When we say Dolomiti Superski first thing that comes up on our minds is skiing in on of the most magical landscapes: the Dolomites. The iconic mountain range in the north of Italy is a world famous tourist destination in summer and winter. Although I have never been in summer, Im blessed to have experienced this winter wonderland a couple times. Beginning of January 2019 I got the chance to discover some amazing places to visit in this massive ski area on the Dolomiti Superski Experience 2019.

My trip to Dolomiti Superski

It was not the first time I went snowboarding in Dolomiti Superski so I kind of knew what I was up to. The amazing backdrops of the Dolomite mountains made a deep impressive on me and I was eager to go back. So when I got invited to join the Dolomiti Superski Experience 2019 I was excited straight away.

dolomiti superski experience 2019

With the heavy snowfall beginning of January 2019 loads of roads in the south of Germany and Austria were closed and it was a little adventure to get there in the first place. Driving from Netherlands to Dolomiti Superski takes about 12 hours depending where you start your journey from. German highways are easy to drive though.

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To get to Italy from the south of Germany you will have to cross Austria. Therefore you will need to buy a so called vignette. It costs €9,20 for 10 days. On top of that you will have to pay €9,50 one-way to cross the Brennero highway (Brenner Pass) on the Austrian-Italian border. Dolomiti Superski is located close to the border and therefore in Italy you only pay €2,90 toll.

The Dolomiti Superski Experience 2019 was organized to promote all the 12 ski resorts in the Dolomiti Superski area. Of course I was not alone in this mission and in total a group of 9 likeminded content creators were part of the Dolomiti Superski Experience 2019.

cortina d'ampezzo dolomiti superski 1

Every day the group was split up in couples that would explore a different ski resort. In 5 days skiing I discovered many new things to do in Dolomiti Superski. Most of them I had never even heard about. I went snowboarding in the following ski resorts:

  • Alta Badia
  • Cortina D’Ampezzo
  • Kronplatz
  • Obereggen - Valle di Fiemme
  • San Martino Di Castrozza
  • Gitschberg Jochtal

san martino  dolomiti superski 1

Dolomiti Superski info

In total the Dolomiti Superski area consists of 12 different ski areas with in total over 1,200 kilometers of pistes. More than 500 kilometers of pistes are connected by lifts. There are busses between the different ski resorts that are not connected by lifts, but I visited the different ski areas by car.


Some ski resorts like San Martino di Castrozza and Gitschberg Jochtal are a little off the beaten path and require a little road trip. We stayed overnight in La Valle in Alta Badia and the drive to San Martino Di Castrozza was about 2 hours. It is only 40 kilometers, but up and down through the mountains. The drive was absolutely scenic though.

san martino  dolomiti superski 8

Sella Ronda

When naming the best things to do in Dolomiti Superski I can’t just skip the Sella Ronda as it is one of the most famous ski routes/circuits in Europe. With the Sella Ronda the Dolomiti Superski area already has a massive advantage compared to other ski resorts in the Alps. The ski circuit make you ski through 4 different valleys around a massive rock formation, the Sella Joch. You can either ski clockwise or counter clockwise around the Sella Joch and is about 25 kilometers long.

sella ronda dolomiti superski

But there are more places to see in Dolomiti Superski than the Sella Ronda and that is what I discovered on my tour through the Dolomiti Superski areas with the Dolomiti Superski Experience 2019

9 Places to see in Dolomiti Superski

1. Outdoor Hot tub Cortina d’ampezzo

Although I did not snowboard that much in Cortina d’Ampezzo I was totally blown away by this ski resort. Driving to Cortina was already one of the most scenic road trips in a long time. It is actually not far from Alta Badia where I was staying but in the morning I was skiing in Gitschberg Jochtal on the other side of the Dolomiti Superski area.

cortina d'ampezzo dolomiti superski 3

Skiing in Cortina d’Ampezzo was not really our main goal as it was too late for that, but we were going for an outdoor hot tub on top of the mountain. Yes I brought my swim wear this morning in my backpack. It was the first time I packed swim wear while snowboarding.

cortina d'ampezzo dolomiti superski 4

The lift up to the 5 Torri was closing and we were just in time for the last run up. When we reached the top we got out at Rifugio Scoiattoli. The views from this place are legendary. The surrounding landscape feels a bit like the moon.

cortina d'ampezzo dolomiti superski 5

The outdoor hot tub session could not be a better experience with the amazing sunset that we were witnessing. I had to jump out and run around taking photos.

cortina d'ampezzo dolomiti superski 2

You can book this private outdoor hot tub for €180 for the evening. Cortina d'Ampezzo is heaven for great tours around the breathtaking Dolomites mountains! What about snowkiting, backcountry skiing excursions, heli skiing or snowmobile tours.

2. Alpinn Food Space & Restaurant Kronplatz

The Dolomiti Superski area is an experience and one with Italian allure! Dining on the mountain is part of the whole happening and one of the best places to grab lunch or dinner is at the newly opened Alpinn Food Space & Restaurant in Kronplatz. This architectural highlight sticks out of the side of the mountain and has the most spectacular views over the valley down below. Unfortunately at the time we visited the weather was not in our favor.

alpinn food space restaurant kronplatz 1

alpinn food space restaurant kronplatz 2

alpinn food space restaurant kronplatz 3

A pity, but the more we could concentrate on the food though. The restaurant is managed by the Michelin Star chef Norbert Niederkofler who gained 3 Michelin Stars for his restaurant Gourmetrestaurant St. Hubertus in St. Kassian, also in the Dolomites. The food was absolutely outstanding and all dishes are created with ingredients from the Dolomites. 

alpinn food space restaurant kronplatz 4

Next time I will visit this Dolomiti Superski highlight on a clear day!

On only 10 minutes walk there is also the Reinhold Messner Mountain Museum nearby designed by the famous Zaha Hadid. Messner became world famous being the first person to climb all 14 peaks above 8,000m and the first person to solo ascent Mount Everest. Unfortunately due to weather condition we had no time to visit the museum.

3. Lumen Museum Kronplatz

Next to the Alpinn Food Space & Restaurant there is another highlight of the Dolomiti Superski worth mentioning. Who goes to a museum while on a ski holiday you might think. Don’t worry I thought the exact same, but now that I have visited I can tell you it is totally worth it.

lumen museum kronplatz 1

The Lumen Museum will tell you the history of photography with emphasis on the mountains. There is a €17 entrance fee, but you can easily spend two hours walking around the 1,800 sqm of exposition. Apart from telling you the evolution of photography the Lumen Museum also makes you aware of the climate change problems and retreating glaciers. On top of that there are some amazing mountain photo expositions and the not to miss Mirror Room. Here you will wonder where illusion begins and reality ends.

lumen museum kronplatz 2

The Lumen Museum definitely is one of the better things to do in Dolomiti Superski on a bad weather day!

Another great thing to do in Kronplatz in winter is a tandem paraglide above the Dolomites. When the conditions are good and this is something you fancy doing, then have a look at the link. It only cost €110.

4. Rifugio Bioch Alta Badia

More than just a mountain hut! Rifugio Boich has the most welcoming and friendly owner of all huts in Alta Badia. Marcus was not only an excellent host, but a very warm and friendly personality as well. His recently renovated restaurant on top of the Bioch chairlift in San Cassiano serves the most delicious food. Coincidentally the master chef Norbert Niederkofler who I also met at Alpinn Food Space & Restaurant in Kronplatz is involved in the gourmet dishes served in Rifugio Bioch.

rifugio bioch alta badia 1

rifugio bioch alta badia 2

The views all around are stunning I heard, but not when I was there. Unfortunately it was misty and the views all the way to Marmolada were blocked. We tried several wines from the wine cellar which made all up for it.

5. Santa Croce Church

Just a 5 minute walk uphill from the top of chairlift La Crusc there is a lone church and a mountain hut just underneath one of the massive rock formation of the dolomites. The church was built in the 15th century because sheep would always go to this place when they felt an earthquake was coming. Therefore this place became a safe spot and until nowadays the church still stands. It is an iconic place to hike up as many skiers drop their gear on top of the lift and walk uphill.

santa croce church alta badia

santa croce church alta badia 1

santa croce church alta badia 2

6. Sunrise breakfast at Las Vegas

Not directly a place to see in Dolomiti Superski, more a thing to do. Don't ask me why this mountain hut has such a weird name, but at least everyone knows where to go for a sunrise breakfast in Dolomiti Superski. Up here there are absolutely breathtaking views of the Sella Ronda. Breakfast here cost around €25 per person and you will get picked up by a snow cat on the bottom of the mountain. Totally worth it!

breakfast las vegas alta badia 4

breakfast las vegas alta badia 2

breakfast las vegas alta badia 3

7. Valle di Fiemme - Obereggen Ski Resort

Tucked away in a less touristy spot of the Dolomiti Superski area I got to explore the super nice ski resort of Valle di Fiemme - Obereggen. I had never even heard of this place, but the drive up to Obereggen was a very scenic one already. Winding roads through a white forest made it a romantic drive uphill. The trees were completely white due the last nights snowfall and the blue skies made it look like a perfect day.

mountain riviera latemar obereggen valle di fiemme 4

First of all skiing in Obereggen was great. Modern lifts, empty slopes, perfect snow quality and great Dolomite views. I was definitely not complaining today. My beautiful company today, former Miss Czech Republic Natalie Kotkova made it a day to remember. After a couple hours snowboarding in the morning we decided to go fo a aperitivo at the Gardoné Riviera.

mountain riviera latemar obereggen valle di fiemme 5

Mountain Riviera Latemar

The Riviera in the name already implies what this lovely place stands for. Not just a standard mountain hut in the Valle di Fiemme ski resort but an ideal refuge for those who want to enjoy a day on the mountain in style. Fine dining, lounging chairs, amazing views, detail for design and champagne! Just a glass of prosecco ended up in two bottles of champagne and a special tartare dishes create at our table.

mountain riviera latemar obereggen valle di fiemme 1

mountain riviera latemar obereggen valle di fiemme 2

Life at the Mountain Riviera hut felt good and it was hard to leave, but we had to move on! Amazing service and great experience.

mountain riviera latemar obereggen valle di fiemme 3

Alpine Coaster Predazzo

We were way too late but Natalie and I couldn’t resist an invitation for the Alpine Coaster next to the Gardoné Riviera mountain hut. You decide yourself how fast you go down as you hold the breaks, but you can just let it go as well. It went damn fast and it was a cool adrenaline rush. After all you are wearing seatbelts anyway. When you go skiing in Dolomiti Superski this is one of the best things to do.

alpine coaster predazzo

Oberholz Hutte Obereggen

More than 2,000 meter above sea level we stopped for a last drink at the Oberholz Hutte in Obereggen. We enjoyed our Aperol Spritz so much and took some pictures around sunset that finally the piste control police asked us to go down with them! If you are looking for a sunset spot in Dolomiti Superski then I can strongly recommend this hut when skiing in Obereggen.

oberholz hutte obereggen 1

oberholz hutte obereggen 2

8. Gitschberg - Jochtal Ski resort

On my second last day skiing in Dolomiti Superski I went to the Gitschberg Jochtal ski area. A laid-back ski resort off the beaten track from the tourist trail in Dolomiti Superski. Upon arrival on top of the lift there was a welcome drink for everyone getting out of the gondola. It is on set days of the week for a couple hours in the morning. Get your first sparkling wine of the day! Or make a couple runs up and down and you are drunk already before noon!


The bottles are popped with a ski! I tried giving him my snowboard but he said that would be too much! :)

Panorama Steinermandl

It is a smaller but lovely ski resort close to the Austrian border. We ate lunch at a typical Tyroler mountain hut in the sun before we ascended to the Steinermandl Panorama. There were mountains all around us and the views were endless. On one side you were looking into the peaks of the Dolomites and on the other side you could see the peaks of the Austrian Alps.

panorama steinermandl 2

panorama steinermandl 1

9. San Martino Di Castrozza ski resort

Last but not least the San Martino Di Castrozza ski resort! Damn the ride to get here from Alta Badia was long, but holymoly how impressive was this Dolomiti Superski resort? Even before I started ascending the first gondola I looked in awe to the majestic mountains surrounding the village. They were looming large over the small town where only 500 people live.

san martino  dolomiti superski 2

san martino  dolomiti superski 3

san martino  dolomiti superski 4

Yes the lifts are a little older but the empty slopes and the impressive views were totally worth it. I quickly came to the conclusion that San Martino Di Castrozza  was one of the best things to do in Dolomiti Superski. Although I must say it is a little off the beaten track!

san martino  dolomiti superski 7

Snow quality at San Martino Di Castrozza was one of the best I had all week as well. Runs are challenging and hardly any beginner runs. Perfect for those trying to avoid the crowds in Dolomiti Superski.

san martino  dolomiti superski 5

Dolomiti Superski review

Overall I had an absolutely amazing time again skiing in Dolomiti Superski. Big thanks to the Dolomiti Superski Experience 2019 for showing me some highlights of the Dolomiti Superski area. Only because of this project I was able to find out about all of the above things to do in Dolomiti Superski otherwise I would have probably never found them myself. The snow quality and the amount of snow was perfect and we are talking about mid January. There were absolutely no lines. Longest I waited at a lift once was less than a minute and 3 out of 5 days it was sunny!

Where to stay in Dolomiti Superski

With so many valleys you are spoiled for choice if it comes to where to stay in Dolomiti Superski. It depends what you want actually. Some ski areas are a little further out and require a little road trip. Centrally located towns are Corvara, Alta Badia, Selva, etc.


valle di fiemme obereggen ski resort 3

I hope this Dolomiti Superski highlights blog was helpful for you. Would you in return share this on Facebook, Twitter or somewhere else on the internet for me? A small thing for you to do, which can make a big difference for me. Thank you very much!