My Europe trip was almost ending when I reached Budapest. After visiting amazing places in Italy, Swiss, Slovenia and Croatia for my Instagram I stranded in Budapest. For this article I made my way to BUD airport to gather all the info about buying a Hungary sim card at Budapest Airport upon arrival.

Throughout my journey around the world for now more than 7 years of continuously traveling I found out that sim card deals at airports are always more expensive than in a mobile internet provider shop in the city. At for example Geneva, Zagreb, Vienna and Venice Airport tourists would get less value for money than in the cities. Let’s see how that is at Budapest Airport.

Traveling through Europe? Check out my article about the best European sim card and I tell you where to buy which sim card.

Hungary sim cards and traveling in Europe

As Hungary is part of the EU there are no roaming charges. Although this is a law since June 2017 for some sim cards in some neighbouring countries this still does not apply. I found out that in Croatia and Slovenia they sell prepaid sim cards that won’t allow you free roaming within the Europe.

If you can wait with buying a sim card until you reach Budapest city then click here for a prepaid Hungary sim card comparison and see which one is the best for tourists.

Buy a Europe sim card with data online

If you travel to Europe and want to order a Europe sim card online then have a look at this Orange sim card with 20GB data and 200 international minutes. Click on the banner to see if your country qualifies for free shipping as well.

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Budapest Airport

BUD Airport is officially called Ferenc Liszt International Airport and is fairly easy to navigate. There are two Arrival Halls 2A and 2B. Most European flights tend to arrive at 2B, intercontinental flights mostly walk into Arrival Hall 2A.

Traveling in Hungary is so much more than Budapest. Rent a car and go on a road trip! Check out the castles in the East in my blog about the best places to visit in Hungary.

Where to buy a Hungary sim card at Budapest Airport

May you arrive at Arrival Hall 2B then you will have to walk over (3 minutes) to Arrival Hall 2A to buy a Hungary sim card. They don’t sell Hungary sim cards in Arrival Hall 2B! On your left hand side when walking into 2B you will see all the car rental booths. Head in that direction and keep on walking and you will arrive at Arrival Hall 2A and see the big Vodafone Budapest Airport shop.

When arriving at Arrival Hall 2A you can NOT miss the big official Vodafone Budapest Airport shop on your right hand side! The Vodafone Budapest Airport shop is the only place at Budapest Airport where you can buy a Hungary sim card.

vodafone budapest airport

Prices Hungary sim cards Budapest Airport

As Vodafone Budapest Airport is the only place to buy a Hungary sim card on arrival there is no such thing as a comparison or the best Hungary sim card for tourists. There is simply only one choice: Vodafone Hungary!

There are 4 Vodafone Hungary sim cards for tourists available:

Price: 7.500 HUF ($26)

  • 5 GB data in all of Europe
  • 100 minutes or text in all of Europe
  • Valid 30 days

Price: 11.000 HUF ($38)

  • 15 GB data in all of Europe
  • Valid 30 days

Price: 12.000 HUF ($41,50)

  • 10 GB data in all of Europe
  • 100 minutes or text in all of Europe
  • Valid 30 days

Price: 15.000 HUF ($52)

  • 15 GB data in all of Europe
  • 100 minutes or text in all of Europe
  • Valid 30 days

vodafone sim card budapest airport

Buying a Hungary sim card is more affordable once you get to Budapest city. Click on the link to find my article about the best sim card in Hungary for tourists.

Although it is relatively cheap to travel to Budapest, a 0.5L beer can already be found for less than $2, prepaid Hungary sim cards at Budapest Airport are expensive! It actually makes sense to order your sim card for Europe online.

Order a Europe sim card online

With this Orange prepaid sim card you get 20 GB data valid in 30 countries and 120 international minutes and 1.000 text messages for $50. Check the link or click below to see if you also qualify for free shipping.

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TEP Wireless portable WiFi

When traveling to Budapest with kids then TEP Wireless could be an option for you as you can connect up to 5 devices at the same time. Click on the link to see the prices for unlimited internet per day with a Teppy.

portable wifi device for traveling

How to get from Budapest Airport to Budapest city

There are two options: a direct bus or a bus/metro combinations. In case your hotel is close to one of the metro stations I would go for that option, otherwise a direct bus into the city is pretty convenient. 

from budapest airport to the city

The direct bus costs 900 HUF ($3) one way and stops at Deák Ferenc tér, Astoria Metro and Kálvin tér Metro, the combination ticket is only 530 HUF ($1,80).

public transport budapest airport

I hope all the above tips for buying a Hungary sim card at Budapest Airport were helpful. Let me know if you have any questions by sending me a message on my Instagram: @traveltomtom. Im happy to help wherever I can. Interested in a Hungary itinerary? I check out the most amazing castles in the East and some other amazing places to see in Hungary.

Being a full time professional travel blogger I am always online and pretty much instantly able to help you! Click on the link to read my story about my passion for traveling and blogging.

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