A couple weeks ago when I wrote a guide for buying a sim card at Amsterdam Airport I also promised to help you out with finding the best prepaid sim card for Netherlands. Don’t worry I feel like a tourist coming back to my own country as well so I wanted to find out about this myself too.

Traveling around the world as a travel blogger made me depending on the internet and being offline for too long is not an option. Therefore the first thing I do when I land is to look for the best prepaid sim card. When I arrived at Schiphol Airport a couple weeks ago I was shocked finding out what we offer tourists who are willing to buy a Netherlands prepaid sim card. Prices at Schiphol Airport were extremely steep and the choices were very limited. In my article I recommend people to wait till they get to Amsterdam center to buy a Dutch prepaid sim card.

It kind of felt like a scam buying a Dutch prepaid sim card at Amsterdam Airport, but one of the best prepaid sim cards for tourists in Europe I found at Brussels Airport: 4GB for €15. Those packages are actually cheaper than a Belgium sim card in the city.

Dutch mobile operators

In Holland there are a bunch of small mobile internet providers but looking at the bigger picture it is better for tourists to buy a Dutch prepaid sim of one of the following mobile internet providers: Vodafone, KPN, Telfort and T-Mobile.

Note: TELE2 stopped selling Dutch prepaid sim cards so if you are reading anything about this it means these articles are outdated!


4G coverage maps Netherlands

Normally when comparing sim cards for a country a very important ranking factor is their 4G network. For example when I searched for the best prepaid sim card in Greece I downloaded the 4G coverage maps for most of the islands. Mobile internet providers have coverage on some islands, but no coverage on others. Or when I found the best prepaid sim card for Turkey I saw huge differences in the 4G networks of the Turkish mobile operators.

When buying a prepaid sim card for the Netherlands there is no need to be worried about finding a 4G signal. The below 4G coverage map is the one of T Mobile and has some tiny dots where there is no 4G coverage in Netherlands. Since that is a rare sight I thought it was funny to show you. The 4G coverage maps of Vodafone and KPN color Holland completely green.

4g coverage map netherlands

We are only a small country so when traveling in the Netherlands you can go as much off the beaten path as you want and still find a 4G signal!

Prices prepaid data packages Netherlands in 2018

Holland is a very laid back country and I am proud being Dutch but not all that glitters is gold! Prices for data sim cards in Netherlands are expensive! I kind of feel happy I am hardly ever in Netherlands when I saw what you have to pay for a Dutch sim card with data.

What I do? I became a professional traveler and now travel the world and write stories about my adventures.


There are 3 data packages available when you buy a Vodafone Netherlands sim card. Clear simple and easy, see the following packages:

Vodafone prepaid 1GB

  • €10
  • unlimited texting
  • 10 minutes calling time
  • valid all over Europe for 30 days

Vodafone prepaid 2GB

  • €15
  • unlimited texting
  • 20 minutes calling time
  • valid all over Europe for 30 days

Vodafone prepaid 3GB

  • €20
  • unlimited texting
  • 30 minutes calling time
  • valid all over Europe for 30 days

Pretty clear, right? If you like to call a lot, may be not the best Dutch prepaid sim card, but the Vodafone prepaid sim card packages made me smile: easy to understand and there is no catch!

At the time of research the guys in the Vodafone shop told me they had a promotion going on: if you buy a Vodafone Netherlands prepaid sim card your get double data.

best netherlands sim card vodafone


Buying a KPN prepaid sim card is a little more complicated than Vodafone. Even for me as a Dutchman at the KPN shop it was not clear straight away.

kpn netherlands prepaid sim card

There are basically two KPN prepaid data sim cards for Netherlands and valid all over Europe:

  • €12,50: 1GB data including, 4G connection speed, €10 calling credit.
  • €12,50: unlimited data, 3G connection speed, €10 calling credit.

A 3G connection is a no-go for me, but I can’t decide for you of course. When finding the best prepaid sim card for tourists in France I stumbled upon the same issue that mobile internet providers cap the internet speed sometimes.


T Mobile Netherlands

When buying a prepaid sim card from T Mobile things get easy again because they only offer one data package. T Mobile Netherlands claims to have the best network in Holland, but as I already told you they are basically all extremely reliable.

  • T Mobile sim card cost €5
  • You get €10 credit (online registration)
  • 1,25GB = €10
  • 2GB = €15
  • 100 minutes calling = €5
  • Valid for 1 month all across Europe

prepaid t mobile netherlands

Buying a T Mobile prepaid sim card for Netherlands and Europe can easily be arranged in a T Mobile shop but you need to register online to get the €10 credit. 

Telfort Prepaid

The last option available for tourists is Telfort. They also have shops around Amsterdam and the Netherlands and offer prepaid sim cards for the Netherlands.

  • Telfort sim card cost €5
  • You get €10 credit (online registration)
  • 1GB data package = €14 (so you need to add €4 credit extra)
  • no calling or texting included
  • 75 minutes calling = €4
  • valid for 31 days all across Europe

prepaid sim card telfort

Buying a Telfort prepaid sim card is kind of complicated as you get €5 credit straight away and another €5 you have to activate online. Then you need to add another €4 and then you can activate your data package. Calling and texting is extra: too much hassle for tourists!

Prepaid sim card Albert Heijn

Just out of curiosity I also looked at the prepaid sim card for the Netherlands Albert Heijn is offering. AH is the biggest and most well-known supermarket in Holland that can be found anywhere around Amsterdam and the rest of Holland. 

They also sell Dutch prepaid sim cards:

  • 2GB = €15
  • Standard 3G network
  • 4G network = €2,50
  • 75 minutes calling = €4
  • valid for 31 days

You can buy credit yourself in any bigger AH supermarket, but everything is in Dutch and you have to activate it yourself as well. Surely someone will help you, but still too much hassle for tourists I would say!

Mobile Internet Speed Netherlands 2018

When using the 4G network in Netherlands you can expect excellent mobile internet speed. Holland ranks 6th on the world ranking for internet speed of 52 Mbps. This is for example twice as fast as if you buy a sim card in Germany and use the 4G there.

Where to buy a sim card in Amsterdam?

The easiest way to find the nearest mobile internet provider shop is to go to Google Maps and type in the by you preferred shop. Surely there is a place within a couple hundred meters to buy your Netherlands sim card. Amsterdam has plenty of the above mentioned brands and may you happen to be close to a Media Markt, here they sell all the different prepaid sim cards with data for Netherlands.

prepaid sim netherlands

Best Dutch prepaid sim card for tourists in 2018

Comparing all the available Dutch prepaid sim cards I came to the conclusion that first of all value for money buying a sim card in Netherlands is not the best. Roughly 1GB will cost you €10 and then you have to pay extra for calling time. It does not matter where you buy a sim card in Amsterdam or anywhere else in Holland. Almost everyone will speak good English!


  •  online registration needed to claim credit with KPN, T Mobile and Telfort.
  •  KPN has unlimited data but at 3G speed.
  •  Calling time often not included
  •  Value for money not good
  •  Small data packages

To me the best prepaid sim card in Netherlands in 2018 is Vodafone!


prepaid sim card amsterdam

Vodafone is the only one who offers a data package of 3GB (which still is a small data package actually), the data packages are straightforward, some calling time is included, no online registration needed.

Portable WiFi device for traveling in Europe

If you are traveling with your family then there is another option I want to inform you about. When you want to be online with your whole family at the same time then a portable WiFi device from TEP Wireless is what you want. It lets you use it as a mobile hotspot for 5 devices at the same, the perfect way to get your kids quiet. Check out my review of the best way to get wifi when traveling here or go directly to the TEP Wireless website.

Tep Wireless

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