel adventures from around the world that I got in touch with while traveling.

25. Jazz cafe Singer

Come here to enjoy Jazz music at its best in Tbilisi. Every night there are local talents showing off their Jazz skills and I was able to enjoy some really great gigs. Lovely staff and a cosy atmosphere make this place for a great Jazz night out in Tbilisi.

26. Wine bars

With so many wine bars you are spoiled for choice in the Tbilisi nightlife. I have ticked off quite some wine bars in Tbilisi. Some standard and cheap, some really nice and a little more upscale. Choose your vibe when diving into the Tbilisi nightlife. These are my TbilIsi travel tips for wine bars:

26.1 8000 Vintages

One of the most amazing wine selections can be found at 8000 Vintages. Highly rated on the internet as one of the best places in Tbilisi and I must admit it was a great night out. There are wine bottles in every direction. You can choose a bottle from the shelve, open it and drink it. This place is wine heaven!

26.2 Schuchmann Wine

This place on Rustaveli Avenue is a local hotspot. It is located in an old Caravansarai from the time of Marco Polo in the same building as the Tbilisi Historical Museum. The atmosphere feels very much like the Middle Ages and the wines are amazing. They also serve really good food here.

26.3 Azarphesha

This is more like an Old Georgian restaurant, but I loved hanging out here drinking wine. This place with a historical atmosphere serves amazing wines and equally delicious food.

For a great night out contact Katti Tours. She organizes group trips showing you the best nightlife in Tbilisi. Her gastronomy tours are lovely and so is she! You can join one of her groups or contact her for private groups tours: +995 558779111. She is a beautiful and adorable girl and Im pretty sure your group is gonna have an amazing night out.

27. Davit Aghmashenebeli Avenue

A completely different side of the Tbilisi nightlife can be found on the other side of the river. Find a multicultural vibe at the Davit Aghmashenebeli Avenue. A popular place for the Muslim community to smoke shisha. But don’t worry alcohol is served in all these bars too. Most of this avenue is turned into a walking street with bars, restaurants and outdoor seating. It is a very lively area at night and a tourist spot in Tbilisi.

visit tbilisi davit aghmashenebeli avenue

28. Things to do in Tbilisi

Enough now about the Georgian culture, handy things to know and where to eat. Lets talk about Tbilisi tourism stuff and let me start with things to do in Tbilisi.

28.1 Cable car

One of the most popular things to do in Tbilisi is a ride with the cable car. The ride is short, but is a great way to see the city from the top. The cable car starts across the river from old town and crosses Old Tbilisi. It brings you to the top of the hill behind Old Town. From here you will have some of the best views of the city.

cable car tbilisi

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28.2 Zip lining

There is a zip line right next to the top station of the cable car. I did not try it myself, but had a look as it is only 40 GEL. Honestly I was not impressed. The zip line will take you down on the other side of the hill and you will have to walk up again yourself. The ride is only like 10 seconds and definitely for Georgian standards 40 GEL is then a lot of money.

zip line tbilisi 1

zip line tbilisi 2

28.3 Wine tours Tbilisi

As I said before already when mentioning wine bars there are also Gastronomy tours. You will get to go to some wineries, sample food and of course taste wine. Wine tastings are a fun thing to do in Tbilisi. Remember that this is where wine comes from and that Georgians are passionate about their wines. Tastings get real here, not just a little sip! The gastronomy and wine tours organized by Katie were amazing, you can contact her through whatsapp: +995 558779111

28.4 Shopping in Tbilisi Mall

If you are a fan of shopping there is one place in particular I want to send you. In the heart of the city on Rustaveli Avenue you will find the Tbilisi Mall. This modern shopping mall is the largest of its kind in the Southern Caucasus. Find here elegant locals shopping for international brands across more than 250 stores. There is a family entertainment center, a food court and also one of the most modern cinemas in the Caucasus. There are constantly held events in the Tbilisi Mall so keep an eye out for runway shows for example. 

28.5 (Free) Walking tours Tbilisi

There are many walking tours in Tbilisi available. One night I stayed at Fabrika, the most popular hostel in the city and saw a Tbilisi walking tour for 50 GEL. Don’t pay that much, it is a ridiculous price! Every city around the world has free walking tours, just google this. You will meet at a given prime location in the city and a volunteer will guide you around some of the best tourists spots in Tbilisi. Free walking tours depart every day and are tip based and definitely not $20 per person! On top of that locals know best!

More about where to stay in Tbilisi at the end of this travel blog.

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28.6 Ferris wheel 

Undoubtedly the best view over the city you will get when you take a ride in the ferris wheel. It is hard to miss when you visit Tbilisi as it towers high above the city. The ferris wheel is located next to the tv-tower.

28.7 TV Tower Tbilisi

Unfortunately the tv-tower is not (yet) a tourist spot in Tbilisi. Rumours are that the impressive tower on top of Mtatsminda hill will be opening up for tourists in the future. Until now we can only imagine how incredible the view from up here would be. The tower is almost 275 meter high and stands on top of a 400 meter mountain. The TV tower looks beautiful when it is lit up at night.

28.8 Mtatsminda Park

Fun to pay a visit if you travel to Tbilisi is the Mtatsminda Park. This small amusement park is not the worlds most spectacular, but hey the entrance fee is just a couple dollars. There is even a rollercoaster! Since it is located on top of Mtatsminda Hill good views from some of the attractions are included.

28.9 Funicular Tbilisi

For just a couple cents it is worth taking a funicular ride in Tbilisi. This old little train will bring you up to Funicular Complex where you can find the ferris wheel, the funicular complex restaurant, the tv tower, the Mtatsminda amusement park and a couple cool bars and coffee places.

28.10 Georgian National Opera Theater

Not something I would normally mention, but it was a great thing to do in Tbilisi. The entrance fee is not that much depending on the show so if you ever want to attend an Opera show for a couple dollars, this is your chance. The interior is amazing and the show was actually pretty cool to witness.

28.11 Tbilisi Sea - summer club

Something completely different and only a summer activity in Tbilisi if you ask me. But when you are here in summer the Tbilisi Sea Summer Club is where locals go for their beach cravings. Beach clubs erect this time of year and people watching and chilling in the hot summer sun is then one of the best things to do in Tbilisi.

29. Places to visit in Tbilisi

Apart from the above activities there are some really interesting places to visit in Tbilisi as well. Churches, monasteries, castles, shopping streets, bazaars and more.

places to see in tbilisi 4

29.1 Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi

Unmistakably one of the best places to see in Tbilisi is the Holy Trinity Cathedral. This majestic Orthodox Church with golden cupola is actually one of the biggest of its kind in the world. You can enter the complex for free and wander around, but you can also visit the church. You have to dress appropriate if you go inside, but there are free cloths at the Cathedrals entrance to wrap around. From here you also have good city views. You can easily get there on foot. From Old Tbilisi it is like 15 minutes walk.

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29.2 Rustaveli Avenue

When you visit Tbilisi it is impossible to miss the aorta of this city. Rustaveli Avenue is where it is all happening. The most famous street in Georgia and probably the most expensive place to buy in Georgian monopoly. Find here the best hotels, restaurants, shops, government buildings, churches and much more. Take a stroll along the avenue is always a good idea when you are looking for what to do in Tbilisi.

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29.3 Meidan Bazaar

By coincidence I found the underground Meidan Bazaar. It is close to Europe Square in Old Town and it is not so easy to find if you ask me. But if you are looking for souvenirs and asking yourself what to buy in Tbilisi then find some inspiration here. Very charming and taking a stroll through the bazaar is a pretty romantic thing to do in Tbilisi.

meidan bazaar

29.4 Narikala fortress

In every Tbilisi travel guide the Narikala Fortress will be mentioned as it is such an iconic castle looming large over Old Tbilisi. You can walk up there or you can get there by cable car and walk down a little. It is easy to access the Narikala Fortress complex, but to get to the top of the castle tower is a little more tricky and involves some serious climbing. There is no entrance fee. The views are splendid from the castle walls which can fairly easy be reached. If you are looking what to do in Tbilisi for sunset then head up here.

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tbilisi travel guide 3

29.5 Mother of Georgia

Just a little stroll to the right from the top of the cable car you can find the statue of the Mother of Georgia or Kartlis Deda in Georgian language. This woman in a traditional Georgian dress symbolises Georgia and of course is she holding a bowl of wine in one hand! I told you if you travel to Tbilisi you can’t escape wine!

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29.6 Tbilisi Sioni Cathedral

A small cathedral that is a great place to see in Tbilisi when strolling along Rustaveli Avenue. This is one of the oldest cathedrals of the city and beautifully decorated with wall paintings. I walked in twice and two times there was a priest preforming a ritual with a young couple. Cool thing to see!

tbilisi travel guide 2

29.7 Bridge of Peace

One of the modern highlights and a top tourist attraction in Tbilisi. When you are an architecture geek you are going to love the Peace Bridge. Although some say that from above it looks like a panty liner, while walking through the Bridge of Peace I was amazed. And I am not even an archi lover that much.

peace bridge tbilisi 2

29.8 Turtle Lake

This lake in the southwest of the city is surrounded by woods and a popular place to hang out in summer. The lake is located high above the city in the hills a super cool location. Often there are festivals and events held here in summer, so ask around. You can get there for just 1 GEL by a short cable car ride.

29.9 Lisi Lake

If you want to escape the bustling city then Lisi Lake is a great place to visit in Tbilisi. Just 8 kilometers outside the city center uphill to the west. The lake feels really rural and you will forget the city is just around the corner. It was one of my favorite things to do in Tbilisi if I wanted to switch off.

30. Day trips from Tbilisi

Although there are many things to do and a lot of places to visit in Tbilisi, also have a look at some spectacular day trips and tours. All the below listed activities are worth a visit and some are actually even better on a multi day trip. Bring a little daypack and stay overnight in the mountains.

30.1 Jvari Monastery

Just 16 kilometers out of town you will find a monastery on top of a hill. It still counts as one of the tourist spots in Tbilisi as it is just a 20 minute drive away. The Jvari viewpoint is an amazing instagram spot and the dark and cosy inside of the monastery is very mysterious but captivating. You can feel the religious vibe with all the candles burning. It is ok to take photos and film inside. Dress appropriate!

places to see in tbilisi 2

Remember one of my best Tbilisi travel tips? If you use the Yandex taxi app you can get to the Jvari Monastery for already 18 GEL, that is $7. 

30.2 Mtskheta

From the Javari monastery you are looking out over the the old capital of Georgia. Mtskheta is impossible to pronounce but a lovely charming village. Stroll through the old town and get the a slice of the amazing laid-back Georgia lifestyle. There are multiple restaurants and bars.

visit tbilisi jvari

This is Mtskheta seen from the Jvari monastery. You can also clearly see the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral from here. Also see 30.3 of things to do in Tbilisi.

For those looking for an active day trip from Tbilisi. Get yourself a taxi to the Jvari Monastery on top of the hill, then hike down to Mtskheta. Enjoy Georgian food in typical local restaurants and have some wines before you order a taxi back to your Tbilisi hotel or Airbnb! More about that later in the where to stay in Tbilisi section.

30.3 Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

When walking around Mtskheta it is impossible to miss the second largest church in Georgia, this Middle Ages masterpiece is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

30.4 Ananuri day trip

A little further out driving towards the North you will find the Ananuri Monastery. Another beautifully located monastery with a great story. This Tbilisi tourist spot is named after Ana who was captured by Muslims and tortured to reveal the secret passageway to the monastery. She eventually died without ever telling the enemy. There is a castle tower next to it which you can climb up to, but to get cool photos you will have to attempt a risky climb while on the top.

ananuri monastery

When you visit Tbilisi, the Ananuri monastery is a nice day trip, but it takes 50 minutes one-way and within 15 minutes you have basically seen it. Along the way you can stop at the Jinvali artificial lake and have a tea with good views. Find out more about this day trip from Tbilisi in my Tbilisi travel blog.

visit tbilisi jinvali

places to see in tbilisi 1

30.5 Gudauri Ski Resort

Probably the best ski resort in Georgia, so if you are looking for things to do in Tbilisi in winter you found one. Not only in winter this is a popular place to go if you visit Georgia. In Gudauri you can find multiple day treks, hiking trails and viewpoints. It is about 2,5 hours North of Tbilisi.

30.6 Kazbegi

One of the best day trips from Tbilisi is Kazbegi. This sleepy mountain village close to the Russian border is surrounded by some majestic peaks of the Caucasus. Come here for the fresh air, the hiking trails, the monastery on top of the hill and the endless mountain views. My trip to Kazbegi was one of my highlights of more than 2 weeks traveling in Georgia. Read here all my Kazbegi travel tips.

31. Where to stay in Tbilisi

Just like in any other capital there are endless places to stay in Tbilisi. Though it must be said that in summer season Tbilisi hotel rooms are in high demand. This is simply because Tbilisi tourism is flourishing. If you have read all of the above you can understand that this is an amazing city to visit. So if you are looking for a hotel in Tbilisi in peak season I recommend you to book ahead.

 There are a handful 5 star hotels in Tbilisi, but not that many as you may think. There are actually a couple openings in the next year like Sheraton and Hilton. 

31.1 Best luxury hotels in Tbilisi:

Stamba Hotel Tbilisi: trendy, urban chic design hotel. Review score: 9.6. Price: $250.

Rooms Hotel Tbilisi: luxury hotspot in Tbilisi. Review score: 9,0. Price: $200.

31.2 Boutique hotels in Tbilisi

Bloom Boutique Hotel Tbilisi: classical and popular boutique hotel with super homey atmosphere. Review score: 9.5. Price: $110.

Shota @ Rustaveli Boutique Hotel: spacious rooms, contemporary interior. Review Score: 9.4 Price: $130.

31.3 Tbilisi Hotels for under $100 per night

Moxy Tbilisi by Marriott: great location, top service, nice contemporary hotel. Review score: 8.7. Price: $90.

Stay Boutique Hotel Tbilisi: great value for money, simple but lovely. Review score: 9.9. Price: $60.

Ethno Hotel: quaint boutique hotel, very detailed. Review score: 9.8. Price: $90.

31.4 Cheap Tbilisi Hotels

Let me first tell you that there are a ton of options if you are looking for cheap hotels in Tbilisi. The following crossed my path when I was looking for places to stay on a budget.

Renaissance Hotel Tbilisi: Good location, great rooftop. Review Score: 9.0. Price: $40.

Freedom Square Apart Hotel: Central location. Modern interior. Review Score: 9.5. Price: $35.

31.5 Hostels in Tbilisi

Fabrika Hostel: big hostel, perfect for solo travelers. Review score: 9.0. Price: $10.

Dvizh Hostel Eli Spali: very central and homey atmosphere. Review Score 9.2. Price: $10.

31.6 Airbnb in Tbilisi

Another option is to rent an Airbnb in Tbilisi. You will see that there are many options available. For the best location pick something close to Rustaveli Avenue, Freedom Square or Davit Aghmashenebeli Avenue.

I stayed in several places around the city. Sometimes in hotels, but most of the times in an Airbnb. To rent a complete apartment you are looking at around $30 per night. If you want $30 free Airbnb credit then sign up with this link. If you already have an account, create a new account with a different email and get $30 off as well. Easy as hell! :)

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This was the view from one of my $30 a night Airbnb's.

Enjoy your trip to Tbilisi!

Thank you for reading my travel blog and I hope all these Tbilisi travel tips were valuable to you. In case you missed it I also wrote about my daily life in the capital in Georgia. My Tbilisi travel blog is about the best coffee places and how I lived like a local. Also wrote about my trip to Kazbegi and the cheap helicopter ride. If you travel to Georgia you might also be interested to travel to Batumi on the Black Sea.

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