Opening a brand new hotel in the middle of a worldwide crisis? Sounds too crazy to be true right? Well, two entrepreneurs from ’s Hertogenbosch did just that. And as we’re always looking for unique and special places to stay, this former crane was right up our alley and we couldn’t be more excited.

The crane officially opened late September 2020, as the official opening was postponed due to Corona. However in the months before the official opening they were running a very busy Hotel Exceptionnel. Booking after booking came in, they haven’t really suffered from the Corona crisis.

History of De Bossche Kraan

Home of De Bossche Kraan is the Tramkade, industrial heritage of the old compound feed factory from the Koudijs company. This crane used to be part of this factory and was used to get the freight from the Dieze river into the factory silos and factory. Ever since the factory shut its doors the crane hadn’t been in use anymore, until now!

De Bossche Kraan 2

De Bossche Kraan has been individually converted by a number of Tramkade pioneers into a beautiful icon for the city center of Den Bosch. Sustainably designed with respect for the industrial heritage of the city.

Bossche Kraan room

Location of De Bossche Kraan

This unique hotel is located at the Tramkade, within walking distance of the city center of ‘s Hertogenbosch. It’s just a short 10 minute walk from the city and the central train station. It makes De Bossche Kraan very easily accessible by train.

Den Bosch city center

We travelled by car, and less than 50 meters from the crane there is a parking lot to leave your car. It’s a paid parking lot, but the most easy one to use. You can also park your car free of charge on the other side of the water, but then you will have to walk a short 5-10 minutes to get to the crane.

De Bossche Kraan drone 5

Crane Service

Room service literally of the highest standards, that is what De Bossche Kraan offers. Upon arrival coffee, tea, two local brewed beers, some soft drinks, wine, M&M’s, a basket full of fruit, a chocolate bar and some crisps are awaiting you. It’s all included!

In the morning you can have a lovely breakfast delivered right to your doorstep. You can choose between meat or vegetarian breakfast, and it can be delivered between 8.45 and 10.15 am. Make sure to put in a reservation through email for your preferred time and choice of breakfast and have it delivered the next morning.

Bossche Kraan Breakfast

Breakfast is all organic and super healthy. Fresh juice, breadrolls, croissants, Dutch poffertjes (small pancakes), cold cuts, cheeses and some vegetables.

I would highly recommend to book breakfast with your stay at De Bossche Kraan, it’s the best! Just decide which view you want while having breakfast and enjoy!

As a guest of the crane you’re provided with two brand new bikes, which you can freely use throughout your stay. Free bikes! Welcome to the Netherlands!

Crane Experience

We were extremely enthusiastic about our stay at this amazing and unique hotel in Den Bosch. Check in was around 3.00pm, and that was exactly the time we made our way up the stairs to ‘our’ crane. Entering the crane I was totally amazed, it just has it all!

A small kitchen with a coffee maker, water cooker, cutlery, even a full first aid kit including some face masks. Way to go these days! The closet is filled with family games, so game on and enjoy.

Bossche Kraan room 1

This luxury hotel room is fully equipped, sustainable through the use of residual materials and second-hand furniture.

With the amazing views, fantastic facilities and all the (board) games, we didn’t even notice that this Hotel Exceptionnel doesn’t even have a television. But we didn’t miss it either.

The Crane still works!!!!!

There is a large bed facing the windows, so you can enjoy the views right from the bed. Talking about the view, the crane actually still works, as in, you can turn the crane around from the original seat in the control room. So cool! That’s where I lost my husband for the rest of the day.

Bossche Kraan controlroom

So you can choose your own views, overlooking the former factory silos, or turn the crane and your view includes the St. John’s Cathedral of ‘s Hertogenbosch and the river.

De Bossche Kraan drone 2

Don’t tell anybody, but you can also rotate the crane from the bed, as there is a control panel right next to the bed. But let’s be honest, rotating it from the control room is so much cooler.

Bossche Kraan room view

Digital check-in

Checking in to this hotel is completely digital and Corona proof, in fact we didn’t see anyone during our weekend. You check in online in the week before your arrival. A few days before your actual stay you get an access code to the gate and the door of De Bossche Kraan.

Things to do around The Bossche Kraan - De Tramkade

The Tramkade is a new hotspot in ‘s Hertogenbosch. It’s part of the cities industrial heritage. In and around the old factory spaces you will find companies, workshops, cafes and terraces.

De Bossche Kraan Tramkade

Right underneath De Bossche Kraan you’ll find De Bossche Brewers. Visit them to enjoy some local special beers. Also just around the corner is the Verkadefabriek, a theater and cinema.

Tramkade is part of the future Zuid-Willemspark. A park with a length of 12km that will offer plenty of space for culture and recreation. This part of the city will be in full development in the coming years.


I never thought I would ever sleep in a crane, but when I saw this newest icon of the city of ‘s Hertogenbosch, I knew this had to be our next destination.

Only this crane makes a visit to the city of ‘s Hertogenbosch worthwhile. It’s truly the newest hotspot in town, something we experienced throughout our stay.

The weather was not too bad the weekend of our stay, that meant that there were many boats on the water that weekend. Literally everyone that passed by on boats waved at us, some boats even used their horn to get our attention. Just for a weekend, we felt like a rockstar up at De Bossche Kraan.

De Bossche Kraan 1

It’s obvious this unique new hotel became extremely popular and loved by the locals. It has a lot of attention. No wonder, because De Bossche Kraan is something new and something unique.

The service, the crane, the hotel room, the experience, everything was taken care of, perfection down to the last detail. De Bossche Kraan is a once in a lifetime experience and should be on everyone’s bucketlist. Come to ‘s Hertogenbosch and have this unique experience yourself.

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This blog was written by travel writer and Traveltomtom team member Ashley. She stayed at the brand new Bossche Kraan on behalf of Traveltomtom and wrote this blog about her experiences of this unique hotel.