Flying to Rome and planning your trip to Italy? Enjoy this extraordinary and magical city without getting stuck with high roaming charges or slow overseas data roaming plans. E-sim cards for Italy or local prepaid sim cards are very affordable so I strongly recommend you getting one for your trip to Rome. This is the ultimate guide for buying a prepaid sim card for Italy at Rome Airport on arrival. Where to buy a sim card, up to date prices as per May 2023, the best e-sim cards for Italy, the best 4G/5G network in Italy and everything else you need to know you find it in this guide.

Writing guides fort he best ways to stay connected when traveling became a passion as it is the first thing I do when I get to a new country. As part of my journey to visit every country in the world I get to a lot of places and wrote sim card guides in for example: Milan, Venice, Budapest, Dublin, Oslo, Vienna, but also Dubai, Cape Town, Riyadh, Hong Kong, Bali, Bangkok, etc.

So before your next trip abroad make sure to come check out Traveltomtom for the latest prepaid sim card advice. Bookmark me!

Touristy or not! Who cares, this is Rome, one of the most awesome cities in the world. I have been to Rome multiple times and even after visiting more than 150 countries and uncountable big cities, still saying that Rome is a world apart. SIMPLY GORGEOUS!

Why buying a sim card for Italy

sim card rome fiumicino airport

Yes, your hotel has free WiFi and so do the restaurants and bars in Rome, but do you want to rely on others? What if the signal in your room is weak or the WiFi is so slow you can't even upload an Instagram story? Also keep in mind that public WiFi is an UNSECURED connection.

Disconnecting is the new luxury and I totally agree however, not in a city! Ordering an Uber on the streets to get back to your hotel, getting directions from Google Maps following a walking tour, finding tourist attractions in Rome, searching for a nearby restaurant with good views and so on. I can come up with a dozen reasons why being connected to the internet makes traveling in Rome much more convenient.

Buying a sim card at an airport in Europe won't get you the best deals unfortunately, but by all means it is the easiest and fastest way to get a local sim card. You just pay a little extra for this convenience.

When not a fan of swapping sim cards and changing numbers you can opt for a pocket WiFi. These portable WiFi devices are a great way to get internet while traveling, but I am not a fan. Click on the link to read my HONEST review.

Another great alternative these days is an e-sim card. Meaning you order an e-sim card for Italy online and you will receive a code on your mobile which you enter and it gives you access to a 4G/5G mobile network in Italy. New technology that does not involve swapping physical sim cards. More about e-sim cards for Italy below or check the link.

My recommendation

Traveltomtom recommends buying a Vodafone prepaid sim card on arrival at Rome Airport. For €35 you get 30 GB data in Italy and 5 GB data for Europe. It is not the best deal Italy sim card deal, but the best you can get at Rome Airport. 

Keep in mind that if you buy a sim card at Rome city center, you can get 100 GB for €20, just saying... check out my complete guide for buying a sim card in Italy in 2023 for more info. Prices for sim cards at Rome airport are obviously tourist prices.

Another great alternative is getting a world sim card for travelers with global coverage. Traveltomtom compared and reviewed the best international sim cards for traveling the world in 2023 and found out that some international sim card deals are great for traveling to Europe.

Best e-sim cards for Italy

e sim card plans for italy 2023

The easiest way to stay connected when traveling to Italy in 2023 is an e-sim card. The most convenient is that you can buy them online and it only takes you a couple minutes. You will receive a QR code, scan it, follow the instructions and you are online within a couple clicks.

Check out the following e-sim card deals for Italy:

  • 1 GB data for 7 days = $4.5 USD
  • 2 GB data for 15 days = $8 USD
  • 3 GB data for 30 days = $10 USD
  • 5 GB data for 30 days = $14.5 USD
  • 10 GB data for 30 days = $24 USD
  • 20 GB data for 30 days = $33 USD

Click here to directly order an e-sim card for Italy.

The above Italy e-sim cards from Mamma Mia operate on the 4G/LTE networks of Vodafone, TIM and WindTre. More info about the best 4G/5G network in Italy later... These e-sim cards are data-only sim cards valid only in Italy and calling and texting is NOT supported.

international e sim cards for italy 2023

There are also international e-sim cards that work in Italy. These e-sim cards are valid in more than 70 countries around the world and these e-sim cards for Italy including (unlimited) calling and texting.

  • 10 GB data + $2 calling credit (top up possible) for 30 days = $24.90 USD
  • 8 GB data + unlimited calls for 14 days = $29.90 USD
  • 20 GB data + unlimited calls for 14 days = $49.90 USD
  • 30 GB data-only for 30 days valid in Italy only = $59.90 USD

Click here to order an international e-sim card for Italy directly online.

Before ordering an e-sim card for Italy make sure your phone is e-sim card compatible.

europe sim card orange 728x90

You can also buy a physical sim card for Italy online and get it shipped to your home address before your trip. Check out my comparison and review of the best European sim cards for tourists in 2023 or order one directly online, through the link below.

Ordering an Europe sim card can be done in as little as two minutes. Check out all the options for buying a sim card for Italy online through this link. For $49.90 USD you get 20 GB data in all of Europe.

Italy sim cards and free EU roaming

Good news is that all the prepaid sim cards in Italy have free EU roaming included. However, there are limitations so when buying a sim card in Italy and traveling onwards in Europe double check with your provider.

Free EU roaming means that the data, voice and text allowance on your Italy sim card is also valid when traveling to Amsterdam, London, Stockholm or anywhere else in Europe at no extra costs. For more info check my guide for buying a local sim card in Europe.

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Fiumicino Airport Rome

This is the major international airport for tourists visiting Rome, also called Leonardo Da Vinci Airport. FCO Airport is located about 35 kilometers outside Rome City Center and has two operating Terminals at the moment: 1 and 3, Terminal 5 is still being renovated. Most international flights arrive at Terminal 3, the largest and mostly used for long-haul flights and also where you can find Italy sim card stores for tourists. Later more about how to get from Rome Airport to city.

Where to buy a sim card at Rome Airport in 2023

Arrival Hall Terminal 1

When arriving at Terminal 1 I have bad news for you. I checked around and could not find any Italy sim card shop in Terminal 1. When I asked the information desk for an Italy prepaid sim card the lady confirmed that you can only buy them in Terminal 3.

Luggage belts and arrival Hall Terminal 3

where to buy sim card rome airport

After passport control you can buy a sim card at the luggage belts but only Vodafone sim cards. There are also two shops in the arrival hall: Vodafone and TIM. The tourist sim card stores in the arrival hall are very easy to find. When you walk into the arrival turn left after the sliding doors open and then they are on your left hand side.

Transit passengers can buy a sim card before customs at the WindTre shop, but international arrivals can't!

Prices sim cards at Rome Airport in 2023

Vodafone stores

vodafone italy sim card rome airport

Vodafone Italy sim cards can be bought at the luggage belts as well as at the store in the arrival hall. They offer the exact same sim card deals, so it does not matter where you buy one. Just pick one that is not that busy if you really want to buy a sim card at Rome Airport. Because remember in the city center you find the same packages for only 50% of the price.

Vodafone offers 2 Italy sim card deals:

  • 30 GB in Italy (incl. 5 GB Free EU Roaming) + 300 minutes = €35
  • 70 GB in Italy (incl. 12 GB Free EU Roaming) + 600 minutes = €55

Sim card deals with a lot of data, but very limited free EU roaming and not the best sim card if you will continue traveling in Europe after you visit Rome. With a Vodafone Italy prepaid sim card you can make use of the 5G network in case there is 5G available. For more info about the 4G/5G network strength in Italy please have a look at my article about the best prepaid sim card in Italy in 2023.

Tim Store Arrival Hall

tim sim card rome fiumicino airport

At the TIM store they sell 4 different prepaid sim cards for Italy:

  • 15 GB data (incl. 6 GB Free EU Roaming) + 200 minutes = €30
  • 70 GB data (incl. 8 GB Free EU Roaming) + unlimited minutes in Italy = €35
  • 100 GB data for Italy = €40
  • 200 GB data for Italy = €50 (5G network available)

Unfortunately TIM prepaid sim cards do NOT allow you to use the 5G network, only if specified.

Windtre Italy store (transit passengers only)

3store rome airport

Close to boarding Gate B5 there is a big bright Tre Italy (3) Store and they sell prepaid sim cards for Italy. They have data only sim cards and packages with calling minutes.

Windtre Italia at Rome Airport offers the following packages:

  • 20 GB data in EU - valid for 3 months = €20
  • 50 GB data in EU - valid for 6 months = €40
  • 30 GB data in EU + 1000 minutes in Italy - valid for 1 month = €25

italy sim card rome airport

This Data & Call package from WindTre Italy is rechargeable online. For €9.99 you get another 1000 minutes calling time and 30GB data. When it comes to Italy sim cards deals this is one of the better ones I have seen. However, another reminder that if you are arriving on an international flight from outside Europe you won't be able to get to the WindTre store in Rome. Only transit passengers and arriving flights from the Schengen Zone countries.

Best sim card for Italy at Rome Airport in 2023

best sim card rome fiumicino airport

Looking at all the available Italy prepaid sim card deals at Rome Airport Vodafone is the best prepaid sim card at Rome Airport. They are €5 more expensive than TIM, but they offer 15 GB more data.

Another reminder that sim cards at Rome Airport are easy to get and it is the most convenient place to get connected when you travel to Italy, but therefore you also pay much more. If you buy a sim card for Italy in Rome city center you can already find deals for €9.99 and you get 100 GB data. Check out my complete guide for buying a sim card in Italy in 2023.

If you are interested in watching my vlog about about buying a sim card at Rome Airport then have a look below.

Order a sim card for Italy online

international sim card plans for italy 2023

Buying a sim card after a long haul flight can be a bit annoying therefore there is the option to order your sim card for Italy online. The sim card will be shipped to your home address and is already pre-activated. Simple, easy and reliable... check out the following prepaid sim card deals for Rome:

Three data pack 10 GB - $24.90

  • 10 GB data in all of Europe and UK
  • Unlimited calls/sms within Europe and UK
  • Valid 30 days

Three data pack 12 GB - $29.90

  • 12 GB data in all of Europe and UK
  • Unlimited calls/sms within Europe and UK
  • Valid 30 days

O2 Go Card - $24.90

  • 10 GB data in all of Europe and UK
  • $2 calling credit - top up possible
  • Valid 30 days

Orange Holiday Europe - $49.90

  • 20 GB data in Europe and in the UK
  • Unlimited calls/sms in Europe and the UK
  • 120 minutes worldwide
  • 1,000 sms worldwide
  • Valid 14 days

Click here to order one of the above international sim cards for Rome directly online or find more info in the link.

These international prepaid sim cards are for traveling in every country in Europe. The sim card will be send to your home address and you simply put it in your phone on arrival. Plug and play.

europe sim card orange 728x90

Also another reminder that you can order an e-sim card for Italy through either Airalo or SimOptions through the link. No more swapping a physical sim card and you keep your own phone number.

How to get from Rome Airport to the city centerhow to go from rome airport to the city

If you are looking for the best way from Fiumicino Rome Airport to Rome city center then you have three options: bus, train or taxi. Taxi is of course the most expensive, but in some cases a great alternative, especially if you are with more people. Taking an Uber will cost you around €60, but an official airport taxi is cheaper: €50.

There are many busses leaving outside Terminal 3 that go directly to Termini Station in Central Rome. Prices for busses range from €5,90 to €7 but all offer the exact same service. Just grab the one that is about to leave soon. Busses take around 45 minutes to 1 hour.

There is also a direct train service between Rome Airport and Termini station. Every 15 minutes a train leaves and brings you in 30 minutes to Rome Termini. This Express train cost €14 one-way.

Meaning if you are with 3 people it makes sense to just take a taxi. That is what my friends and I did when we visited Rome this summer.

Looking for a Rome itinerary? Check out my friends blog with all the tourist spots.

I hope all this information about buying a sim card at Rome Airport and how to get there and back was helpful. If you have any questions please leave me a comment below or check out my Instagram profile @traveltomtom. Be careful as it could cause some serious wanderlust. As per May 2023 I visited more than 155 countries on my road to visit every country in the world.

Enjoy your trip to Rome!

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