Rooftop pools with views over the Dolomites, chirping birds as my wake up call and a brand new hotel were the ingredients that lured me to a little village up in the hills in Bolzano, South Tyrol. The next coming nights I was staying in Hotel Saltus in San Genesio, a new eco friendly luxury hotel.

Some of my friends were telling me for a couple years now to visit San Genesio. So when this summer I was on a road trip in the Dolomites I figured I could finally see what the fuzz was about. While staying at Hotel Saltus I found the relaxing time that I craved so much after my already 2 week road trip in the Dolomites.

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Hotel Saltus

The latest addition to the renowned Tschögglbergerhof in Jenesien, but in a complete different style. Hotel Saltus is a modern chic hotel with a minimalistic style, the first eco hotel in San Genesio. It does not only look beautiful from the outside, but the slick design of the rooms made me feel super relaxed.

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It reminded me a little bit of a luxury cabin in the woods in Scandinavia, no wonder I later found out, as the main architect of Hotel Saltus studied in Norway.

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Suite Hotel Saltus - Room 603

My favorite place in Hotel Saltus wasn’t the amazing rooftop pool, neither the garden for breakfast, it was my bed in the Hotel Saltus suite. Yes the bed was comfy and big, but it was the view from my bed that made me smile big time.

suite hotel saltus san genesio

Waking up with unobstructed views of green meadows in the valley below with a backdrop of the mighty Dolomites was fantastic, all made possible because of the floor-to-ceiling glass windows. I recommend you to NOT close the curtains when you go to bed. Simply heaven!

suite hotel saltus san genesio 1

I even saw the moon rise from behind the characteristic Dolomite peaks. 

The suite I was staying in was very big. It had a living area with a sofa and a relaxing chair as well as a glass walled bathroom with a big tub and two showers. The balcony with had the best views and there were 2 sun beds as well as 2 beach chairs to chill in.

balcony hotel saltus san genesio


Dinner and breakfast when staying at Hotel Saltus is being served in the classic South Tyrolean hotel Tschögglbergerhof, which is in the same building basically. Hotel Saltus is an addiotiton to this family business and guests from Hotel Saltus walk through a hallway from reception straight into the Tschögglbergerhof hotel.

All the ingredients Hotel Saltus works with come from local farms and shops in the region.

I am pretty sure it was due to the Corona pandemic restrictions but the breakfast was a la carte. Although I always like to pick my own fruits, Im definitely not complaining now. The breakfast menu was very extensive and actually a great substitute from the buffets I am usually used to. The served dishes came in small portions, but were extremely tasty. You could order as much as you wanted.

breakfast hotel saltus san genesio

The garden setting made it all complete. I hope when you decided to visit Hotel Saltus it is beautiful weather and you can enjoy your breakfast outside.


Like many luxury hotels in South Tyrol, Hotel Saltus is also offering a multiple course dinner menu with vegetarian options. I love food, don’t get me wrong, but Im not a foodie. Though the dinner at Hotel Saltus really surprised me in a positive way. It felt a bit like eating at a Michelin Star restaurant. Thumbs up for the kitchen, not only for the taste but also for the presentation.

dinner hotel saltus san genesio

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Rooftop pool

One of the main things to caught my attention when looking for places to stay in San Genesio was the rooftop pool of Hotel Saltus. Damn, it what fabulous to hang out here for sunset as well as sunrise.

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It often are the small things that makes the difference and what I really liked at Hotel Saltus was that they offered guests up on rooftop pool free coffee, thee, infused water, fruits and even some small bites.

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The indoor pool, also located on the top floor is open 24 hours. There is a rooftop terrace with sun beds. There is service there too in case you need any special drinks or something to eat.

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Wellness Hotel Saltus

As I had been traveling intensively the weeks before checking in to Hotel Saltus I was totally ready to enjoy their wellness area. It was located down at the lowest floor. No Dolomites views from here, but even better, surrounded by pine trees it literally felt like relaxing in nature. The relaxing area looks right into the trees and so does the massive sauna.

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The sauna is very spacious and has amazing floor-to-ceiling windows all around, simply stunning. May be one of the most relaxing vibes I have ever experienced in a sauna. The huge windows look out right into the pine trees and forest.

wellness hotel saltus san genesio

There is also a big steam bath and a bowl of salt to scrub your self with.

Sauna life at Hotel Saltus was so damn relaxing that while writing this blog I feel like I want to be back there so much and stare into the forest through the sauna windows or hear the chirping birds while laying on one of the outside sofa beds after an ice cold shower.

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Hotel Saltus blog

I hope my review of Hotel Saltus was helpful for your next trip to Bolzano, South Tyrol. More than anything would I recommend you to book Hotel Saltus if it is on your radar.

I had a great time staying at the hotel, enjoying their rooftop pool, the delicious breakfast and dinner, the superb wellness area and of course my suite. However tempting, that doesn’t mean I stayed in my bed all day long. There are many cool things to do around Hotel Saltus.

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The number one thing I would recommend you check out is the Rainbow Lake of the Dolomites. Click here for my complete Lago di Carezza guide to see how to get there and everything else you need to know when visiting.

Safe travel to South Tyrol!

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