After Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Dusseldorf Airport is my favorite airport to travel from. Dusseldorf is located only an hour away from where I live, so it is very easily accessible for me, and offers all international connections I can think of. Something that always catches my attention when I travel from Dusseldorf Airport is the Sheraton Hotel. When you arrive at Dusseldorf airport by car, you can’t miss the large Sheraton letters covering the P3 parking lot.

Sheraton hotel group, part of Marriott, is one of the leading hotel brands in the world. So I have always been very curious to this airport hotel, but never really had a reason to stay, as Dusseldorf is only an hour away from home. 

Until a few weeks ago, when I had an early flight out of Dusseldorf on Saturday morning. The Sheraton offered me a Junior Suite for the ultimate experience. So the day before my flight, on Friday afternoon, I drove to Dusseldorf, super excited, as I finally was going to see and experience the Sheraton Dusseldorf Airport Hotel. 

Location Sheraton Dusseldorf

The Sheraton Dusseldorf Airport Hotel couldn’t be more easily accessible. It is uniquely located on the roof of carpark P3. So in case you’re travelling by car to the airport, the P3 carpark would be your most convenient choice. Also by public transport it is very easily accessible.
It is directly connected with the terminal and extremely well sign posted from every angle of the airport.
I love spending time at airports, just wandering around and taking in the airport vibe. So for me, staying at an airport hotel gets me really excited. With the Sheraton being directly connected with the terminal, I decided to go out to the terminal and just wander around. Watching people check in to their flight, saying goodbye to their loved ones. Or watching people arriving after their trip abroad, being welcomed again by their loved ones. The terminal and its restaurants, bars and shops are only a few steps away from the Sheraton Airport Hotel.

sheraton dusseldorf airport 4

Junior Suite

Upon check-in I was given the Sheraton’s Junior Suite. It’s the hotels largest room. It offers you everything you can think of. For starters it has two bathrooms, a separate living room and the bedroom with a large king bed. Entering the room I was greeted by a handwritten welcome note and a plate full of sweets and cakes. You have your own Nespresso coffee maker in the living room. They also provide you with four bottles of water, more than I could ask for. The room has two televisions, one in the living room, and obviously one in the bedroom. The bathrooms have it all, a walk in shower in one bathroom, a bath tub in the other. Slippers and bathrobes are also provided.

sheraton dusseldorf airport

Not often have I seen such a comprehensive amenity kit as offered at the Sheraton Dusseldorf Airport Hotel. Next to the obvious shower gel and shampoo, it also includes a toothbrush and paste, mouthwash and a shaving kit with cream. All rooms offer views of the green rooftop terraces. I particularly love the penthouse look and feel and the relaxed atmosphere at the Sheraton Dusseldorf Airport Hotel. 

sheraton dusseldorf airport 2

Restaurant Otto

Restaurant Otto is Sheraton’s international restaurant offering breakfast, lunch and a la carte dinner. Make sure to make a reservation or ask for a table at the window, as it offers lovely views over the daily airport traffic. As you would expect from an airport hotel, breakfast is being served here from 5 AM in the morning. As I had an early flight out, I was extremely happy with breakfast being served this early. The perks of being up at 5AM is that you have the restaurant all to yourself, and as the sun was rising I could capture some awesome sunrise shots.

sheraton dusseldorf airport 6

Deck 5 Summer Terrace

Deck 5 Summer Terrace is the outdoor terrace of the Sheraton Dusseldorf Airport Hotel. I first had to see it before I could believe it, as I never thought there would be an outdoor terrace at an airport hotel that is located on the roof of a carpark. Deck 5 has a really relaxed and laidback vibe. When the weather is good, this is your perfect place to enjoy a refreshing drink or some nice food. Next to this outdoor terrace you can find the Sheraton turtle pond, a large area with water and plants and a total of 14 turtles that call Sheraton ‘home’.

sheraton dusseldorf airport 7

On Chocs Bar & Lounge

Located in the lobby area of the hotel is the On Chocs Bar & Lounge, where you can get your favorite drink or cocktail in a nice bar setting. Even though it’s located near the lobby, you will find this bar and lounge to be a quiet and relaxed area to have a drink or socialize. They also have placed some high tables, which are ideal to work on and catch up on your e-mail.

sheraton dusseldorf airport 8

Sheraton Fitness

Your perfect place to get rid of your restless legs after your (longhaul) flight. This fitness area offers you garden views from your workout equipment. Water and fruit are offered here on a complimentary base. Something else I need to mention is the fact that they offer you complimentary earphones at the gym. So in case you forgot your own, but want to listen to some music while working out, Sheraton serves you here with new earphones.

sheraton dusseldorf airport 3

Meeting rooms

Being located at an international airport, the Sheraton is a perfect place for business meetings, but also for personal celebrations.
They offer a total of 17 meeting rooms, with some of them you even have an outdoor space as well to add some extra dimensions to your meeting. Consider the Sheraton Dusseldorf when planning a business meeting, the different environment might give you that extra creativity you’re looking for.

Expect the unexpected | Silence is golden

This hotel surprised me in a lot of ways. My expectations were high, but they were definitely all met. Even though I decided to spend the night at the airport, I expected some sort of noise disturbance in the hotel and in my room. However, I was completely surprised by the fact that you don’t hear a single thing when opening the windows of your room or when having a drink at the Deck 5 Summer Terrace. The complete silence blew me away. It’s because the runways are located a few miles away, in the complete other direction, that you don’t hear a single thing, making you think you checked in to the ‘wrong’ hotel, as you expect airport sounds.

sheraton dusseldorf airport 5

Go Green

Something else that got me surprised big time is the amount of ‘green’ you see all around you. It makes you forget that you’re actually right in the middle of an international airport. It’s the extraordinary architecture and 10.000 square meters of green roof terraces that really do the magic here. Would you expect the Sheraton Dusseldorf Airport Hotel to have a turtle pond? Neither did I, but they actually do.

Most surprising airport hotel

Being able to enjoy the outdoors at Deck 5, next to the turtle pond in complete silence, is something I had never expected before staying at the Sheraton Dusseldorf Airport Hotel. But it’s these surprising benefits that make me even more enthusiastic about this hotel, and a true recommendation to everyone travelling to, from or via Dusseldorf Airport.

Check out the rates of this amazing hotel, and start booking your next adventure. 

The Sheraton Dusseldorf Airport has recently been renovated. One of the things they did was adding junior suites, the room I was given. They created these suites by merging two former standard rooms into one junior suite. 

I was greeted personally by the account director of the Sheraton Dusseldorf Airport Hotel while checking in to the hotel. She even gave me a short tour through the hotel, showing me the highlights of the hotel and giving me some additional information. It’s these personal touches that made me feel extra welcome and special. And surely will make me come back to the Sheraton whenever I have an early flight out of Dusseldorf.

Travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley visited the Sheraton Dusseldorf Airport Hotel on behalf of Traveltomtom and wrote this review about her stay there.