I totally understand people were laughing when I told them I was exhausted from visiting the best luxury resorts in Maldives. But as you have probably read in my last week’s adventures I was still so lost that I forgot my MacBook when I left for my Greece trip to Lesbos Island.


On invitation of Tourism Greece I was able to travel to Lesbos Island, which was my first time traveling to this magical 'island-hopping-heaven' country. Greece was listed as country number 81 when I visited the first time. In December 2019 I returned to Greece after my inaugural cruise of Sky Princess. For you I researched again the prices for a Greece sim card to keep this article about buying a sim card for Greece up to date.

In the last weeks of the summer season I visited one of the most popular Northern Aegean Islands: Lesbos, Greece. Soaking up the last rays of summer sun when the rest of Europe was getting cold. This peaceful island was putting a summer smile on my face at the end of Autumn. Lebos is a great place to travel in Greece in October. In this blog you can read how I explored the island by car and checked out all the Lesbos tourism spots for you.