My summer trips to the Alps had never been this luxurious, but Hotel Chalet Mirabell made me realize that the serenity of the mountains and the luxury of a beautiful chalet are together combined the ultimate ingredients to make me smile from the moment I wake up until I fall asleep.

Happy as a kid when I walked in, very sad to leave, but a fabulous experience, one I won’t quickly forget about. Staying in Hotel Chalet Mirabell in Merano, South Tyrol was a dream coming true.

Endless mountains views, great hospitality, tranquility, delicious gastronomy, amazing people! Sincerely one of the best mountain chalets I have ever stayed in.

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Not that it was my first time being pampered in luxury resorts. As you might know I have stayed in more than 15 luxury resorts in Maldives and some of the most exclusive hotels and palaces all over the world like: Ritz Carlton Singapore, Umaid Bhawan Palace in India, Shangri La in Sydney just to name a few. But a place like this in the mountains? Nope, not yet.

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Things to do around Hotel Chalet Mirabell? Visit the Karersee/Carezza Lake. Check out my Lago di Carezza travel guide, the rainbow lake of the Dolomites.

Warm Welcome

My road trip through Southern Germany ended in Munich as I dropped my friend Patrick. From that moment I actually had no plan and decided to drive towards Innsbruck when I suddenly got the confirmation to stay at Hotel Chalet Mirabell. The next morning I drove straight from Innsbruck to Merano over the Brenner Autobahn and within 2 hours I drove into the huge carpark below the property.

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These photos are taken with my dronel. Curious which one I travel with check out my travel gear list.

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I made my way to reception and was welcomed with so many positive vibes it made me smile instantly. The wonderful staff grabbed all the bags from me and directed me straight to the balcony and let me plunge into a stylish sofa. I couldn’t sit still though as I had to get up and take in the endless mountain views.

hotel chalet mirabell 15

But my eyes were drawn straight into the massive natural pool below! It was my first time seeing this in a resort (I guess I should stay at more mountain resorts rather than at beach resorts). I couldn’t wait to go swimming in this one.

hotel chalet mirabell 16

It was a lady that dragged my own of my fantasy world as she showed up with a big plate of typical SouthTyrol cold cuts.

hotel chalet mirabell 6

I was offered a glass of Prosecco or Champagne to celebrate my stay at Hotel Chalet Mirabell, but choose to not drink alcohol and went for a fresh juice.

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My stay at Hotel Chalet Mirabell couldn’t have started better.

Check out all my videos from staying at Hotel Chalet Mirabell in my Instagram highlights: Italy 2.

Chalet Chic Deluxe - Room 702

A little later I was escorted to the room and a lovely staff member explained all the suite details. But as always I didn’t really pay that much attention as I always straight away go for the view. I opened the door to the big balcony and admired the endless mountain views. The Calet Chic Deluxe suite was located on the top floor and I could not have asked for a room with a better view! Wow.

hotel chalet mirabell 4

The balcony was surprisingly large, I would say about 15-20 sqm. and loved falling back into the hanging loveseat. There was a Nespresso machine so before unpacking (which I actually never really do anyway) I made myself an espresso, only to find out there was a bottle of Prosecco and chocolate covered strawberries waiting for me at the table as a warm welcome to Hotel Chalet Mirabell.

hotel chalet mirabell 3

Though decision but I decided to skip the alcohol (it was only 1pm), grabbed my espresso and hung on the balcony railing to admire the views of the Dolomites while sipping my coffee. It made me realize that staying in this absolutely amazing mountain Chalet in Merano sincerely gave me intense happiness.

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Swimming pools

To be honest I kind of lost count, but Im pretty sure I count at least 5 different swimming pools and a Jacuzzi. I didn’t even make it to the family pool which is an in- and outdoor pool with poolside cabanas, where you can also find the jacuzzi.

hotel chalet mirabell 12

All the other pools I tried out myself and it is hard to tell you which one was my favorite. Down in the wellness area there are 2 naked pools (cold and hot) which are part of the wellness area. Fabulous views, sunlight almost all day, tranquility to the max.

hotel chalet mirabell 27

The natural pool looks so extremely inviting and I bet it is impossible to resist for anyone on a hot summer day in the mountains. It is kept very clean throughout the day and in case you are sceptic about natural pools I dare you try out this one!

hotel chalet mirabell 22

hotel chalet mirabell 42

Next to the natural pool there is an outdoor HOT shower. Like damn, never had an outdoor hot shower next to a pool. I guess up in the mountains it is normal, but it was my first time. I even went swimming in the natural pool in the rain and afterwards took a hot shower in the rain! Great experience. Wanna see my swimming in the rain in the natural pool, check out my videos here.

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My favorite place in the early morning or in the late afternoon was the infinity pool, which is also facing towards the sunset. The pool is in the sun all day long.

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hotel chalet mirabell 20

It is a popular spot, not that there are a lot of people in the pool, but sometimes towards the afternoon it was a little harder to find a free sun bed. In the pool it was always quiet and luckily it is an adults only pool as well.

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There is also service at the natural and infinity pool for ordering drinks and snacks. They even came by with some healthy detox shots on the house so now and then.

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Wellness Hotel Chalet Mirabell

Have you seen the wellness area already one of the staff members asked me on my first day. I said: 'Yes, I got lost down there!'. For real, the wellness area at Hotel Chalet Mirabell is one of the reasons I would recommend you booking your next holiday here.

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In total there are 4 different sauna’s and a steam bath. The sauna complex is one level lower than the pool area and completely private. There is an event sauna that hosts an Aufguss every day, in winter even multiple times a day. After the Aufguss we were served fresh fruits as a treat.

hotel chalet mirabell 26

It was also my first time trying out an infrared sauna and it could not have been a more epic one than the one at Hotel Chalet Mirabell. The name says it all: Infrared Cinema Sauna… well I guess I don't need to explain why it is called that way when you see the photo below.

hotel chalet mirabell 23

The views from everywhere in the sauna complex are absolutely breathtaking. The mountains in the background make it a picture perfect setting.


There are 2 naked pools in the main sauna area as well, one being a cold plunge pool and the other one nice and warm.

hotel chalet mirabell 25

Hanging out in the sauna was one of my favorite things to do at Hotel Chalet Mirabell and I didn’t even make use of one of the many relaxing areas. They were actually so inviting, such a shame I didn't allow myself some time in one of these.

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One of my favorite things about staying at Hotel Chalet Mirabell was the extensive breakfast every morning. Nothing makes me happier than a huge buffet breakfast with some a la carte options on request. A juice bar with a do it yourself juicer with fruits and vegetables… uncountable different cheeses and so many fresh fruit choices including a lot of luxury choices: all kind of berries, figs, etc. 

hotel chalet mirabell 11

I usually started my day with a crepe with greek yoghurt with berries! Despite not being a morning person, waking up at Hotel Chalet Mirabell made me smile every day.

hotel chalet mirabell 13


Get ready for dinner at Hotel Chalet Mirabell! You will be served a high class multiple course dinner, 6 or 7 course when I am not mistaken. I lost count, haha! Small portions but a real treat for you senses. Too many favorite dishes to name and the wines were also carefully recommended by the in-house sommelier.

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The salad buffet has all you can imagine, from figs to artichokes, loads of different olive oils and dressings. All the other courses are a-la-carte with vegetarian and vegan options. 

After dinner I sometimes had a glass of wine in the Mountain Blue Bar or the Minotti Lounge but I also loved staring at the starry sky from my balcony. The views were just too good!

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My days at Hotel Chalet Mirabell

One thing about Hotel Chalet Mirabell that could be described as negative was that all my appetite to explore the surroundings was gone. Sorry not sorry! ;) Check out my Instagram stories for more of my days at Hotel Chalet Mirabell.

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I literally stayed in the resort every day and no urge to leave the property! I mean like why would I? 

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Most of my photos take with my DSLR and edited in Lightroom. Check out my travel gear list and find out which lenses I carry around.

Every morning waking up with amazing views over the mountains, sipping my espresso on the balcony. Then a fabulous slow breakfast for about 2 hours before I went for my morning gym session and a swim. Then chilling a little before and after lunch time, while in the afternoon you could mostly find me in one of the multiple saunas. Then for sunset the infinity pool was my favorite spot. Getting ready for my 7-course meal, have a glass of wine and the day was done.

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What would you do?

There are many different rooms and packages available at Hotel Chalet Mirabell, check out their prices here.

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May you decide to reserve your room at Hotel Chalet Mirabell I hope you will have such an incredible stay as I did!

Don't forget to visit Lake Carezza, the nearby Rainbow Lake of the Dolomites.

Enjoy South Tyrol!